Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tax Filings for Sandy Hook Justice Raise Questions

Charitable Tax Filings for 
Sandy Hook Justice Exposed

Per the IRS - Tax Fraud is:Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof and hall be imprisoned not more than 5 years and fined not more than $250,000, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.  Tax Fraud is investigated by the IRS. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Filings show that Wolfgang Halbig appears to claim only the income generated for
 Sandy Hook Justice through GoFundMe for all of 2014.  

No cash, check , money order, or Paypal  donations appear to be claimed, at all!

Wolfgang Halbig also claimed a $5,441 loss in 2014,
receiving some level of Tax Shelter for his shilling for Sandy Hook Justice donations.

It appears Wolfgang Halbig claimed his total income for Sandy Hook Justice in 2014 was $31,358.  This is the exact amount  GoFundMe provided to Wolfgang Halbig via 1099 - $31,358.  How is that possible?

Numerous commentators online have claimed to Send Halbig cash and checks through the mail, such as this 2014 comment:

Many posts like the above have been document claiming to have mailed Halbig donations or sent donations via Paypal.

Sandy Hook Justice filings reveal even more oddities and accounting inconsistencies; an investigation is ongoing. This article will focus mainly on the income claimed.

Maureen Crowley, a faithful Wolfgang groupie who follows Wolfgang very closely on many of his "business trips" has bragged about mailing Wolfgang donations via check countless times over the years. For example, in 2-1-16

And back in 2014:

Is Crowley lying about mailing her hero money?
Now, in fairness, Maureen Crowley could be lying through her teeth about mailing donations to Wolfgang.  Sandy Hook Facts has no way of knowing who is lying; however, it seems someone is.

Of course, if Wolfgang fails to report all Sandy Hook Justice income, that is potentially felony Tax Fraud.

Wolfgang collects donations via online Crowd Funding, Paypal, and through the mail
Wolfgang shills constantly for donations to be sent via some method near daily.

I'm no CPA, but by a layman's reading of the filing it seems the only way that the filing is correct is if Wolfgang did not receive a single dollar via any other source in 2014. No money came in, except from GoFundMe, at a staggering $31,358.

  • Is Halbig claiming no donor mailed him a check?  Maureen and many others are liars?
  • No donor mailed him any cash or money order? 
  • No donor used Paypal?  
"But small business owners aren’t saints. They are also America’s top tax cheats, according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayer advocate Nina Olson. Not all of them, of course, but, on average, small business owners are much more likely than other Americans to underpay their taxes."

 Investigate and decide for yourself
Wolfgang Halbig received a 1099-K from WePay/Gofundme listing donations as  $31,358.  Since that was a tax document, Wolfgang HAD to claim that income.  Notice that March 2014, when Wolfgang went "viral", he collected over $15,000 in funds via GoFundMe.  No one donated any other method? This, despite that fact that Wolfgang Halbig advertises for Paypal and US Mail donations via his website, as shown below.

Is this being read wrong?

Wolfgang's Schedule C for his charity. Sandy Hook Justice lists total income $31,358:

Webarchive shows Paypal in place in March 2014
Paypal In Place March 2014
A webarchive screen shot shows Halbig's PayPal Donation link in place as early as March 2014 and still in place in December, 2014. Where are those donations, if any, claimed?

Paypal is the most popular method of sending money. Are we to believe not a single person donated to Wolfgang Halbig via Paypal in 2014 while over 600 people choose GoFundMe?

Are we to believe that every person who posted online that they were mailing Wolfgang a donation were lying? All of them? Every time?

This is unheard of!

Paypal still in place December 2014
Sandy Hook Facts first reported on the 2014 licensing, income, expense issues here:

The filing raised several questions, such as Wolfgang's actual expenditures. For example, allegedly paying "$5,000" to confidential informants.

Wolfgang's 2014 Tax filing does not appear to list the $5,000 to "pay informants".

According to Wolfgang's own filings, in August 2014, with 4 months to go to the end of the tax year, Wolfgang Halbig claimed total revenue of $32,000. Somehow, between August 2014 and December 31, 2014, Wolfgang's gross receipts dropped by $642.  Further, we are asked to believe not one person donated a so much as a dollar between those months.

In yet another filing, Halbig wrote in his own handwriting that Sandy Hook Justice had "$6,000 in the bank" - yet somehow Wolfgang receives tax shelter claiming a loss of $5,441 on the year.   

There are many other anomalies present in the various filings of Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook Justice.  And despite Halbig's promise of "transparency" during early 2014 interview with John Wells, no full accounting of funds has ever been publicly made. 

It would take a substantial discovery and investigatory process involving all of the Halbig household finances to shed the appropriate light on this serious financial matter; that would be for, perhaps, another day.

At this time, Sandy Hook Facts has no way to know if Wolfgang is telling the truth in his filings; however, it seems highly unlikely that donations were limited GoFundMe.  Other obvious discrepancies only raise more simple questions.

One day we may know, whether through an IRS investigation or through court discovery process. 


Tiffany said...

I had my suspicions too about all of this. Hes only ONCE provided a break down of his spendings and it was less than anything I could call a reliable or credible audit. In fact he was so pissed he had to do so...well you know the story.

I recently requested some public transparency and he still hasnt responded. Funny too. Today my profile got struck down for pornography. Wonder why...someone doesnt want me asking these questions. Do they?

Break down the walls Wolf. Show me the money!

Anonymous said...

not that's i'm defending this creep - but aren't gift exempt unless they exceed a certain amount?