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William Shanley's Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

Actual Court

Document Downloads

As a follow up post to my first post:

I am now in receipt of copies of the original court documents filed by William Shanley in his trillion dollar lawsuit alleging media fraud in regards to what conspiracy theorists refer to as "Sandy Hook Hoax".

William Shanley has filed a lawsuit asking for about one TRILLION dollars (que Dr Evil laugh). Further, Shanley has the gal to file his suit and to ask the court to waive few hundred dollars in court fees! We the tax payer will be footing the bill for this hoaxer gimmick.

These documents represent a shining example of a frivolous non-suit. The  average high school government student playing "mock court" could have put together a better case.

 William Shanley has the endorsement of professors, Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. James Tracey, and is an ally of Dr. Doom (who in-between prison sentences took an online paralegal course and also fought a traffic ticket).  Shanley represents the work product of the best legal minds the hoaxers have to offer; combining resources and two years of research and bringing these to bear as their best evidence.  In other words, for all the lawsuit hype for the past several months, this is the best they could do.

These documents show you how paranoid internet conspiracy theorists prepare for Federal Court.

314 CV 01881 JAM Complaint (vs Newtown Bee et al) - Two pages of seven pages comprise the "meat" of his allegation and the sum total of his actual effort to obtain a FIVE BILLION dollar judgement. Frankly, this is just plain lazy and is not even a good faith effort.

His allegations are supported by his "best evidence", a few links to a conspiracy blogs written by James Fetzer of "Veteran's Today".

These links are not even considered by rational people on the street, let slone a court. Veteran's Today even admits most of their material is false; they don't wven believe what they write! The court will not consider the idiotic references because they do not represent first hand knowledge of the shooting by the plaintiff.

It also appears Shanley forgot to mention actual damages and he jumps straight to wanting billions in punitive damages.

Prediction: This case will be summarily dismissed without leave to amend and with prejudice.

314 CV 01929 JAM Complaint versus Time Warner, Bloomberg, Comcast, Disney, CNN, and just about every big name in media one can imagine; asking for nearly 1 trillion dollars in punitive damages without any claim of actual damages.

It is obvious the filing is hoping to rely on the court providing the plaintiff's case because the plaintiff does not present a semblance of a case; in fact his case does not address the easily searched elements of fraud.

Of the 15 pages of this complaint, most of the pages are names and addresses of defendants. Three pages comprise the heart of his case and hoaxers endeavor to obtain hundreds of billions of dollars.  Again, allegations are supported by a couple of weblinks, mostly to Veteran's Today and again not admissible. The average street corner beggar works harder to get a dollar than the Hoaxers worked to put this complaint together; and hoaxers want billions as their award.

More amazing, Stanley attached the fake "FEMA Drill" pamphlet the Sandy Hook Hoaxer group fabricated and posted to media fire. A hoaxer group fabricated the document using an available online template.  While this is obviously an attempt at fraud on the court, the document has zero relevance to the allegations of fraud, even if it were authentic.  Therefore the fake pamphlet wont be considered long enough by the court for the court to figure out some hoaxer made the document while sitting on their mom's computer.

 This is a lazy complaint and does not represent a good faith suit.   These are the types of frivolous actions clogging our courts.  Stanley failed to state a claim and as with the first it action, the claim is without merit.  And, once again Stanley claimed pauper status to get out of nominal court fees.

Prediction: This case will be summarily dismissed pretrial after no more than one hearing and dismissed without leave to amend and with prejudice.

Link to complaint:

Other Links:

Pauper declaration:

Pro Se Litigant Electronic Service declaration

Other lawsuit updates:

Wolfgang Halbig -  no lawsuit found
Sandy Hook Hoax Qui Tam - no lawsuit found

Update 1-29-15:
1881 is dismissed

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sandy Hook Justice Hit with another Copyright Strike

Just in case Sandy Hook Hoaxers missed it, violating copyright is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

As Wolfgang Halbig continues to threaten everyone within earshot with lawsuits, it appears his official channel has been again slapped with a copyright strike.

This means Wolfgang Halbig's official channel is likely teetering on a LIFE TIME ban from the worlds largest video host service.

This type of activity is nothing new for the Sandy Hook Justice website; if you recall, I reported their previous copyright strikes here:

In that case, the owner of the intellectual property fumed:

"I am getting f-ing sick and tired of people stealing my work.   Why is it necessary for them to download it and put their name on it when all they have to do is share this one if they want to get out the information??" --Mert Melfa

Thomas Lapp, Halbig's associate, became unhinged fuming back at the property owner:

Thomas LappThe youtube user Mert Melfa filed a copyright complaint against WolfgangHalbig's youtube channel for....tWhat side is he on? Is he on the side of truth? Or his he just looking to gain the spotlight? My message to him was this:
What is your problem man? I thought David Weiss got this sorted out with you. You filed a copyright strike against the official channel of WolfgangHalbig himself! 

Apparently, Lapp believes that since it's "Wolfgang", the channel has an innate right other peoples stuff.

Moreover, it appears Wolfgang's Channel did not learn the lesson from the strike since the channel is again accused uploading videos containing the intellectual property of other companies.

About one month has passed since Halbig promised his lawsuit; it appears the only thing he has produced is the possibility of getting sued himself... or worse, carried away by federal marshals in a black SUV for violating very serious federal laws.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sandy Hook Families File Lawsuits Against Bushmaster

I wanted to put out a few words on the lawsuits that have been filed on behalf of victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  You can read the entire lawsuit here:

Today, families filed what many of us were fairly sure were coming, lawsuits.    Today's filings were in state court.

The lawsuits were filed on behalf of 9 deceased children and 1 surviving teacher who had been shot multiple times.  The suit is against Bushmaster, Remington Outdoor Group,  Camfour Holding, and Riverview Sales; essentially the distribution chain of the weapon used by the shooter in his attack on the school.  It seems likely there will be more lawsuits to come.   Some other claims have a three year statue of limitations.

I have several different approaches to this subject that I want to share.  I have read the lawsuit in it's entirety.

Climbing a legal Mount Everest...

When examining the legal aftermath of mass shooting, it is important to note that historically, lawsuits against entities other than the shooters estate have a very low success rate.    This is why there is no "rush to sue".  Legal teams must gather as much evidence as possible because they face an uphill legal battle; in fact, for Sandy Hook, the lawyers face the legal equivalent of Mount Everest.

After Columbine there were several lawsuits.  Obviously, the shooters families were sued and those lawsuits settled. The plaintiff's recovered.  However, families also sued the high school and the sheriff's department.

Every lawsuit filed by victims against Columbine High School and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department was dismissed, except one.

The lawsuit on behalf of the estate of Dave Sanders was allowed to proceed against the Jefferson County Sheriff's department.  Dave Sanders was the Columbine teacher that police allowed to bleed to death for several hours.  As a matter of historical fact, hours after the shooters had committed suicide, the sheriff's department still did not move to rescue Sanders.  The judge wrote " (the sheriff's department ) demonstrated a deliberate indifference towards (Dave Sanders) plight shocking to the conscience of this federal court."

At Sandy Hook, with response times measured in minutes, this would be a much tougher argument to make.

After the Virginia Tech massacre, two plaintiff's prevailed at jury trial only to be overturned by the Virginia Supreme Court. The court  held in part, that the jury misunderstood Virginia law.  Likewise, the lawsuits against the University of Alabama in Huntsville were tossed after their mass shooting.

In Aurora Colorado, the lawsuits against the theater are still proceeding.

In California, after the San Ysidro shooting, all of the law suits against McDonald's were tossed before trial.

A little less known fact is that the Nickel Mines (Amish) had zero lawsuits.  Certain hoaxers have claimed there are always lawsuits; which is untrue.  As demonstrated above, not all families sue either.

In that light, Sandy Hook is proceeding exactly as one would expect; and  the precedent is clear. 

Most recognize that the chance the Sandy Hook victims prevailing against persons other than the Lanza estate is, in general, is very low.  That said, much good can come from lawsuits.  Some could be seeking accountability. Some families could be seeking changes, some families could be seeking answers, or a combination of all of it.

Sandy Hook families face an additional hurdle because they are suing the gun manufacturer, sellers, and distributors.  A 2005 Federal law was enacted to protect these entities against just such lawsuits.  The lawsuit attempts to utilize a negligent entrustment exception to the law.

The jist of the pleading is essentially that since the AR-15 is known (and advertised as) a powerful military grade weapon system, Bushmaster (and those in the chain of distribution) knew or should have known that a civilian like Nancy Lanza should not be entrusted with that weapon; therefore, those in the chain are liable.

The Sandy Hook complaint essentially makes the argument that since the rifle is not good for hunting or self-defense; it has no civilian utility.  

In principle, I do not agree with that argument. As a matter of fact, it grates against my every fiber. The right protected by the Second Amendment is not merely the right to hunt or self defense of a home; but that is debate for another time.  

While I doubt their argument will prevail, as one who enjoys the law, I will watch the case with great interest as to what arguments get put forth.  I am certainly not "chicken little" about the results of this lawsuit.  The sky is not falling... in fact I bet gun sales jump again.

We can expect powerful pretrial motions to dismiss this entire action; of that we can be sure.

All of that said, and while one can never really know how one will react if your little child is slaughtered in their first grade classroom, I'm fairly sure that I would sue everyone I could get my lawyers to go after.  I certainly believe these families have the right to pursue this action.  

From a Sandy Hook researcher point of view...

I couldn't be more pleased.  Perhaps this is a means to getting some more information about this tragic day; as such I will review every document and exhibit I can.

Going further, just to stop hearing the hoaxers ask "why no lawsuits?" is worth something to me all by itself. Obviously, these parents have no trouble demonstrating their loss. Their trouble will be in getting around federal law to hold bushmaster accountable for their loss.  

I will confidently predict Bushmaster would never entertain any hoaxer arguments even as they incur significant legal expense; this is because hoaxer logic is absurd and irrational. Perhaps the hoaxers will end up calling Bushmaster a "shill".

At any rate, this is the next chapter. I've been waiting for this chapter and I will continue to study and analyze this situation as facts and documents become available and as more legal actions are undertaken.  

That is the purpose of this blog.  

No Wolfgang Lawsuit...

In other news; we are approaching one month since the date Wolfgang Halbig promised his monetary donors he would file a lawsuit;  Wolfgang has done absolutely nothing.  There is nothing to report on the Hoaxer Conspiracy Theorist "lawsuit" front. 

Reference Links

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - DEBUNKED *Teaser

Here is a teaser for the upcoming debunking of the film "We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook".   This may soon be the most debunked Video in history; however, that is simply due to the poor research skills of the producers. I throw my hat in the ring join other debunkers; here, I destroy the "Dash Camp time stamps don't match the report" meme pushed by Hoaxers... much more to come.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Remembering Sandy Hook today, December 14, 2014

My heart is with all the families today.
My heart is with all the residents of Newtown, who still continue to suffer dearly.
My heart is with the school staff, who each day still do their jobs.
My heart is with the responders and investigative personnel.

December 14, 2012.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA Form 990 for 2002-2013

Sandy Hook Hoax Debunked
The School was open:
Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA Form 990 for 2002-2013

While the ridiculous theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed was soundly debunked  here; hoaxers still persist in their claims.  Intuitively, common sense should tell you by the countless news articles, budgets, activities, and meeting minutes, that the school was operating.

However, if you feel you have some "wiggle" room in suggesting the school was closed, let me give you some COLD HARD FACTS - numbers and money.

The following links provide even more information on the financial status of the Sandy Hook PTA good back to 2002 via their Non-Profit IRS filing, Form 990's.

Citizens Audit - Sandy Hook PTA 2002-2013

2004 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990 -

2007 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990 - Jul 1 2007 to June 30, 2008
Location 12 Dickenson
Gross Receipts $78,616
Expenses $34,166

2009 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990

2010 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990 - Jul 1 2010 to June 30, 2011
Location 12 Dickenson
Gross Receipts $109,421
Expenses $37,930

2011 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990 - Jul 1 2011 to June 30, 2012
Location 12 Dickenson
Gross Receipts $113,929
Net Income Fundraising - $85,416
Expenses $38,628

2012 Sandy Hook PTA Short Form 990 - Jul 1 2012 to June 30, 2013
Location: C/O Chalk Hill School
Gross Receipts:$ 80,800
Net Income Fundraising - $14,427
Expenses - $42,691
Note: Setup of Chalk Hill Expenses - $4,145

Pending Sandy Hook Hoaxer Qui Tam action possible.

Pending Sandy Hook Hoax
Hoaxer Qui Tam action possible.

As hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig continues to shill for money and spin his wheels, it appears one conspiracy theorist might be ready to actually move!

The word on the street is that a soverign citizen a "freeman common law legal scholar" of sorts appears to be threatening to file a "whistleblower" lawsuit known as a "Qui Tam" related to the Sandy Hook school shooting.  

Conceivably this type of "whistle blower" action could be brought against the contractors on behalf of the Tax Payer.

For example, if I put on my tin foil hat and widen my eyes, I could envision the lawsuit! In my vision, I could allege that the contractors who did the biohazard clean up in the school could not have actually cleaned up biohazards (since obviously the tens of thousands of illumanati freemason connected people involved in this vast evil conspiracy are keeping secrets!) and thus I could allege fraud!

I have no doubt that whatever is being alleged in this Qui Tam will likely be similarly patently absurd and I highly doubt the matter will be long entertained before any competent court.

A similar Qui Tam action was brought by Dr. Judy Wood related to 9-11 conspiracy theories and was summarily dismissed from beginning to end all the way up through the chain of appeals.  Therefore, historically, the chances don't very appear good for the "online scholar conspiracy theorists" Qui Tam action.

However, the Sandy Hook crew just might garner a few blogger headlines, my blog being first to grant him said favor.

In any event, I certainly believe in the right of citizens to bring such actions and no one can doubt they serve an important function in society and I wish the "freeman on the land" the best of luck and will watch with interest and sincerely can't wait to see what he put together.   More as the information becomes available.

However, that said. Allow me to introduce people to the terms Hoaxers will be receiving from the courts.

These quotes summarize the ruling crushing Judy Wood's conspiracy theorist Qui Tam, and this is the future of Hoaxer Qui Tam:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

James Tracy is a big dumb liar- a response

James Tracy has published a article on me on his conspiracy theorist rag, Memory Hole blog.  His fabricated article maligns me; containing many false allegations.

I continue to receive near daily death threats, hack attacks, and video attacks as hoaxers continue their attempts to intimidate me and infringe on my freedom of speech.  My videos and channels have been flagged many times.  Can you say, Hypocrites!?!

Hoaxers are compounding their efforts by publishing bold faced lies to further instigate their minions to attacks on me. 

James Tracy' blog, declaratively and with zero evidence, states that I, CW Wade, am operating several blogs as well as the  "Newtown Post-Examiner" website and blog.

This is exemplified by James Tracy's in his lies on his blog.
” Through first one and now a handful of blogs....” [to slander and defame his precious hoaxers.]

There is NO handful of blogs, there is THIS blog. ONE Blog. MY blog. And I do not slander anyone, I copy paste what they say. If what they say “slanders” themselves, maybe they shouldn't say it! Making a false claim to instigate further attacks on me only proves my point.

Tracy goes on stating:

"In a bold move that only leads people to further suspect deception, Wade published another blog that this time he acquired a domain name for. The reason why a proprietary domain name was a requirement in this case was that it was needed to create the impression of being a regional news site. Writing articles now for the “Newtown Post-Examiner,” Wade appears to be making an attempt to pose as a writer working for a non-biased news organization. The strategy appears to be paying off to some degree. A few news stories on the web site quotes from the Newtown Post-Examiner. They don’t bother to clarify that it’s a blog and likely doesn’t employ an editorial review process."

As with most of James Tracy's drivel; this is poorly researched and inaccurate.  In fact, this is a bold faced lie.

As is well known, the ONLY blog that I own, write, operate, or publish is THIS ONE,

I, in fact do NOT publish, write, or own the Newtown Post-Examiner blog and I have never "written for" that blog.

The fact of the matter is there are several people who are tired of "hoaxer" groups stalking innocent people online, on their social media accounts, at their work, on the phone, and at their children’s schools.  The people stalked are either in some way related to high profile incidents or some hoaxer has imagined they look similar to someone involved in a high profile crime, such as the Sandy Hook tragedy. Some of those tired of this stalking write blogs. 

Additionally, there are some family members of victims and collateral victims that ARE sick of the daily harassment heaped upon them by hoaxers, they are sick of hoaxers stealing their intellectual property, and and they ARE fighting back.

THIS is my website.  I have stated many times before and sworn I work for NO ONE in regards to Sandy Hook. I stand up for truth on my dime, in my free time of my OWN free will, with my OWN right of free speech and I too research this tragedy.

Newsflash! Hoaxers are not the only ones with free speech, hypocrites.

Lies about Copyright

As to the Copyright complaints, tough crap!  (and no, I didn't file those either) 

Unfortunately for the producers of the movie "We need to talk about Sandy Hook", the reports are the producers may have stolen quite a bit of material and there are MULTIPLE Copyright claims against that movie and certainly not limited to " HONR Network".  Some legal agents may be involved at this point.

Reading the tea leaves, it appears independent claims from various potential plaintiffs, including companies and agent represented people who  hold legal and registered copyright to that material, have been or are being filed and/or pursued. I personally have spoken with TWO different claimants  and know of at least one - two others.  

That is a lot of claims!  

Youtube also seems well aware of the multiple independent copyright claims; although that is just based on their reaction, which I agree is very stiff, although I'm not sure its permanent.

In short, it appears that the film and the collaborators are in or soon will be in very serious legal hot water. Guest what, Hoaxer? You don't have a first amendment right to steal stuff!

So before all of you hoaxers get a your panties bunched..  I have a great idea!  Put out a film that doesn’t steal other peoples stuff.  Problem solved!  No copyright claims.

By the way, contrary to hoaxer belief, slapping "fair use" in front of stolen material is not the definition of "fair use".  It needs to fit the criteria of fair use.

Further, Fair Use is an AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE.  It does not mean that there isn't a valid claim to the property you are stealing, it means that once you are sued for stealing it, you have a handy defense you can ATTEMPT.  

Since there several claims against this film, I don't know how this will turn out. I personally doubt the film makers could claim "fair use" on at least three of the items I know of; however,  I don't have a dog in that particular fight.

I know I stand with the families for truth against hoaxers and their intimidating tactics and harassment. Period.

By the way, the film makers KNOW exactly what they stole.. so ask them what it is that really getting them shut down. 

Maybe, for once, you would get a straight answer from them… but I doubt it.

Since my forte is in depth research, that is what I do... so...
Coming Soon.. 

"We need to talk about Sandy Hook"
 – DEBUNKED by CW Wade!

I will not be intimidated by you hoaxers.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sandy Hook Families File Lawsuits - Hoaxers are DEBUNKED

Countless hoaxers have claimed the "lack of lawsuits" is evidence of "Hoax".  We have suffered this argument ad nauseaum; In fact, some hoaxers make a half way decent living using  that mantra as part of "fleece other hoaxers" gimmicks and their monetized videos.

With the two-year statute of limitations approaching (for some causes of action), the Hoaxer's entire argument will soon be moot because the lawsuits are coming, as one would reasonably expect.

Probate estates are being or have been opened in children's names, with their parents as the administrators.  This is the first legal step before a lawsuit can be filed.  Some parents indicated they intended to file wrongful death lawsuits as a part of their probate filing.

The ten estates that have been opened as of Monday are for the families of victims:

Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden,
Dylan Hockley
Jesse Lewis
Ana Marquez-Greene
Grace McDonnell
Jack Pinto
Jessica Rekos
Arielle Richman
Benjamin Wheeler,

Just as I predicted this, I also predict there will be more filing by the end of the week.

The lawfirm filing today was  Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, 
Well remembered for their wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the Michael Jackson family:

They were also "Personal Injury Litigation Department of the Year"for 2014.

Another tidbit:

All of our hearts are with these families as they engage in what is likely to be nothing short of a legal nightmare.  I hope some good will come of it.  I believe it very well could lead to some important things.

Full Story by Dave Altimari, of The Courant confirms in the report:

Companion video (no new info):

Thursday, December 4, 2014

HONR Network - Protecting the Rights of Victims

HONR Network
Protecting the Rights of Victims

I am proud to present a very worthwhile organization that is already making a positive impact.

DISCLAIMER*  This is an opinion piece and not an advertisement. is not affiliated or partnered with HONR Network .  This sites views may not represent the views of HONR Network or it’s volunteers and does not represent a formal position of HONR Network.   Questions about HONR Network, their views, methods, or positions should be referred to HONR Network at

HONR Network is a group of concerned volunteers serving to protect the privacy rights and intellectual property of HONR Networks as victim advocates.  For the most part, HONR Network advocates for victims and collateral victims (family members, friends, responders) of high profile crimes.

Since the member list for HONR Network has been quietly growing and the funding is starting to become available, it is time to talk about HONR Network.

Online Predation

Did you know that innocent family photos and videos are stolen from social media accounts and used, without permission, in video productions and blog posts?  These blogs and videos are put together by cretins, perverts, and wide-eyed conspiracy theorists. After stealing families photos and videos, these online predators package them, photoshop them, twist them, and then present them as part of sociopathic conspiracy theory, replete with running nonsensical commentary. These predators also publish these videos and photos in secret online gang stalking groups where they hold secret sessions and plot their next victims.

Further, these online predators monetize their videos, sell DVDs, and fund raise using innocent peoples unauthorized and stolen material. Some amateur documentarians make thousands of dollars stealing your property as they push "Hoax!"

Your photos are your intellectual property.
 Your videos are your intellectual property. 

 You have a right to privacy.

And you do not need to be a victim
 of online gangs of the mentally disturbed.

Let's take a few examples, such as what I present in my "Sandy Hook Hoax Grave Stalkers" video.

For example, one well published public figure and film maker of numerous amateur documentaries on several wacky conspiracy theories, including "Boston Bombing hoax" and "Sandy Hook hoax". As an example, here, she appears to have snagged nearly the ENTIRETY of an Facebook account of an innocent person with screen capture software and begains comparing the person to a deceased child. The goal is quite sick: prove the deceased child is alive and is this random person.  The maker  claims her "recognition skills"enable her to find the dead, alive.  The film maker alsowent so far as to create a series called "The Not So Dead" where she repeats this behavior over and over, even with minor children.

Obviously, these conspiracy theorist will not not seek your permission if  they decide to use the photos or videos of your child to support some preposterous delusion.
HONR Network has banded together with dedicated friends and allies to help monitor the hateful groups violating peoples rights and stalking victims of high profile crime.

Invading Privacy:

One example, of many, of Kozak victimizing innocent people.
Many Youtubers no problem invading your privacy and posting you and your entire families address, phone numbers, children's school location, and your place of employment and putting this information in videos and publishing that content to their internet groups and on the internet. 

You can bet that you would not  want your home and child's school information published to Youtubers.
Theft of Intellectual Property

You do NOT have to stand by and allow these people to steal your stuff and you especially do not have to allow them to profit off of them.

You have rights!  They can be exercised.

Why is HONR Network here?

Victims of high profile crimes, such as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, suffer horrific loss.  After the crime, they are subject to press, exaggeration, and misreporting.

The victims are then subject to conspiracy theorists. Many are mentally ill with criminal records.  The conspiracy theorists stalk, harass, intimidate, threaten, and bully the crime victims relentlessly.  

As a recipient of hack attacks, death threats, bully attempts, and harassment on a daily basis, I know exactly how intimidating these conspiracy theorists can be.

HONR Network is here to help victims stand up to online bullies!

What does HONR Network do?

Many victims are intimidated and cannot risk standing up to the online conspiracy theorists.  HONR Network acts on the victim's behalf using HONR Networks name and network. YOUR ally to stand up to these online stalking groups. You remain undisclosed. This keeps your name and your family from becoming further targets of internet predators, harassers, and conspiracy theorists.

Legal Action

HONR Network is currently assembling a legal team of volunteer lawyers and paralegals. HONR Network is also accepting donations to take action to the next level. HONR Network is presently assembling legal teams in the USA and Canada.  Please contact HONR Network if you would like to help the cause!

TOS Action

While some forms of conspiracy theory harassment may not be legally actionable (or legal action may not be feasible), it may still violate the "Terms of Service" of the social media site itself.  HONR Network formally makes contact with the social media site to make sure the social media is aware of the violation.  Often, this results in removal of the material and of the entire account of the offender.

Copyright Complaints

Youtube Conspiracy Theorists believe they can steal your photos and videos and slap a "fair use" label on it and, viola, instant product for their wacky ideals, fundraising, and monetized videos.

HONR Network fights back filing Copyright violations with the host sites.  Often, a formal Copyright complaint is enough to get the host site to remove the offending material, thus mitigating the damage caused by their theft.