Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wolfgang and Tony pull the ole "Quit and launch Fundraiser" gimmick once again

Sandy Hook Hoax Donors and former followers alike are asking questions.

Wolfgang Halbig bragged that he has raised
$85,000 in donations. Where did that money go?

How much donor money was wasted on Halbig's personal
 vendetta versus blogs 
instead of going after Connecticut as he promised?

These questions deserve an answer. Instead of providing an answer to his hoaxer flock, Wolfgang Halbig exited stage left, babbling about drones, while closing his Facebook.  As in the past, another fundraiser magically appeared, once again pushed by Tony Mead.

To Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig, the "Wolfgang Quit / Launch a Fundraiser" gimmick is old hat.   They raked in thousands of dollars last November when they pulled the same exact gimmick.  The well is not yet dry and they are back to try it again.

Sandy Hook Hoax is well known for unscrupulous fundraising, such as when they attempted to sell T-Shirts bearing Warner Brothers copyrighted property:

For this version of their fundraising trick, Tony Mead, appears to be engaging in proxy fundraising for Wolfgang Halbig by advertising through his Facebook website, Sandy Hook Hoax.

The unscrupulous hoaxer group is shielding their fundraising  scheme behind fake names.  The fake names could be in use because the Crowd Funding sites often reject Wolfgang Halbig's patronage.

This time, the fund organizer's name is "Graciehoax".  The signatory of the page "Mike and Gracie".

"Mike and Gracie Hoax" sounds very fraudulent; obviously the organizers are using fake contact names.

  There is a huge potential for fraud here and there is zero accountability.  

Wolfgang Halbig is already facing income questions since it appears he only claimed GoFundMe generated income for 2014.  Conspicuously absent appear to be any donations generated via cash, check, or Paypal.  This investigation is ongoing.

One can't help but wonder if Tony Mead's third party proxy fake-name assistance could account for any mysterious "missing" funds.

To date, Wolfgang Halbig has never provided a full accounting of his fundraising and expenditures, despite his promise of "transparency" and despite numerous requests from his followers.

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Anonymous said...

please - everyone who reads this - go to the Florida Attorney General website here:


There is a very simple link you can click on to file a complaint. Please report this scum for wire fraud. if enough complaints are filed this guy could be shut down and prosecuted.