Monday, February 1, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli held without bail, Judge cites mental health concerns

Pete Santilli deemed a flight risk, 
a danger to the population and possible mental health issues!

A Federal Magistrate has held Sandy Hook Hoaxer Pete Santilli without bail pending Santilli's trial for Conspiracy to Impede a Federal Official for his role, among other things, as a III % participating in the armed occupation of Malheur National Refuge, in Burns, Oregon.  Santilli's attorney indicated they would appeal the ruling to another Judge tomorrow.  This blog post will be updated with that ruling.

[The judge] cited Santilli's lack of ties to Oregon, the nature of his alleged offense, his role in the nearly month-long refuge occupation, the lack of an appropriate plan offered for his release, unstable residence and mental health concerns, according to Beckerman's detention order. She also cited statements he made in October, regarding complying with a government order. OregonLive
The article cites Pete Santilli's own parent's concerns regarding Santilli's mental health.

The holding order:

In support of the Judge's contention that Pete Santilli suffers mental health issues, Sandy Hook Facts offers two blog posts:

Santilli promising to march Bundy's militia on Newtown because Pete Santilli belevies Sandy Hook was a hoax, along with every other conspiracy theory that comes his way.

Santilli verbally attacking a protesters Santilli wrongly accuses of being an FBI agent.

Here is Pete Santilli, while wearing his "press" vest and using a bullhorn, screaming at a counter-protester.

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