Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wolfgang Halbig pockets $86,000 Cynthia Conlin Malpractice payout that was intended to pay Sandy Hook Facts

It looks like Wolfgang Halbig has found another way to profit off of his Sandy Hook scheme.

Notorious Wolfgang Halbig's booking photo
after arrest based on complaint by Sandy Hook parent.

According to recent filings in the Wolfgang Halbig vs Sandy Hook Facts lawsuit; Wolfgang Halbig has pocketed the $100,000 that was paid to him via malpractice insurance. In an email to Sandy Hook Facts attorneys he claimed he had "$86,000 left".  That money was intended to be used to pay his debt related the lawsuit.  He has not paid a dime!

Sandy Hook Facts attorneys were prepared to settle for the $100,000; however, Wolfgang decided to move forward to another hearing. A hearing in which he failed to appear.  Halbig lied to the court stating he didn't have notice and requesting a continuance; however, the court was not fooled. Judgment to Sandy Hook Facts as prayed.

March Madness in hoaxer land -Court update:

Jim Fetzer faces jail for contempt on 3/17 in Pozner v Fetzer, Wisconsin

Halbig vs Sandy Hook Facts: Motions to be heard 3/24, California

Halbig in Florida Felony court 3/30. He filed a not guilty plea and waiver of appearance.

Wolfgang Halbig Owes Sandy Hook Facts $325,571.39
Orlando Based Attorney Cynthia Colin who
represents Sandy Hook and Pulse Shooting denier Wolfgang Halbig
As shown in the "Order Final Judgement" below, Wolfgang Halbig has lost the lawsuit. He owes Sandy Hook Facts $325,572.39 plus interest since 2015.  Pursuant to state law, the time for appeals and motions has expired and the judgment is completely final.  The case is over.

Orlando Attorney Cynthia Conlin Malpractice Payout
Wolfgang Halbig filed a malpractice claim against Orlando Based attorney Cynthia Conlin for her part in the failed SLAPP suit against Sandy Hook Facts and others.

Cynthia Conlin represented the notorious Sandy Hook and Orlando Pulse shooting denier, Wolfgang Halbig, in a SLAPP lawsuit intended to silence critics of Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang and Cynthia Colin lost their gambit. His critics were not silenced and the lawsuit was dismissed. They lost.

As part of the lawsuit, Wolfgang Halbig and Cynthia Conlin served an illegal subpoena on Sandy Hook Facts.  Sandy Hook Facts fought their illegal subpeona, winning in the trial court and in the appeal court.

Wolfgang Halbig's malpractice claim against Cynthia Conlin claimed costs related to her illegal SLAPP subpeona.failed.  Orlando based attorney Cynthia Conlin's malpractice insurance settled Wolfgang's claim for her insurance cap; $100,000.

According to court documents, the money was to pay the actual debt the lawsuit; ie, Wolfgang Halbig's debt to Sandy Hook Facts. But not a dime has been paid!  Wolfgang has apparently kept the money for himself, pocketing the dough!

Frivolous Motion filed by Wolfgang Halbig
Instead of paying his debt, Wolfang Halbig has filed a completely frivolous motion causing new damages to Sandy Hook Facts legal team exceeding $30,000! That number could even rise!

Wolfgang's latest motion is completely frivolous because all the time for motions has lapsed. The Court lacks jurisdiction to even rule on the motion per state law.

Not to mention, the motion is completely laughable unresearched nonsense on it's face without any rational legal basis whatsoever.  Whomever helped Halbig put that trash together should be ashamed of themselves.

But more importantly, even if Wolfgang's hogwash motion was actually a legal argument (which it's not), the Court could not rule on it.  It is over; done.  California law is clear:

Code CiV. Pro. § 663(d) [“power of the court t0 rule on a motion to set aside and vacate a judgment shall expire . . . 75 days after service upon the moving party by any party of written notice of entry of the judgment . . . If that motion is not determined within the 75-day period, or within that period as extended, the effect shall be a denial of the motion without further order of the court”].

75 days has long passed. Halbig's is done.

I have a novel idea for Halbig's "legal team"... read California law, for once.  Unlike Conlin, I doubt Halbig will file malpractice against his disbarred and disgraced ex attorney friends.

Worse, delerious Wolfgang Halbig, acting as his own attorney, decided to deluge Sandy Hook Facts attorneys with countless nonsensical and incoherent emails  causing that much more damage.

All in all, Wolfgang's legal team failed, again.

Sandy Hook Facts has filed a motion asking for compensation for Wolfgang's frivolous actions.  The court will rule on the motions 3/24.

Order Final Judgment: