Saturday, February 27, 2016

Newtown Families Tire of Hoaxer Threats - Bill makes threats to schools felony 10 years in prison

Newtown Families Fight Back to Protect their Children
From Sandy Hook Hoaxer Predators!

A Newtown family, with children attending St. Rose of Lima School, have joined with Connecticut lawmakers in supporting a bill that would enhance criminal penalties for those who make threats to Connecticut's Educational Institutions.  The perpetrators could face up 10 years in prison.  The bill is in direct response to threats made by Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

As reported in a article, the parents reported that the school has experienced a string of threats.

"Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, St. Rose has experienced several phoned-in threats both to the church and the school," Newtown resident Maureen Reidy said. "Police and SWAT teams have rushed the school building yelling at students and staff to get down. They experience all kinds of anxiety and fear that 12-14 is happening all over again."

Sandy Hook Facts has exclusively reported an incident involving Sandy Hook Hoaxers at St. Rose of Lima School when the Security Officer reported to 911 Dispatchers that intruders were filming the children without authorization.  Video below.

In another incident, Hoaxer, Timothy Rogalski, was prosecuted for his calls to a Newtown School.

Sandy Hook Facts fully supports this bill.


911 Call From St. Rose of Lima- Hoaxers "filming children"


Death threats to Sandy Hook Parent

Sandy Hook Hoaxers have already gone on murderous rampages:

Other hoaxers of note facing prosecution:
Jonathan Reich - Fugitive $100,000 bail

Matthew Mills

Wilfrido Cardenes Hoffman

Friday, February 26, 2016

James Tracy's Personnel File reveals student & donor complaints, and "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" led to Termination

James Tracy failed to disclose outside activities including authoring
 “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” with James Fetzer, -- - Report has published a ground breaking article on James Tracy.  The article discusses a 700 page personnel file from Florida Atlantic University.

The article can be found in it's entirety here:

The  personnel details James Tracy's long running problems resultant from Tracy's activities as a hoaxers.

"The credibility of your entire university is at stake.  No he is not just an individual speaking, he represents the quality of your faculty.”  Complaint to James Tracy's File

Characteristic of other Hoaxers, Tracy whimpered that he was the victim, claiming he was being "bullied".  This is ironic considering Tracy's horrible articles attacking people who lost family members to high profile crimes, especially Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and San Bernardino.

The article also details that students withdrew from the college and donors cancelled promised donations.

"We let you know of the large number of parents who had communicated with the Office of Admissions requesting that their child’s application be withdrawn; the student whose parent requested she be withdrawn from your class; the donor who withdrew his support to the Department of History … ” Dean Heather Coltman to  James Tracy, January 2015

Significantly, the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by Jim Fetzer, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig was mentioned in the file because Tracy failed to disclose the project in accordance with the University MOU.

Enjoy Fetzer and Tracy's book get debunked:

And burned to relaxing music:

Hearing Set in the Dave Altimari's appeal of Adam Lanza FOIA Documents

The Superior Court in New Britain, Connecticut has set a hearing in the Commissioner, DESPEE (Connecticut State Police - "CSP") vs Freedom of Information Commission case.   This is the "Dave Altimari/Hartford Courant Adam Lanza documents FOIA appeal.

Dave Altimari submitted FOIA documents seized from the Yogananda Residence related to the Sandy Hook shooter.

The hearing is set for March 15 at 10:00 am.

The Hartford Courant submitted Freedom of Information Requests for 35 documents related to the Sandy Hook shooter.  These documents include drawings, the "Big Book of Granny", class photo from Sandy Hook Elementary School from 2002-2004, "Lovebound" a play about a love affair between a 10 year old boy and a 30 year old man, and the infamous "Spreadsheet of Mass Murders".

The FOIA Commission ruled in favor of Altimari; ordering the CSP to release copies of all of the documents.

CSP appealed, arguing that seized evidence is strictly confidential because it is seized evidence in a case and it "might be returned"; although CSP does not dispute they maintain a copy of the records in their files, even if the originals were returned.

FOIA Commission Attorney Victor Perpetua

Attorney Victor Perpetua, the hearing officer from the recent Halbig hearings, submitted the Commission's legal brief in support of disclosure  to Altimari.  An impressive read that carries the weight of a sledgehammer.  Attorney Perpetua argues the powers of the Commission to decide these matters, the limited over site responsibility of the courts, and the fact that the records are obviously Public Records under Connecticut Law since they are nonexempt records being maintained by a public agency.   Perpetua also points out the weak case put forth by CSP; thus CSP cannot now make additional sweeping arguments not originally put forth at the hearing.

The document is an impressive argument in favor of the public's right to information.

As with the Halbig case, CSP Attorney Christine Plourde again stated she never viewed the evidence for which she is the representative.   Plourde's nonsense hurt the CSP vs Halbig because had Plourde viewed the videos, she would know that minors are on the videos the FOIA Commission will surely order released.  Thus, she missed using a codified exception.

Here, Plourde's failure does not matter so much since we are talking about the shooter; the shooter is not a minor and the shooter should be, figuratively speaking, hung from a hook in town square, for all to see.  

Sandy Hook Facts has covered this case extensively because SHF also FOI'd the same documents as Dave Altimari (among many other documents), separately, and was also denied by CSP.  Lacking resources to pursue the appeal; Sandy Hook Facts is very interested in this appeal and offers it's full support to Dave Altimari.  If Altamari wins his appeal, SHF will submit renewed FOIA requests.

Sandy Hook Facts continues to support and work for the release of all information relevant to the Sandy Hook shooter.

Case may be viewed here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ablechild's Intentionally Deceptive Sandy Hook Information - Bushmaster AR-15 Bullets

"Connecticut residents should never trust anything coming from Ablechild. What else do they leave out when it suits their agenda?"

Ablechild is a group of radical conspiracy theorists who have become well known supporters of Sandy Hook Hoax Group.  Today, Ablechild continued their dishonest disinformation campaign in regards to the Sandy Hook Shooting. Ablechild falsely contended, as they have in the past, that "Bushmaster" would have an easy time illustrating that the [Sandy Hook] bullets didn't come from their guns."

Ablechild's Dishonest Disinfo
Disinformation and dishonesty can be shown when a party intentionally states incorrect information or when parties purposefully omit relevant information with intent to mislead or create a misleading impression.  In this instance, Ablechild is intentionally deceptive through omission of relevant information in order to create a false talking point they push to further their agenda.  In effect, Ablechild "hoaxes" their followers.

Hoaxer allies Shiela Mathews of Ablechild, 
Wolfgang Halbig, and Dan Bidondi

Ablechild has bragged they have extensively studied the report.   The group has conducted FOIA requests and published numerous articles on Sandy Hook. Since the information presented here is from the easy to read, 48 page summary report, Ablechild know's or reasonably should know the truth.  We can therefore impute dishonest intent with their claims.

This is why Connecticut residents should never trust anything coming from Ablechild. What else do they leave out when it suits their agenda?  Children are too important to even consider a deceptive "truther" organization like Ablechild.

Sandy Hook facts will present the information from the report that Ablechild does not want their followers to know.

The post is a claim Ablechild has hade before and can be found here:

"Bullets don't match guns in Sandy Hook police report.  According to the ballistics report, It would appear the gun manufacturer would have an easy time illustrating the bullets didn't come from their guns".

The post is in regards to the fact that  numerous Sandy Hook Families are suing Bushmaster.

Like most conspiracy theorist websites, Ablechild's support for their claim is THEIR OWN link.  Their previous misinformation is their "reference".

Their reference post contains this as their sum total of relevant information:

 "Additionally, in regard to investigative questions, one cannot help but wonder what the odds are that 148 bullets/bullet fragments were extracted from the crime scene and none – zero – can be matched to the barrel of the Bushmaster Rifle reportedly used in the shooting incident."

 Ablechild intentionally misleads their audience into thinking that the gun manufacturer (Bushmaster) can easily show (in the Parents vs Bushmaster lawsuit)  that their weapon didn't commit the carnage because the bullets don't match.

In reality, that is not Bushmaster's defense at all.  Bushmaster  is claiming a Federal law exempts them from the lawsuit.  Federal Law exempting Bushmaster is fairly clear; that law will be  a significant legal mountain for the Sandy Hook Families to climb.  Sandy Hook Facts has a tendency to believe that at some point in the proceedings, Bushmaster's argument will prevail; on appeal or otherwise.

Bushmaster is not attempting to show, nor will they attempt to show that their manufactured weapon did not do the damage  because the report makes it clear that the scientific testing shows that the Bushmaster AR-15 WAS the weapon used.

Let's look at the facts.  The summary final report can be found here:

Ablechild cherry-picks the first sentence out of the following paragraph as the basis for false talking point; they intentionally omit the rest of the paragraph's information:

Page 41:
No positive identification could be made to any of the bullet evidence submissions noted …in 5.56 mm caliber. The physical condition of the bullet jacket surfaces were severely damaged and corroded. They all lacked individual striated marks of sufficient agreement for the identification process. The test fires also exhibited a lack of individual striated marks on the bullet surface for comparison purposes. This condition can be caused by fouling in the barrel of the rifle and the ammunition itself. The Bushmaster rifle cannot be eliminated as having fired the 5.56 caliber bullet evidence examined,” quoting from the 6/19/13 Forensic Science Laboratory report.

Obviously, Ablechild leaves out the fact that the bullets matched the bullet fragments found in that, due to barrel fouling, individual striated marks were not found, even in test fires with the weapon after the shooting.  Moreover, the Bushmaster could not be eliminated as having fired the bullets.  In testing, these iarr extremely significant finding md and cannot be fairly parsed out.

Ablechild also completely omits the fact that every single shell casing found at the shooting matches the weapon.

Page 6:
The following weapons were recovered in the course of this investigation: (1) a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S semi-automatic rifle, found in the same classroom as the shooter’s body. All of the 5.56 mm shell casings from the school that were tested were found to have been fired from this rifle.
When you have a 5.56 weapon found on scene that can't be eliminated as having fired the bullets and expended casings that are a 100% match for the weapon, that is conclusive evidence.   Add to it the fact there was victim DNA splatter on the weapon and shooter DNA on the weapon; this is "case closed" on the murder weapon.

Hoaxer organization Ablechild's contention that Bushmaster would have an "easy time illustrating that the bullets didnt come from their guns" is completely false on it's face; misinformation by an organization of dubious intent.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig FOIA tells a WHOPPER while under oath

Unlike the last FOIA Hearing, the commission kept strict control of Wolfgang Halbig, keeping him from throwing fits or pontificating about nonsense; however, Wolfgang, with the few short sentences he was allowed to spew, still found a way to work in a Whopper.

Whopper: Wolfgang Halbig, under oath, under penalty of perjury, before God, claimed to have 20 years of Law Enforcement Experience.

Truth: Wolfgang Halbig does not have 20 years of Law Enforcement Experience.  He was a State Trooper for about a year and possibly a part time Customs worker for about a year.

Wolfgang Halbig was therefore NOT truthful under oath.

Wolfgang's Law Enforcement experience according to his own resume:

According to Wolfgang:

Source: Hoax of a Lifetime

Other whoppers by Wolfgang Halbig (admittedly, he was not under oath for these whoppers):

Meanwhile, the Wolfgang Halbig fundraiser using a fake name "graciehoax" as the organizer continues:

Its all shady business from Sandy Hook Hoaxers.


Wolfgang admitting he does not have 20 years law enforcement experience. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Hearing vs Connecticut State Police

Today was the FOIA hearing for Wolfgang Halbig vs State of Connecticut Deparment of Emergency Services and Public Protection
-- i.e the Connecticut State Police; the CSP.

Mert Melfa has published the hearing and you may watch it here:

My impression:

The Commission kept control of Wilson and Halbig

What a difference a decent hearing officer makes.  Opposite of Commissioner Streeter, this hearing officer controlled the hearing.

Connecticut Attorney L. Kay Wilson, ever the unprofessional, came ready to go off on irrelevant tangents; however, it was not allowed.

Kay Wilson wanted to discuss items unrelated to FOIA, such as Halbigs wild eyed ideas; thankfully, this hearing officer did not allow any Halbig/Wilson nonsense and kept them on task and discussing documents. This was Commissioner Streeter's major failure at the first hearing.    Any time Wilson wanted to steer the hearing into her hoaxer wonderland, the hearing officer, Attorney Victor Perpetua, stopped Wilson dead in her tracks.

The hearing was held timely and was not a two-day grandstanding and show boat session by Halbig and Wilson. There were no uncontrolled hoaxer outbursts screaming about Connecticut Mafia; no child-like temper tantrums by Halbig.  Halbig had one uncontrollable outburst and the hearing officer told him to control himself.
Well done to Hearing Officer Perpetua.

Contested Items

The hearing concerned

Dash Cams
As to the Dash Cams, CSP is claiming exemption as "evidence" and refers the Commission to the Altimari appeal pending before the Superior Court.  The Altimari appeal has been covered by this blog extensively.

CSP's argument seems a non-starter. Courts, coast to coast, have ruled fairly consistently that Dash Cams are public record.

When SHF FOI'd the exact same Dash Cams at issue here, Sinko and Seabrook were produced.  Newtown claimed exemption under Conn Gen Stat 1-210 (b)3(B) (Disclosing the identity of minor witnesses) for the Bahamonde and Chapman videos. Newtown, therefore, utilizes a much more solid legal reason for denying release of the two videos.

This above is a screenshot from Chapman's vehicle.  Most teachers and children exited the North East Corner door of the school and walked down that side walk area to the firehouse; therefore, many children would have walked right in front of this camera. Further, Chapman's audio captured that last final shots fired.  The written time lines in the report affirm both videos show exiting children.

While the CSP can choose to redact and release, FOIA laws does not require redactions; therefore, they cannot order CSP to redact the children.

I noted that in the hearing CSP Legal Affairs Officer Ms. Plourde made it a point to state that she had not reviewed the dash cams.  I think that holds the door open for a renewed appeal against releasing the documents based on 1-210(b)(3)(B) once she "reviews" the Dash Cam footage.

CSP will save that for another day, in my opinion. An ace in the hole that could be insurmountable by Halbig and his funds.

Court Appeal will be forthcoming
CSP made it fairly clear they are not going to release the Dash Cams pending court ruling.  The FOI Hearing Officer made it clear they were going to order them released, as they are obviously public records. Therefore, the stage is set for an appeal and court process.  That will be up to Halbig to undertake.

Signed Police Statements

The statements CSP admits exist are Chief Kehoe, Capt Rios, and Lt. Venghele. CSP claims the statements are signed witness statements and are exempt due to Conn Gen Stat 1-210 (b)3(C) (specifically exempts "Signed Witness Statements".)  Halbig contends they are public records.

The hearing officer wants to be briefed by both parties as to whether the statements are public records and whether they are subject to the exemption. The hearing officer gave both parties two weeks to submit their briefs.

My bet, Kay Wilson will likely be very lazy here and that will cost Halbig.

It will be interesting to read the briefs to see what has been ruled in the past.  Intuitively, it seems police statements are public records; however, it's obvious the CSP is simply not going to willingly release information it thinks will harm the Newtown families.

That is really the unspoken bottom line, here.

My feeling is Halbig will prevail on most claims; however, CSP will not comply without a  long fight. This is Round 1 and CSP did not even play all their cards.  CSP has been down this road with the FOIA Commission many times.

The "document" side of me does not see much harm in releasing these particular documents; however, the empathetic side of me understands why Connecticut does not want to release the videos of their children to be spread throughout the internet and to hoaxer predators.  It's a real catch 22.

On the other side of the catch are Wolfgang's motives. His motives are greed, meanness, cold hard cash, and fundraisers.   Halbig has raised nearly $100,000 off of stunts like this. This just might be a spring board for more cash for his pockets.  For him, today was a win.

L. Kay Wilson should be sanctioned
 Demonstrating her unprofessional willingness to maliciously go after innocent Newtown residents, L. Kay Wilson  issued an unscrupulous (if not illegal) subpoena to Newtown Bee reporter Shannon Hicks.  Ms. Hicks took time and money to appear and was thus damaged by Wilson's act.

When L. Kay Wilson outlined her case for the Hearing Officer, she made no mention of anything having to do with Ms. Hicks.

Obviously, Ms. Hicks has no information that could be reasonably calculated to lead to relevant information as to documents in possession of CSP; therefore, the subpoena was frivolous.  

It would be nice to see a complaint filed against L. Kay Wilson and to her see her sanctioned for her disgraceful abuse of process and harm caused to an innocent Newtown resident.

Wolfgang's FOI Hearing against Connecticut State Police

At 11:00 am today, Feb. 18, 2016 in Hartford, Connecticut, Wolfgang Halbig is making what he claims is his last FOIA Hearing appearance.   FOI Principal Attorney Victor Perpetua is the designated hearing officer.

FOI Commission Attorney
Victor Perpetua

The hearing is versus the Connecticut State Police and Wolfgang wants the following items:

I can't tell you how surprised I was to learn that Wolfgang was not requesting the audio from Chopper 1, considering he has mentioned it so many times.   Where did the request for Chopper 1 audio go?
Wolfgang has already received the Dashcams for Seabrook and Sinko; however, it is conceivable the FOIC orders them released again.  The State Police claim the Dashcams of Bahamonde and Chapman as well as any officer statements are exempt from release.

The Connecticut State Police have referred Halbig back to Newtown to obtain Newtown documents.  It is therefore unlikely the CSP would comply with any FOIA order without a Court fight.

Will the FOIA Commission allow Wolfgang Halbig to dominate the Commission as he did in the past?

Last time, Commissioner Streeter allowed Halbig to grandstand, showboat, and waste time.  Let's hope that this time, the Commission maintains some control of the forum.

Abuse of a Newtown Resident
Wolfgang has sent subpoena to several Newtown Officers. It is likely Newtown will once again send a representative in the stead of the officers.  Other than Newtown, one subpoena raises the specter of sanctionable conduct by Kay Wilson, as an officer of the court.

L. Kay Wilson has issued subpoena for appearance of Newtown Bee reporter and volunteer firefighter Shannon Hicks.  Ms. Hicks was one of the first on scene and took this iconic photo, among other photos.

Wolfgang and his partner, James Fetzer, have falsely accused Shannon Hicks of fraud.  Wolfgang has made the horrible comments about Ms. Hicks in  interviews and has even co-authored a book with James Fetzer making absurd, slanderous, accusations.  Wolfgang has promised he would sue the Newtown Bee, a promise Wolfgang has broken.

It is therefore very curious that Wilson has called Ms. Hicks into a CSP FOIA hearing on the heels of her client's abusive and bullying conduct and statements.

What relevant information could Shannon Hicks possibly offer concerning documents that may or may not be in possession of the Connecticut State Police?  The scope of the hearing is very narrow.

Was the subpoena sent merely for Wilson's client's fundraising efforts or meant to harass?

How much leeway will Kay Wilson get to abuse this private citizen in Newtown on behalf of Conspiracy theorist leader Wolfgang Halbig?

Wolfgang runs out of money due to his lawsuits against bloggers
Wolfgang bragged to a film crew that he raised $85,000. Most of that money has been spent on  personal vendetta lawsuits against bloggers.

Since losing a $23,000 judgement and about $30,000 in attorney fees on his ill-fated attack on Free Speech, Wolfgang now claims he does not have enough money to pursue his promised, Federal lawsuit against Connecticut state officials. Wolfgang also claims he doesn't have enough money for more FOIA requests.

More promises broken by Wolfgang Halbig.

The only thing that is for sure is that Wolfgang will use tomorrow's gimmicks to line his pocket book with cash, as he approaches the $100,000 in hoaxer earnings mark and prepares to "retire" his activities.

One wonders what has Wolfgang Halbig accomplished for nearly $100,000?

So many simple questions ...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wolfgang and Tony pull the ole "Quit and launch Fundraiser" gimmick once again

Sandy Hook Hoax Donors and former followers alike are asking questions.

Wolfgang Halbig bragged that he has raised
$85,000 in donations. Where did that money go?

How much donor money was wasted on Halbig's personal
 vendetta versus blogs 
instead of going after Connecticut as he promised?

These questions deserve an answer. Instead of providing an answer to his hoaxer flock, Wolfgang Halbig exited stage left, babbling about drones, while closing his Facebook.  As in the past, another fundraiser magically appeared, once again pushed by Tony Mead.

To Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig, the "Wolfgang Quit / Launch a Fundraiser" gimmick is old hat.   They raked in thousands of dollars last November when they pulled the same exact gimmick.  The well is not yet dry and they are back to try it again.

Sandy Hook Hoax is well known for unscrupulous fundraising, such as when they attempted to sell T-Shirts bearing Warner Brothers copyrighted property:

For this version of their fundraising trick, Tony Mead, appears to be engaging in proxy fundraising for Wolfgang Halbig by advertising through his Facebook website, Sandy Hook Hoax.

The unscrupulous hoaxer group is shielding their fundraising  scheme behind fake names.  The fake names could be in use because the Crowd Funding sites often reject Wolfgang Halbig's patronage.

This time, the fund organizer's name is "Graciehoax".  The signatory of the page "Mike and Gracie".

"Mike and Gracie Hoax" sounds very fraudulent; obviously the organizers are using fake contact names.

  There is a huge potential for fraud here and there is zero accountability.  

Wolfgang Halbig is already facing income questions since it appears he only claimed GoFundMe generated income for 2014.  Conspicuously absent appear to be any donations generated via cash, check, or Paypal.  This investigation is ongoing.

One can't help but wonder if Tony Mead's third party proxy fake-name assistance could account for any mysterious "missing" funds.

To date, Wolfgang Halbig has never provided a full accounting of his fundraising and expenditures, despite his promise of "transparency" and despite numerous requests from his followers.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig heads back into Connecticut- BOL Jonathan Reich

It's unfortunate Wolfgang Halbig has wasted so much donor money pursuing lawsuits against bloggers or perhaps he would have the money he needs to get documents from Connecticut, as he promised.  - Sandy Hook Facts

Wolfgang Halbig will be in Connecticut for a FOIA Hearing on Feb. 18, 2016.

Just before announcing to his cult-like followers that he was closing up his Facebook due to some odd, unexplained fear of a drone strike, Wolfgang announced he would be flying into Connecticut on Feb. 17, 2016 for the hearing.    Wolfgang refused to provide details of the case to his followers. 

No, Wolfgang did not make it clear how closing his Facebook down would protect him from the hallucinatory Halbig-seeking drones he fears.

Wolfgang also announced that he would once again be with a film crew from "Caravan to Midnight". Newtown would be prudent to be prepared for Wolfgang's arrival. Wolfgang has been removed with trespassing warnings from several properties in and around Newtown and the last time Wolfgang and his "Caravan Film Crew" were in Connecticut, security officers at St. Rose Lima School called 911 reporting the unauthorized filming of school children.

St. Rose of Lima school issued Wolfgang a formal trespass warning through legal counsel.

Wolfgang has also publicly announced he plans to find "Mr. Urbina"; therefore, certain families in Newtown should reasonably be concerned. 

"Be On the Lookout" - Jonathan Reich  - Arrest Warrant

Jonathan Reich often travels with Wolfgang Halbig.  Presently, the State of Connecticut holds a $100,000 warrant for Reich's arrest for failing to appear to answer for charges stemming from alleged harassment in the wake of the school shooting.  

Jonathan is presently on the run while he launches fundraisers pretending that Connecticut is the one delaying the trial.

The below photo, a screen save from one of Wolfgang's visits to Connecticut, is one of the most recent photos of the fugitive.    If you see Jonathan Reich, please call 911 immediately.  It is not advised that you attempt to apprehend him without Police assistance.  

This is his well known mug shot for his arrest as reported by several main stream media outlets:"

Extreme caution is suggested.

Wolfgang's Case

Wolfgang has withheld the details of his upcoming hearing from his donors and followers; however, it is believed Wolfgang will be seeking the following items at the hearing:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Decline and Fall of Hoaxer James Fetzer

The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer (Part 2)

By James DiEugenio

Full Article:

From 911 Truthers to JFK Assassinations enthusiasts, the Conspiracy Theorist world is turning it's back on the disgraceful tactics of hoaxers like James Fetzer.  Fetzer and his outrageous lies are catching up with him and making all decent, free thinking investigators look bad.

Some, in fact, believe that is the goal of the hoaxer.


But actually, it’s even worse than that. In short films that have been prepared by C. W. Wade and others, it has been indicated that Fetzer likely used the same technique he and Cinque used for their Oswald-in-the-doorway imbroglio. That is, they used poor quality film to cloud important evidentiary issues. I cannot do better than to refer you to this article as an exposé of Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. There were so many complaints about this book that eventually pulled it from circulation. For a thorough debunking of Fetzer’s efforts on this issue, I refer the reader to Johnson’s essay and advise you to click through to his links and watch the videos at the end. After the reader digests all of this he will see that, as of today, there is little difference between Jim Fetzer and the people who tried to pass off the moon landings as a Stanley-Kubrick-produced hoax, one which the film director purportedly confessed to before he died.

Full Article:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tax Filings for Sandy Hook Justice Raise Questions

Charitable Tax Filings for 
Sandy Hook Justice Exposed

Per the IRS - Tax Fraud is:Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof and hall be imprisoned not more than 5 years and fined not more than $250,000, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.  Tax Fraud is investigated by the IRS. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Filings show that Wolfgang Halbig appears to claim only the income generated for
 Sandy Hook Justice through GoFundMe for all of 2014.  

No cash, check , money order, or Paypal  donations appear to be claimed, at all!

Wolfgang Halbig also claimed a $5,441 loss in 2014,
receiving some level of Tax Shelter for his shilling for Sandy Hook Justice donations.

It appears Wolfgang Halbig claimed his total income for Sandy Hook Justice in 2014 was $31,358.  This is the exact amount  GoFundMe provided to Wolfgang Halbig via 1099 - $31,358.  How is that possible?

Numerous commentators online have claimed to Send Halbig cash and checks through the mail, such as this 2014 comment:

Many posts like the above have been document claiming to have mailed Halbig donations or sent donations via Paypal.

Sandy Hook Justice filings reveal even more oddities and accounting inconsistencies; an investigation is ongoing. This article will focus mainly on the income claimed.

Maureen Crowley, a faithful Wolfgang groupie who follows Wolfgang very closely on many of his "business trips" has bragged about mailing Wolfgang donations via check countless times over the years. For example, in 2-1-16

And back in 2014:

Is Crowley lying about mailing her hero money?
Now, in fairness, Maureen Crowley could be lying through her teeth about mailing donations to Wolfgang.  Sandy Hook Facts has no way of knowing who is lying; however, it seems someone is.

Of course, if Wolfgang fails to report all Sandy Hook Justice income, that is potentially felony Tax Fraud.

Wolfgang collects donations via online Crowd Funding, Paypal, and through the mail
Wolfgang shills constantly for donations to be sent via some method near daily.

I'm no CPA, but by a layman's reading of the filing it seems the only way that the filing is correct is if Wolfgang did not receive a single dollar via any other source in 2014. No money came in, except from GoFundMe, at a staggering $31,358.

  • Is Halbig claiming no donor mailed him a check?  Maureen and many others are liars?
  • No donor mailed him any cash or money order? 
  • No donor used Paypal?  
"But small business owners aren’t saints. They are also America’s top tax cheats, according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayer advocate Nina Olson. Not all of them, of course, but, on average, small business owners are much more likely than other Americans to underpay their taxes."

 Investigate and decide for yourself
Wolfgang Halbig received a 1099-K from WePay/Gofundme listing donations as  $31,358.  Since that was a tax document, Wolfgang HAD to claim that income.  Notice that March 2014, when Wolfgang went "viral", he collected over $15,000 in funds via GoFundMe.  No one donated any other method? This, despite that fact that Wolfgang Halbig advertises for Paypal and US Mail donations via his website, as shown below.

Is this being read wrong?

Wolfgang's Schedule C for his charity. Sandy Hook Justice lists total income $31,358:

Webarchive shows Paypal in place in March 2014
Paypal In Place March 2014
A webarchive screen shot shows Halbig's PayPal Donation link in place as early as March 2014 and still in place in December, 2014. Where are those donations, if any, claimed?

Paypal is the most popular method of sending money. Are we to believe not a single person donated to Wolfgang Halbig via Paypal in 2014 while over 600 people choose GoFundMe?

Are we to believe that every person who posted online that they were mailing Wolfgang a donation were lying? All of them? Every time?

This is unheard of!

Paypal still in place December 2014
Sandy Hook Facts first reported on the 2014 licensing, income, expense issues here:

The filing raised several questions, such as Wolfgang's actual expenditures. For example, allegedly paying "$5,000" to confidential informants.

Wolfgang's 2014 Tax filing does not appear to list the $5,000 to "pay informants".

According to Wolfgang's own filings, in August 2014, with 4 months to go to the end of the tax year, Wolfgang Halbig claimed total revenue of $32,000. Somehow, between August 2014 and December 31, 2014, Wolfgang's gross receipts dropped by $642.  Further, we are asked to believe not one person donated a so much as a dollar between those months.

In yet another filing, Halbig wrote in his own handwriting that Sandy Hook Justice had "$6,000 in the bank" - yet somehow Wolfgang receives tax shelter claiming a loss of $5,441 on the year.   

There are many other anomalies present in the various filings of Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook Justice.  And despite Halbig's promise of "transparency" during early 2014 interview with John Wells, no full accounting of funds has ever been publicly made. 

It would take a substantial discovery and investigatory process involving all of the Halbig household finances to shed the appropriate light on this serious financial matter; that would be for, perhaps, another day.

At this time, Sandy Hook Facts has no way to know if Wolfgang is telling the truth in his filings; however, it seems highly unlikely that donations were limited GoFundMe.  Other obvious discrepancies only raise more simple questions.

One day we may know, whether through an IRS investigation or through court discovery process.