Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sandy Hook Parents Return to New School and 'Sacred Ground' at Site of Mass Shooting - Reblog

The new Sandy Hook School is opening. I thought I would share this article about Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Lewis; a six year old boy killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Please click the link to go to and read the whole article.

On the chilly Friday morning of Dec. 14, 2012, Neil Heslin walked his 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, into Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Heslin watched as the first grader ambled down the hallway, carrying his trusty Disney Cars backpack – and hoping his class would make gingerbread houses that afternoon.

"That was the last time I saw him," Heslin, 55, told PEOPLE on Friday, looking back almost four years on the day his son died.

Just after 9:30 a.m. local time, in what would become one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, authorities say 19-year-old gunman Adam Lanza stormed Sandy Hook, killing Lewis, 19 other first graders and six educators, including Lewis' teacher, Victoria Soto, and principal Dawn Hochsprung, slain trying to protect their students.

On Friday, Heslin returned to the site of his son's death – and now the site of the new Sandy Hook Elementary School, which opened to the public the same day.

He carried Lewis' backpack.

"I brought [my son] to school with a book bag and hours later he came out of the school in a body bag," Heslin tells PEOPLE. He says he left the school that day in 2012 at 9:04 a.m. and sat in the parking lot until about 9:20 a.m., reading emails.

"I had just left the school when everything happened," he says.

'I Feel Numb'
On that terrible morning, Lewis urged nine classmates huddling in a corner to escape when the shooter's gun jammed, saving their lives, Heslin says. After Lewis yelled, "Run!" the gunman shot him in the head, Heslin says.

"He was a hero," he says.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Legal Updates: Wolfgang's hearing, Wolfgang's newest WHOPPER, and William Shanley's Appeal gets dismissed.

FOIA Hearing - Dash Cams and Officer statements
Wolfgang Halbig's FOI hearing has been reopened. There are a couple of stories in the works on that hearing as that hearing featured several WHOPPERS told by Wolfgang Halbig and his Attorney L. Kay Wilson.  It's important we document these WHOPPERS, as these individuals use these false statements to bolster Halbig's fundraising activities.  Those funds are then used to squash the free speech of bloggers covering the Sandy Hook hoaxer story.

Wolfgang is seeking Dash Cams and signed Newtown officer statements related to 12-14-12. Connecticut State Police has refused to release these documents claiming they are exempt.  
The hearing can be seen here:

Sandy Hook Facts is on record as to supporting the merits of some of Halbig's arguments on these requests.  These two requests are intelligible and request documents that arguably should be released; unlike most of Halbig's other requests.  In fact, Sandy Hook Facts has requested many of the same documents as Halbig requested here, and been similarly denied access; so it would be hippocritical not to at least give a nod to the merits of Halbig's claim.

L. Kay Wilson's Whopper
Sandy Hook Facts believes these requests could be handled in a honest and forthright manner and the merits the valid transparency .  False claims, such as L. Kay Wilson's claim "We have not received Sinko's Dash Cam", need not be made.

Sandy Hook Facts has an exact copy of Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam, and L. Kay Wilson has a copy of Sinko's Dash Cam featuring Sinko himself.  A document from the final report, made public in December, 2013.

Sandy Hook Facts has much more to say about L. Kay Wilson's Whopper, at another time.

Now to Halbig's newest WHOPPER.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hoaxer support of radical Islamic terrorism

A Conspiracy Theory on Conspiracy Theorists

Hoaxers, a group of people who find a thread of conspiracy in every high profile killing, appear to be throwing their weight behind Islamic extremism.

The first channel I noticed doing providing aid and comfort to terroristss was MattyD.  

MattyD is one of the biggest supporters of the goals and ideals of Islamic extremism.  These are his last four videos.   The parallels between radical, violent terrorism and MattyD's belief system cannot be mere coincidence.

Whenever a terrorist strikes, MattyD rushes to put out a video to cover for their terrorist act while simultaneously pushing their message.    MattyD pushes their message nearly everyday and he pushes it hard.

MattyD, a rabid racist, has direct connections to numerous Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

MattyD is not alone.  Check out this series of videos by Magulater1 and decide for yourself whether the links between radicals, terrorism, and hoaxers needs to be investigated further.

"The truth movement is a front for Islam"- by Magulater1

Hoaxer Agenda - Part 1 through 4 - by Magulater1

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Hacked DNC Sandy Hook emails - Wikileaks reviewed

I thought I would search Wikileaks and see what Sandy Hook information was revealed from the Hillary Clinton and hacked DNC emails.

The answer is: Not much to see.

Hillary's Emails
Wikileaks released 30,322 emails and attachments obtained via FOIA request.

There was only one email  referencing "Sandy Hook". The email subject was "Merry Christmas" and was from Anne-Marie Slaughter to Hillary Clinton with a cc to  Huma Abedin.  The email was sent on Christmas, 2012; just 11 days after the shooting.

The email referenced the content of this article:


  Rep. Elizabeth Esty
 Hi everyone, thank you for joining us on the call and thank you to the other speakers for your attention to this issue.
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut is in my district. I am sickened and horrified that in the three-and-a-half years since those shootings, nothing has been done to combat gun violence on gun reform. I lay the blame on the NRA and the Members of Congress who are beholden to them.
 Despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans supported action on gun reform after the Newtown tragedy, the NRA and their allies worked to defeat the bill by spreading rumors and falsehoods. Meanwhile, news of shootings across the country still dominate the headlines.
 Both of our Democratic presidential candidates have proposed solutions to address this crisis, and President Obama's executive actions earlier this year addresses this crisis with by expanding background checks, better effectively enforcing the laws already on the books, increasing mental health treatment, and funding research for gun safety technology. 
 Meanwhile the NRA is advocating for further deregulation of firearms, and they have found a willing audience in the Republican Party.
 We've seen this play out over and over again over throughout the years. With the help of the Republican Party, the NRA defeated a bill to extend a ban on assault weapons, blocked a bill that would have extended background checks to guns shows, and passed dangerous "stand your ground" laws that are currently in effect in some form in 33 states in 23 states, including Kentucky. 
 The NRA and their legislative allies are making our country less safe. It is unconscionable that Donald Trump and top Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell continue to indulge this radical organization.

The NRA and its extreme, uncompromising leadership have blocked reasonable reforms to reduce gun violence. As a vice chair of the U.S. House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, I am a strong advocate for commonsense gun reforms in Congress. We cannot allow the NRA to control the White House come November, and we need to block their influence in Congress.
 I am urging the media on this call and voters to hold these people accountable. We can't cross our fingers and hope against hope for an end to gun violence. We need to make it happen. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig's FOIA ruling

Freedom of Information Commission (FOIC) - Connecticut

On February 18, 2016 Wolfgang Halbig appealed to the FOIC for the release of documents related to the Sandy Hook Shooting.  The commission has published it's proposed decision.

"30 day" false claim by Wolfgang
As an aside, Wolfgang Halbig and his crew are claiming that the Hearing Officer only had 30 days to issue a ruling. As with nearly everything Halbig and his agents state, the claim is false and simply made to beef up donations. There is no rule that the Commission must issue a decision within 30 days after a contested hearing.  You can review the rules here:

Bottom Line
The bottom line of the decision:
 If the Appeals court overturns the Altimari decision, Wolfgang might get the Dash Cams.  FOIC ruled against him on the officer affidavits.

Wolfgang's matter will be heard July 27, 2016 at 2:00 pm in Hartford. Newtown schools would do well to be ready since Wolfgang is again promising to bring a film crew and hoaxers are simply unpredictable.

Quick background

Uncharacteristically, Wolfgang's at-issue FOIA requests were actually intelligible.
The hearing was covered here:

The hearing concerned many items Sandy Hook Facts had requested via FOIA in the past.

Wolfgang receives a duck from InfoWars - Dan Bidondi after a hearing

Wolfgang's Whopper
This hearing also saw Wolfgang tell a whopper in what appeared to be an attempt to sway the commission with a false, exaggerated claim of experience.  

Dash Cams and Police Witness Statements
Wolfgang's appeal concerned two sets of items: Dash cams and sworn police statements. 

First request: Dash cams from the vehicles of Newtown Officers Bahamonde, Chapman, and Seabrook, and Sinko.  

Newtown refuses to release their copies of the Chapman and Bahamonde videos claiming they would expose minor's identities and are thus exempt.  Seabrook and Sinko's Dash Cams were previously released.  CSP is in possession of copies of all the videos, having seized them as part of the Sandy Hook investigation.  Wolfgang attempted to obtain those seized copies.  CSP refused claiming they were seized evidence and thus exempt.  CSP's claim is the same claim they made in the Altimari  case (discussed below).

Second request:  the "official police reports and affadvits of Chief Kehoe, Captain Rios, Lt. Sinko,  Lt. Robinson, and Lt Vangehele" (sic).

 In the final report, the CSP provided a summary of officer statements and redacted the actual sworn statements themselves claiming they were exempt from release as witness statements.  Wolfgang requested the full statements.

The Ruling

The commissions full ruling is here:

Dash Cams - Not surprisingly, the commissioner ruled as he indicated at the hearing itself: the dash cams must be released.  The ruling was stayed pending the Altimari appeal decision since the items requested by Halbig were similarly seized and in the possession of CSP.

The Altimari ruling was covered here:

In summary, if the Appeals Court overturns the Superior Court decision and orders the Sandy Hook shooter's home documents released from Connecticut State Police (CSP) to the Hartford Courant, Wolfgang might get his dash cams. If the appeals process upholds the Superior Court rulings, Wolfgang will not get the Dash Cams.

I will point out that there is a potential "Ace in the hole" that has not been played by Connecticut that could come into play.  Although Newtown did not make the objection at the hearing, at some point they could attempt to intervene based on safety of the minors (as to the Chapman and Bahamonde videos) and the exemption that makes releasing a minor's identity exempt.  This card was not played by Connecticut since CSP's attorney claimed never to have watched the videos.

Officer Statements 
CSP would not release the statements claiming that witness statements are exempt.  The commissioner agreed, ruling that the statements of Newtown Officers taken by Connecticut State Police were witness statements and therefore not subject to disclosure.

While SHF agrees officers statements are witness statements, Sandy Hook Facts disagrees with this ruling at a base personal level.  This appears to be a loop hole in the law.  That said,  I do not believe hoaxers should be given any more information to abuse Newtown residents or to line Wolfgang's pockets with cash.  There has already been more information formally released about the Sandy Hook shooting than any other mass shooting in history.

Empty Handed
At the end of the day, Wolfgang will once again walk away empty handed.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hoaxer Alex Jones false flags the RNC in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - In what appeared to be the biggest media false flag charade since CNN's fake scud attacks,  contriving Sandy Hook hoaxer conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, pulled a giant hoax and nearly caused a riot at the Republican National Convention.


Alex Jones, surrounded by his professional security detail, grabbed his bullhorn and "bravely" entered the middle of a bunch of disgusting commie protesters and started instigating them, calling them names, and generally being an ass (not that they didn't deserve that on some level).

 When you act in such a manner, surrounded by menacing thug body guards, the results are foreseeable.  Predictably, AJ's action sets the protesters off.

When one of the commie chanters reaches through the tight security ring and slightly nudges Alex, Alex launches into the man, full shoulder and then begins flailing about.

 In response, another protester grabs Alex. Alex's security detail pulls the protestor away.

Luckily, the Police Chief and a Police Captain just happened to be on hand to rescue Alex Jones from the crowd of commies.

Another officer grabs Alex Jones by the hand and runs with him,  Security Detail and full police team in tow.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hoaxer MattyD Harasses Orlando Victim and Gets Owned

Today, the rabidly racist hoaxer Youtuber MattyD had to trade his white sheet and hood for a white dunce cap.

MattyD is an "gun truther auto hoaxer"; that is, he instantly declares all shootings a hoax, usually publishing a video within the first hour of the shooting. MattyD is well known for harassing and inciting the harassment of victims of high profile mass shootings; but today was a little different. One of his victims decided to stand up to the conspiracy theorist bully!

MattyD made the mistake of attempting to victimize Orlando Pulse shooting victim Rodney Sumter, slandering the shooting survivor by calling him a "fake" and a "fraud".

The former teammate of  Tim Tebow would have none of it and when MattyD laid down his challenge: "You are a fake 'bro', prove your injuries. I'm betting you can't do it."

MattyD lost that bet! Big time!
Within an hour, Rodney published a video on his instagram proving his injuries, with commentary!

I am very familiar with MattyD and I can assure Rodney that MattyD was unworthy of the effort; but it sure put a smile on my face to see Rodney turn the tables. Far too many put up with the neanderthal methods of the hoaxer.

Well done Rodney Sumter and thank you!

What will MattyD do now? Will he have the guts to admit he is wrong? Of course not. But it was still nice to see.

Comment by Rodney:

ihollyrodI'm grateful for the all the positive support I received. I'm beyond thankful for your prayers and wishes...but for every amazing person behind you, there's someone spending their entire day figuring out how they can bring your day down. Usually I don't even bother to respond to ignorance, but I thought this would be educational for you who think everything is a hoax.@MattyD4Truth (both Twitter and YouTube) took the time to make multiple videos explaining how my situation,@joshuamcgill1990 and the entire Pulse event was a hoax lol you wanted proof? Gladly...and things were 10x more graphic a month ago. Go through being shot 3 times with an assault rifle, the multiple surgeries, 16 days in a tiny uncomfortable hospital bed, physical therapy on a hand to bring back your feeling and strength, like I have, and then tell me if I'm living a hoax or not. No one gets respect for spending their life creating pointless videos to mislead viewers. If anyone's even watching your channel to begin with. Thanks for giving me a video challenge for proof. Now you look dumb lol #orlandostrong

You can view Rodney's video via his instagram here:

Rampant Hoaxer harassment
Sandy Hook Hoaxers have been harassing victims of the Orlando massacre since within hours of the massacre.  MattyD, in particular, has been a prolific harasser, going so far as to mock families at an open casket funeral.

Orlando Victims harassed:

Behold the gun truther hoaxer conspiracy theorist

Orlando shooting hoax fundraising

MattyD's challenge:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Truck used in Nice Terror Attack Identified - Renault Midlum 270 DCi - Peekay debunked

Sandy Hook hoaxers have already declared the terrorist attacks in Nice, France a hoax.  84 people died according to the latest count here:

Sadly, the photos of the bloodied victims have been declared fake and the people declared "dummies".   Were the massacre in the USA, you could count on hoaxers harassing the victims.

As I pointed out in a previous post, Sandy Hook hoaxers are quickest to declare something a hoax if it aids Islamic terrorism or it helps covers up a Islamic terrorist attack.  The latest terrorist attack in Nice, France is no exception and actually proves my point; and the Sandy Hook hoaxers got to work immediately and numerous videos of pseudo analysis have been published.

One of the claims made by a particularly vile hoaxer (and victim predator) Peekay,  is that the video of the truck shows no damage. The video can be seen here:

Peekay follows hoaxer script in using video trickery to make the claim.

He shows several photos focusing on the left side of the tuck.  Since we can presume he knows his left from his right, we can reasonably state that this is part of his long standing pattern of intentional deception. Why wouldn't he focus on the right side of the truck if he was really researching the truck damage on the right side of the vehicle and why wouldn't he look at an undamaged truck for comparison?

The fact is Sandy Hook hoaxers use intentional deception to cover for ISIS terrorist to push their pro-terrorism agenda.

These are screen shots showing the hoaxer examining the wrong side of the truck.

What type of truck is it?
I have not seen the make and model of the truck officially released yet and I only found one article attempt identifying the truck and that article gets it wrong. The article incorrectly identifies the truck at a Renault Midlum 220.12.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Behold: the Auto Hoaxer Gun Truther Conspiracy Theorist

Predictably, the Dallas shooting has been declared a hoax by so-called alternative media. Videos and blogs are being pumped out at a furious pace, attempting to mitigate the reality of the shooting.  Those claiming hoax push fabrications, disinformation, and bold faced lies, serving to muddy the waters on serious societal questions.

No Ambulances - Orlando
A quick example of hoaxer lies is the meme spread on numerous videos that there were "no ambulances" at Pulse Nightclub shooting.   Hoaxers accomplish this lie by simply making a video and leaving out any photo of an ambulance. 

Aside from the obvious fact that ambulances don't charge into active shooter areas, there were several ambulances involved; as any google image search reveals.

Who is behind it all?
I have begun to call them "auto hoaxers".   What is an auto hoaxer?

An auto hoaxer is a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist that declares just about every high profile mass killing (or event) a hoax perpetrated by the government to bring about gun control, new world order, FEMA Camps, martial law, etc.

If we put on our own tin foil hat, it's easy to speculate who really benefits from such nonsense.

These are the modern day "tin foil hat" wack jobs of society. The hoaxer is not the peaceful Bigfoot conspiracy theorist of days past; hoaxers can be dangerous, heavily armed, violent enemies of public and peace.

 In times past, society might have locked these people in an asylum.   Today, the mad stock pile weapons and form online groups to reinforce their belief system via social media.

Sandy Hook Hoax Groups hosts secret
 online forums on Facebook hatching their hoaxer plots and fabricatimg their narrative..

Within these secret groups, peer pressure radicalizes the hoaxer; a process hoax leaders refer to as "waking up".  There exists an organized power structure and hierarchy controlling the narrative, operating monthly donation schemes, organizing victim stalking, and preparing for events.  To maintain membership you must conform; strict lockstep thinking is demanded.

Anyone expressing independent thought outside acceptable "hoax" narrative is subject to everything from excommunication to ridicule, stalking, harassment, and harassment of their families.

After you are radicalized and in lockstep; the leaders demand donations.  Demand is made, even in the face of other members pleading that they are single mothers trying to raise children.

Whose nefarious purpose do the online hoaxer cults serve?   Who benefits by claiming a shooting is "fake" to promote gun control?  Is behind-the-scenes money driving the hoaxer leadership? 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Orlando Shooting Hoax Fundraising by Wolfgang Halbig as Cynthia Conlin requests blog removal

"The Pulse was a gay men's club... one thing I know is when you go in there; when you see men, gay club, you learn very quickly who the dominate male is and who the passive is.  I cannot believe that in that club of gay men, that they didn't attack this shooter.  They sat back passively. They coulda' thrown water bottles at him..."     - Wolfgang Halbig displays his level of expertise on "Joyce Riley Power Hour - Orlando and Sandy Hook False Flag Hoax" by giving his reason he questions whether the Orlando Shooting was a "hoax".

Wolfgang Halbig has begun his "Orlando Hoax" fundraising tour just as his Orlando based attorney, Cynthia Conlin, contacts Sandy Hook Facts to request blog removal.

Conlin was requesting that SHF remove the blog post:
Orlando shooting hoax claims and Orlando attorney Cynthia Conlin - the connection

Readers know that Conlin is the legal sword employed to chill the free speech of blogs that speak out against her gun-truther, conspiracy theorist leader client Wolfgang Halbig.

Conlin's request was given serious consideration
Sandy Hook Facts has, in the past, removed blogs by request and SHF seriously considered Conlin's request.  Cynthia Conlin's most persuasive argument for blog post removal was not her laughable attempt at coercing removal by claiming the blog post is "harassment" (it obviously is not harassing her);  it was Conlin's request for removal based on the fact she was personally affected by the Orlando Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

 Conlin states she lives two miles from the club, personally knows friends of friends who were murdered, frequented the club, and even had attended the club's grand opening!  

That's right.  Let that sink in.  Wolfgang raises money  claiming Sandy Hook was a hoax.  He is now raising money off of similar Orlando claims.

Meanwhile, his very own attorney claims to have been personally affected by the recent shooting.

Nonetheless, Sandy Hook Facts stands with Orlando; that empathy would extend even to Conlin, despite her hoaxer affiliations and deeds done on their behalf.

As Cynthia Conlin's request was being considered, her client made the decision easy when he began "Orlando Hoax" fundraising.

Orlando victims are still in the hospital and are already under relentless attack from hoaxers.

Orlando mourners warned to brace for hoaxers

Families of Sandy Hook warn Orlando of hoaxers

Wolfgang goes for the dollar
With Orlando Shooting "hoax/false flag" as his backdrop, Halbig began shilling for donations with an appearance on the highly popular "Joyce Riley Power Hour".

Wolfgang's appearance also featured James Fetzer.  Fetzer and Halbig co-authored "Nobody died at Sandy Hook". and have worked together extensively. Fetzer is, of course, a raging racist and dishonest disinformation shill.

How will Ms. Conlin feel when Wolfgang and Fetzer fill a book full of Orlando victim's photos, call it "Nobody died at Orlando Pulse" and offer it for sale?  You can bet that that book is coming, if they can make a buck out of it.

How can Ms. Conlin accept Halbig's Orlando and Sandy Hook blood "hoax" money, then expect a courtesy blog removal in return? That is not how this blog operates.  

Let's take a look at what some of Wolfgang's followers are doing.