Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig's Libel Per Se Campaign - Wolfgang is liar

"That is why Halbig is called a hoaxer. He hoaxes. He lies. He raises money. He posts disgusting articles and claims about little children.   That's the game of the hoaxer."


For the record
Wolfgang Halbig's defamatory claim that I am stalking him, went to his house, contacted his family, etc. is categorically false; moreover, he knows this.

I have not emailed him or any of his family any threats or coercion whatsoever, including coercing him into closing his sites. Why would I do that? I could care less about his websites other than as a tool to expose, debunk him, and prove him the liar he is.   I have debunked him countless times. I have no issues with his failed websites.

I do believe he should take down his FALSE articles about the little Newtown girl. But that is just human decency; something evil hearted Halbig lacks.  What kind of nasty old man publishes false information to bully a little girl? We know that type. 

That is why he is a hoaxer. He hoaxes. He lies. He raises money. He posts disgusting articles and claims about little children.   That's the game of the hoaxer.

Wolfgang knows full well I am in California and not anywhere near him and he knows it's not me contacting any of those people.  His intentionally false claims serve two purposes:

1. An obvious fund raising ploy; like so many others he has pulled before.  While he is PRETENDING he is going away, he is not. He already published videos to his video site and articles to his websites since "going away". Halbig has pulled this same ploy many times. 

Wolfgang and Tony pull the ole "Quit and launch Fundraiser" gimmick once again

2.  Wolfgang Halbig has been a total failure in every aspect of his idiotic "Sandy Hook Justice investigation".

This is Halbig's latest attempt to chill my free speech because I have proven him bogus countless times.

Wolfgang Halbig has been an utter failure, and he needs his "CW Wade false flag" in desperation, to try to cover up has abject failure as a human and as an investigator.

The ONLY success Halbig has had is finding an audience to line his pockets with donor cash. 

Wolfgang Halbig tricks this lowest common denominator of person with his false flags to hide his failures and line his pockets.

Top 10 reasons Halbig's Investigation is proven a laughable failure

1. Black Balled
 Halbig's disgusting conspiracy theories have gotten himself black balled in any field having to do with schools or children.

As an example, Halbig was banned from the School Safety Conference this year in Florida. Literally BANNED.  This was verified by the conference President.  It appears that no one in any professional capacity wants anything to do with Halbig.   Wolfgang Halbig will likley never work in any school again, ever. When Halbig steps on the grounds of a school, he is considered the enemy.  Security catches Halbig in the parking lot while his minions cower in the back seat of cars, reportedly filming children.

No one can use him. Halbig is toxic, a plague.  His name will go down in disgrace as a radical wild eyed conspiracy theorist hack.  Any good work he did was crushed by his own hand.

According to Halbig, his own sheriff even considers him mentally ill! Just reward!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Attorney L. Kay Wilson, Wolfgang Halbig, and the traveling Lt. Sinko Dash Cam Show

If Halbig is being truthful in claiming his own Lake County Sheriff has declared Halbig a "mental patient", I personally am not sure where that insanity would end and the crisis actor performance we saw on August 26th begins." -- Sandy Hook Facts

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, to Kay Wilson, Wolfgang Halbig, and the traveling Lt. Sinko Dash Cam Show!
"Have ducky, will travel."
Halbig demonsrates the Sinko Dash Cam he already has

L. Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig appeared before FOIA Commission's Hearing Officer Perpetua to once again argue versus the Connecticut State Police for the release of Dash Cams and Reports not released with the Sandy Hook Final Report. The second hearing of FIC 2015-786. The first hearing was heard Feb. 18.  

Mert Melfa streamed the hearing via Facebook and posted the hearing on his Youtube Channel, an effort that is truthfully appreciated, so thank you to Mert Melfa.

Prior to this hearing, Mr. Perpetua had all but made it clear he would rule in Halbig's favor, so it appears L. Kay Wilson and Halbig decided they would take the opportunity to put their pursuit of argument in this case on hold and put on a little show.

Halbig announced he had a surprise coming the night before the hearing; he did not tell us what that would be.

Halbig delivers a fantastic performance!
Halbig and Wilson began their Best in Show with props.  Halbig was all mic'd up by Mert. Halbig prominently displayed one of his famous rubber duckies on the desk in front of him,  fiddling with his duckie often, and often facing it directly towards Mert Melfa's camera.

For another prop, Halbig appeared to be demonstrating his contempt for Sandy Hook School victims by blowing his nose on a green shirt. Eye roll on that prop.

It seems very similar to something like this, although we did not get a clear view of the logo.

It's 2014 again
Halbig and Wilson decided that, instead of focusing on the matter at hand, they would  pretend to attempt a backdoor re-litigation of  their failed 2014's case versus Newtown.  

Halbig previously appealed the Newtown decision. Halbig voluntarily dismissed his own appeal October 2015 when Kay Wilson withdrew the action. That decision is final, by their own hand.

Personally, I do not believe Wilson or Halbig believed this discussion would be allowed by Hearing Officer Perpetua.  The Newtown case was two years ago and Newtown was not even present. Perpetua has demonstrated he is a no-nonsense hearing officer.  It's obvious that it would not be allowed.

As would be expected, the Commission did not allow the duo to discuss the 2014 Newtown case. The attempt set the stage for Halbig's planned big finale.

Sinko's Dash Cam

Stage left, L. Kay Wilson once again pretended they did not receive Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam, even while Halbig holds a copy in his hand recieved via Newtown proven in this video "Wolfgang Halbig and Kay Wilson Sinko Dash Cam WHOPPER":

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alex Jones Exposed as a Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxer Truther Liar

Alex Jones lies on Sandy Hook DEBUNKED
Alex Jones Exposed as a Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxer Truther Liar

Updated 9/3/16 to add new information.

Hillary Clinton recently accused Alex Jones of, essentially, being a Sandy Hook Hoaxer. 
This has been covered some in main stream press:

Drudge linked to Alex Jones' response and Alex Jones has gone viral.

Alex Jones' denials are lies.

Alex Jones has in fact claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax, a drill, a staged event, a false flag; he has called out the children. Alex Jones has lied about the children, falsely accusing them of walking in circles.

 He has called the participants actors. Alex Jones has pushed obvious lies in support of his agenda based pushing of the Sandy Hook hoax meme.    Alex Jones IS personally responsible for an increased stalking and harassment of Sandy Hook parents; his followers believing they "are the resistance" and taking violent actions.

Bryce Cuellar is just such a follower, convinced by Jones that he is the "resistance" with near horrific results, arrested a ew days ago for terroristic threats.  Luckily, he was caught before Jones has instigated him to kill someone.

Often main stream media will erroneously refer to a hoaxer as a truther. The hoaxer is distinguished from the truther because a hoaxer manufactures and contrives their "evidence" and then pushes that fake evidence onto their audience; hoaxing that audience. Thus, the pushers of the fake evidence, such as Alex Jones are "hoaxers".

Alex Jones is, in fact, a hoaxer.  He is much worse than Hillary Clinton claimed in her speech, as can be easily  proven.

Alex Jones was called out and, desperate to maintain a semblance of credibility, published several videos repeatedly denying his well established hoaxer past.  Alex, thou doth protest much too much.

Alex Jones' denials are lies. He is a hardcore Sandy Hook hoaxer hoaxing his audience with contrived, debunked memes and claims.  

This is a video is collage of comments made by Alex Jones during three different interviews with Wolfgang Halbig, the leader of the Sandy Hook Hoaxers.  The video also proves he pushes debunked memes and ridiculous claims. 

Alex Jones always walks the tight rope of Sandy Hook, attempting to appear to be normal human; but he fails. His words speak for themselves, so lets put them out there. 

Alex Jones will doubtless claim his comments are "taken out of context".  Hogwash,. Normal, sane, non-hoaxers simply  don't see these disgusting things.

Alex Jones proves he does, indeed, have a black, shriveled, evil heart.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Bryce Cuellar Arrested for Terrorist Threats

Bryce Cuellar, aka Sandy Hook Hoaxer "Fisherofmen", a sovereign citizen, Bundy Ranch supporter (aka poot), Pete Santilli fan, and gun nut, has been arrested for terroristic threats!

Update: 8/27/16 - Case information - Nutty enough to need to be found competent to stand trial, Felony case minutes - below. 


Las Vegas Now reports:


A Las Vegas man was indicted Wednesday by the Clark County grand jury for making terrorist threats.
Police said they watched Bryce Cuellar say he will begin killing, and that he will fire his gun to start a civil war with the United States and the government.  They said Cuellar also mentioned targeting particular groups of people such as homosexuals.
The evidence in the case was a 15-minute rant on YouTube where Cuellar spoke about how he was tired of America and the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights.
According to an arrest report, the July 1 post has since been removed by Google who alerted authorities because of concern the company had that people were in danger.  8 News NOW did some digging and found another YouTube page that appeared to be connected to Cuellar.

 The video references this small Youtube Channel

The news completely missed his real channel, revealed exclusively by Sandy Hook Facts, Youtuber FisherofMen, a wild eyed radical conspiracy theorist and rabid Sandy Hook Hoaxer and gun nut. He has posted numerous videos calling the massacre a hoax. 

We continue to warn people about this threat to peace, Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorists.  Violent, heavily armed, dangerous.

More info on him:

More documents and updates on this case soon!

Short URL

8/27 Update - New DOCUMENTS

Threat to Obama

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jonathan Reich Civil Rights Violated - DEBUNKED

"Basically, with good old fashioned police work, the Avon Police Detective  plucked Jonathan Reich right out of the internet and slapped on the cuffs." - Sandy Hook Facts summary of Jon Reich's arrest

It is well past time to debunk the hoaxers and their false narrative regarding the Jonathan Reich case, in the interest of truth and justice.

It would be entirely unfair to leave the narrative to the hoaxers and their propaganda and fundraising machine.

The force that drives the hoaxer leaders is cash and one of the biggest cash cows for hoaxer propaganda has turned out to be the criminal prosecution of hoaxer Jonathan Reich.
 "State of Connecticut vs. Jonathan Reich".

The primary leaders driving the cash cow are Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Justice combined with their sister organization, Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax Group.

Even as I put the final touches on this article, Tony Mead of the Sandy Hook Hoax Group published this false claim about the Reich case, claiming that the call to Carver's Office, widely available on on Youtube,  "got Jon Reich arrested".

Tony Mead knows full well that it was calls to Carver's home that led to the arrest. Sandy Hook Justice are the ones who released the Avon Police Report supporting that information.  Mead's post is blatantly false, misleading information. 

And that is the focus of this article, to expose blatant disinformation by those who specialize in hoaxing people out of money. 

Wolfgang Halbig has raised tens of thousands of dollars for himself since he started pushing the ever evolving narrative of Jonathan Reich's case.  Wolfgang's narrative goes something like:
"Solve Jonathan Reich and it will expose Sandy Hook.  Send a donation today to help Jonathan Reich. Mail the check to ME at.."

Thus far, despite the promise to "help Jonathan Reich", public disclosures of Sandy Hook Justice records have not revealed even  a single dollar of donation from Wolfgang towards the payment of Jonathan Reich's legal expenses. Expenditures were revealed here:

In addition to the money raised by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead, Jonathan Reich hosts his own fund raisers. This fundraiser is on the laughable premise of suing Patch Media for reporting the news about a high profile public interest case.

Jonathan does aptly name the fund.
"Fraud lawsuit v. CEO of Patch Media".

And yet another fund raiser by Jonathan Reich...


Obviously, the hoaxers never quite seem to raise "enough money" for their lawsuit.  They just can't seem find an "attorney with the balls" to file their lame brained legal strategy.  Drats!  I guess they get to keep the money for themselves.

Public Defender Available
If money is the issue, Reich could just show up and the judge would appoint Reich a public defender to help him resolve the case.  Reich doesn't actually need a dime to resolve the case and more than enough money has already been donated to cover gas money or bus fare to his PD.

Sandy Hook Justice; two primary false fundraising narratives
Wolfgang's organization is  famous for pushing two blatantly false narratives for fundraising.

#1 - Gag Order on Sandy Hook Choir  -
Example:  at 17 m

Wolfgang constantly raises money claiming that a "Gag order" was placed on the Sandy Hook Super Bowl choir by the NFL.  Halbig has gone so far as to pay Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson to seek the school records of these children, despite the obvious, plainly worded FOIA exemption regarding minors and their school records.

 There is NO GAG ORDER on the Sandy Hook Choir; despite Wolfgang's false claims.

Wolfgang has been challenged to produce any evidence to support his "Gag Order" claim; he has been unable to do so.

Wolfgang has been offered money to produce the gag order.  He has never produced the gag order.

Wolfgang's gag order claim is a hoax, a fiction, a story, a lie, to get you to give him money. You can find that Gag order right next to Wolfgang's proof he was at Columbine, proof FEMA trained him to be "Active Shooter Trainer", proof he was a Certified Fire Inspector, or proof he drove Martin Luther King, Jr... in Halbig's fairy tale producing mind!

If Halbig produces a legally adequate Gag Order, Sandy Hook Facts will publish a retraction and give $5,000 off of the $25,000 judgment Wolfgang Halbig owes Sandy Hook Facts.

FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a document Wolfgang claims he has; how hard is that?  Yet, Wolfgang continues to obfuscate on that issue.

This has got to be the first time Wolfgang has ever been quiet when someone offered him money.

All you hear are crickets from Sandy Hook Justice when you ask them to support their claim.

#2 -  Jonathan Reich is being denied due process.
The purpose of this blog post is to address the false narrative that  Jonathan is not being brought to trial and is, therefore, being denied his due process.

Facts -
Quick reference Time Line of Jonathan Reich's Case

5-20-13: Arrested by Avon Police Dept. and released on $50,000 surety bond
6-5-13:  Arraigned at Hartford Community Court
Several continuances as part of the common defense strategy of waiving time and negotiating. Not one time did the defense revoke their time waiver and insist on a speedy trial, for obvious reasons. The defense agreed to delay.
6-13-14: (approx)  Fails to Appear in Court-  Bail Commissioner Letter Sent
7-22-14: Appears and agrees to be placed on Supervised Diversion; waives speedy trial rights
10-8-15: Files discovery motion requesting Sandy Hook Final Report, among other items
10-15-15: Supervised Diversion Terminated. Case transferred to Superior Court- Pretrial Hearing set
11-25-15:  Fails to appear in court; $100,000 Warrant issued; proceedings suspended.

Fugitive From Justice
Before we get into the case itself, it is important to understand that Jonathan Reich is currently a fugitive from justice. He has a $100,000 warrant for his arrest out of Connecticut and is refusing to turn himself in or address the case with the court.

Connecticut is not delaying the trial. Jonathan needs to  go to Connecticut and face his charges and his accusers.  The state must prove the charges. What is he afraid of?

The court issued a Failure to Appear warrant eight months ago, as of this posting.

As with all Failure To Appear (FTA) warrants, court proceedings are suspended. Reich is an "out of state" fugitive from justice.  Speedy trial "time" is, in effect, tolled and there are no ongoing court proceedings.  More on this later.

Let's look at the case.

The arrest of Jonathan Reich aka Youtuber "Scotty Walker"

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hoaxer William Shanley fails to intervene in Sandy Hook Lawsuit

DANBURY, CT -  Estates of Lewis and Pozner vs Newtown (Sandy Hook Elementary School) Lawsuit

At issue was Sandy Hook Hoax group member William Shanley's absurd amicus curie brief alleging wild eyed fantasies of FEMA psyops and other tin foil hat notions swirling about the Youtubosphere concerning the Sandy Hook shooting. 

Sandy Hook Facts was not happy to see that Danbury Superior Court Judge Dan Shaban decided to give the hoaxers a chance to make their case as to why they should be allowed to intervene.

Frankly, Shanley's motion to file a brief never raised even a slight factual or legally cognizable issue and the judge should not have entertained it for a moment.

The hoaxers were graciously given their fair chance to make their case; however they failed. In the words of the judge: [Hoaxers did not cite] "any legal authority to support his request to appear as amicus curiae and file a brief."

Amateur hour in hoaxerville. 

Shanley's appearance was covered here:

The court has ruled and the hoaxers have failed!  The judge has removed the hoaxer from the case and denied their motion to intervene.

The judge's four page ruling concluded:
"[The Hoaxers] purpose appears to be more to intervene as a party and contest the evidence in an adversarial manner rather than act as a friend of the court.  The information sought to be put before the court would not assist in the resolution of any matters of law in this case of which there is doubt."

The judge highlighting that the hoaxers appear adversarial and NOT a friend of the court is the understatement of the year.

If you want to read the entire ruling, it is here:

The order here:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

William Shanley Goes to Court Claiming Sandy Hook is a Hoax

Conspiracy theorist William Shanley went to court on Monday to make the case the hoaxers should be entitled to intervene in the lawsuit filed by two Sandy Hook victim families related to the December 14, 2012 massacre.

Shanley's appearance was covered in mainstream press here:

The newspaper reported:

DANBURY - A conspiracy theorist who is trying to influence a lawsuit brought by two families of Sandy Hook massacre victims against Newtown and its school district gave his argument in court Monday about why his views should be heard by the judge.
The families’ attorney, Donald Papcsy, said he did not want to dignify what Shanley was arguing by responding.
Before the hearing, however, Papcsy said that as a Sandy Hook resident who grieved with neighbors on his block who lost loved ones in the massacre, Shanley’s views were disheartening and “unconscionable.”
“There is no evidence that anyone died at Sandy Hook,” conspiracy theorist William Brandon Shanley of New Haven told Superior Court Judge Dan Shaban during a mid-afternoon hearing in Danbury. “This is a manipulation of human consciousness to achieve a gun control agenda.”
“This is not the place for political statements,” said Shaban, who reminded Shanley a half dozen times that Shanley needed to focus his argument on what legal grounds the judge should allow him to present his views about a case that does not involve him.
Considering the lquality of Shanley's pleadings, it is doubtful Shanley made a single coherent, valid, legal argument; however, that remains to be seen.  The judge promised a written ruling.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer
William Shanley is a member of and frequent poster to Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax group.

Shanley utilizes the arguments widely publicized by Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and James Tracy and this hearing will be the first test as to how that arguments hold up to judicial scrutiny.

Shanley, of course, claims no one died at Sandy Hook, that the Sandy Hook shooting was a "FEMA Drill", blah, blah, etc. etc..  Of course, Shanley has zero personal knowledge of the incident and offers zero real evidence, instead citing web blogs and Youtube videos; none of which are admissible in a court of law for his purpose. 

Hoaxer Lawsuit
On behalf of the Hoaxers, Shanley filed  two Sandy Hook related lawsuits against various media corporations accusing them of being complicit in the "hoax".   Shanley hoped to pocket over FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS for his efforts; but it was not to be. Both cases were summarily dismissed by the court as, without a single hearing; essentially, frivolous nonsense.

Shanley then filed two untimely appeals of the dismissals. One appeal was summarily dismissed on July 27 and it is anticipated the other appeal will soon be dismissed.

To Shanley's Credit
To date, William Shanley is the only hoaxer to file a lawsuit related to the Sandy Hook shooting. Contrast that with Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang  raised $100,000 from his followers based on the promise of lawsuit against Connecticut officials; yet the ONLY lawsuit Halbig has filed was an attempt to chill Free Speech with a personal vendetta against bloggers; a case that Halbig lost.

Halbig learned that jurisdiction of Sandy Hook Facts is California; and California does not tolerate anti-free speech lawsuits.   Halbig owes Sandy Hook Facts over $24,000 for that lawsuit.

Checkered Criminal Past
William Shanley, as one of the legal front men for the hoaxers, represents them well boasting numerous criminal convictions.  These convictions appear to be increasing in violence and frequency; perhaps as a result of his radical hoaxerism.  In 2011, he was convicted of Breach of Peace and sentenced to 6 months jail.  In 2015 he was convicted of Resisting Arrest and sentenced to 1 year jail and probation.  He was also convicted of Criminal Trespass and sentenced to a year in jail.  Shanley also has a Violation of Probation.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Bushmaster Lawsuit - Remington admits Rifle sold to Nancy Lanza and uses Final Report as Exhibit

Sandy Hook Bushmaster Lawsuit

As a preface to this quick blog post - this post is addresses numerous hoaxer claims in regards to the Sandy Hook - Bushmaster lawsuit and their absurd belief that Remington should use some sort of goofy "hoax" defense.

The case is Estate of Soto [and other Sandy Hook victim families] vs  Bushmaster Inc.

Bushmaster made the AR-15 style rifle used by the Sandy Hook shooter to massacre children and teachers.

I was reviewing documents recently filed and found admissions by Remington that might be of interest to hoaxers or those who deal with hoaxers.  Hoaxers of course claim it's a hoax, contend the parents would never want to see a courtroom, and contend Remington will expose the "hoax". 

Quick synopsis of the case:
The case was filed in State court, removed to Federal Court, then sent back to State Court. 
Discovery in the case is ongoing. Newtown families are not the one's ducking discovery.  Remington is desperately trying to avoid discovery in addition to attempts to get the cased dismissed.  With a  Federal that is designed to shield gun manufacturers from liability, if the gun functions properly, the Sandy Hook families face an uphill battle. 

More on this:
This is Sandy Hook Facts second post on admissions by Remington. The first one is here:

Remington does not dispute the massacre
Remington filed a Motion for Summary Judgement (and supporting Memorandum) that many hoaxers may find of interest:

Remington admits the Bushmaster was sold to Nancy Lanza.
The sane person might wonder "Why is that important?"  Most hoaxers believe this transaction did not occur and in fact believe Nancy Lanza did not exist.

Remington attached, as Exhibit 1 a copy of the Sandy Hook Final Report information on the Bushmaster Rifle.