Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hartford Trade Service - Fellowship of the Minds Debunked

This debunking is going to be short and sweet.

The latest hoaxer "buzz" is from Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM).  The hoaxer claim is that the funeral home that cremated the Sandy Hook Shooter (Hartford Trade Service) was out of business in 2011 and the business is dissolved. (Death Certificate below).

Of course, without a single bit of fact checking, Sandy Hook Hoax Group spread FOTM's disinformation, and their weak-minded cult like followers gobbled it up. I have no doubt James Tracy or Wolfgang will be next to jump on board, once they figure out how to raise donations off of the lie.

The FOTM articles are here:

Archived here:

Let's go through the hoaxer lies-

Lie #1  Hartford Trade Service License expired in 2011:

That the State of Connecticut’s eLicensing has no records for funeral home Hartford Trade Service is also confirmed by an anonymous tipster to Professor James Fetzer. In an email, the tipster wrote:
Hartford Trade Service’s business expired 1.5.2011! This is very big as Hartford Trade Service not in business when Sandy Hook occurred! Closed for almost 2 years!.

The truth: The business is current and validly licensed, as verified by the State of Connecticut, through 2016.  When the business changed owners, it got a new license.

Lie #2 & 3 - The Corporation is dissolved and not owned by Kevin Davidson:

Kevin wasn’t there, but a male assistant was, who insisted that River Bend Funeral Home’s owner is Kevin Davidson, not Kevin RileyHere’s Kevin Davidson’s business card, identifying him as the owner of Hartford Trade Service:
The only problem is this: The website ConnecticutCorps: Company Profiles of Connecticut, has Kevin Riley as the owner of River Bend Funeral Home, 623 Main St., East Hartford, CT 06108 — which means the assistant lied. More disturbing still is what ConnecticutCorps says about River Bend’s “Company Overview”:

The truth:

As verified by the Connecticut Secretary of State, when the business changed owner in 2011, Kevin Davidson became the owner. The corporation is not dissolved and Hartford Trade Service is a validly operating business.

Lie # 4 - Kevin Davidson is not licensed:

The truth: Yes he is

Obviously, Kevin Davidson is not Kevin Riley and the hoaxers have no evidence to support that claim.

The funeral home was validly licensed and legal when the licensed embalmer, Kevin Davidson,  signed the shooters death certificate.

The hoaxers have run out of material, so they just spread new lies.  Fellowship of the Minds and James Fetzer's latest drivel is hereby debunked.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016's article about HONR

"So yeah, picture the craziest person you've ever met, multiply their insanity by 10, and then imagine that they've been cloned to build a small army. That's what Pozner deals with daily. "

It's always nice to see a major publication like take an interest in the Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

Hoaxers are, in large part, a vicious cult of mentally ill uber conspiracy theorist. Their biggest concern is that the goverment is coming to take their guns or force them to get mental health treatment.  Ironically, that is probably exactly what needs to happen. Unfortunately, the powers that be seem to have no interest in the activities of the Hoaxer.

At this time, anyone who stands up for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting is subject to horrendous attacks, defamation, libel, and death threats.  As a matter of fact, Sandy Hook Facts has been receiving death threats daily.

Hoaxers have targeted Lenny Pozner with defamation countless times; most recently falsely accusing him of being a "porn monger". 
A new article has just come out about the attacks on Lenny: "My Son Died At Sandy Hook, Conspiracy Nuts Think I'm Lying"

Here is a death threat I received yesterday on behalf of Lenny. I didn't share it with him.  Why should I?  I'm sure he received many on his own, anyway. They are old hat. I even forget to document some of them.    Imagine, getting used to receiving death threats?

Sandy Hook Facts continues to "Stand With HONR" because Sandy Hook Facts believes the parents of murdered children have a right to grieve the loss of the their child with dignity.  There is usually a line society does not cross:  You don't exploit other people's children.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers live on the other side of that line, continually exploiting children for their own twisted purposes.  The major league hoaxers exploit these children for profit.  Thankfully, some major publications are starting to notice.

Lenny is especially hoping that someone knows who this guy is, because he’s the person responsible for spreading the accusation that Lenny is a pornmonger.
if you recognize him head over to the contact form

More articles:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Matthew Mills sentenced

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Matthew Mills, aka Youtuber "millsmost", has been sentenced on his guilty plea. As part of the plea bargain, Mills will be on probation for two years. He also received one year in jail, suspended.  

Mills was arrested after harassing the Soto family.  He faced additional charges for resisting arrest after he attempted to flee the scene.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

$5,000 Reward: Full Video of Jerad and Amanda Miller shooting is offering a $5,000 reward for the full video of the Jerad and Amanda Miller shooting in the Walmart on Nellis Blvd. in Las Vegas.  The reward states if someone "can obtain a full copy of the video, including Amanda killing the civilan, we will pay $5,000 for it."

The channel recently posted a compilation of all of the Jerad Miller videos. Links below.

Jerad and Amanda Miller were Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorists and Bundy Ranch followers that shot and killed two police officers and a civilian before killing themselves.  The police released only a few moments of video.

Original Story:

Surveillance video:

Full Manifesto and Video Compilation

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli in the Psychiatric Ward

'The voices in your head are a government program'
- Pete Santilli to other psychiatric patients.

Hoaxer Pete Santilli, the paranoid conspiracy theorist that served as Bundy Ranch head shill and spokesman, has been placed in the psychiatric ward to "get him out of his cell".  The judge had ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as a condition of his release.  Pete Santilli has been incarcerated as a 'danger to society' since Santilli's arrests for his leadership role in the Oregon Standoff and Bundy Ranch Standoff.

Prior to his incarceration, Santilli promised to march his militia "Bundy Ranch style" on Newtown over his belief the Sandy Hook shooting was a "FEMA Hoax".

According to Santilli's good friend, Kenny "orange hat man" Rhoades (who could benefit from psychiatric care himself), Pete instantly began educating the other psychiatric inmate-patients that the voices in their heads were a "government program".

According to Ken Rhoades, this was what Pete Santilli had to say:
"I got along with them guys just fine. A lot of them were hearing the voices so I told them 'this is a government program, it has nothing to do with you being crazy' so I was in there educating them about targetted individuals."

Quite a few Sandy Hook Hoaxers could use time in a Psych Ward.

Watch "Pete Santilli Forced Medicated" here:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Court Rules against releasing Sandy Hook Shooter Records - Courant FOIA

New Britain, CT: Judge Carl Schuman  has ruled against the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission,  Dave Altimari, and the Hartford Courant, denying the release of  copies of the records seized from the Lanza Residence currently in the possession of the Connecticut State Police.  The Connecticut State Police had contended the items were exempt as seized property.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission had ruled that copies of the information held by the State Police was public record, ordering the Connecticut State Police to release copies of the records.  The court ruling reversed the Connecticut Freedom of Information's ruling.

Ultimately, the court ruled that statutes in Connecticut law, "Title 54 act as a shield from public disclosure of all seized property not used in criminal prosecution."

It is anticipated that the decision will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.

This case was covered extensively by this blog, including the latest post here:

The ruling can be viewed in it's entirety here:

Sandy Hook Facts favors the release of all records relevant to the Sandy Hook shooter. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Tony Mead stalks Wyatt family Online

Tony Mead, of Hollywood, Florida, is the   leader of a group of wild-eyed conspiracy trolls and cyber predators called "Sandy Hook Hoaxers". Mead leads his cult-like followers by example. And the example he sets is shocking.  Mead's target of the day was the Wyatt family. 

"We were friends in high school and he has gone missing I thought - as a relative - you would know where to reach him..."  Here, Tony Mead, is using lies attempting to trick a Wyatt Family member into giving out personal information on the parents of Sandy Hook victim, Allison Wyatt. Six year old Allison Wyatt was killed during the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.  

Obviously Mead is not a high school friend of the Wyatt family.  Lies snd ruse, such as that employed by Mead here, is but one tool in the stalker group's tool kit.

Once Tony Mead obtains that information, he distributes it widely online via his network of Hoaxer group predators.

We have seen Tony Mead engage in these disgusting tactics before and the police are aware of Tony's online activities; however, thus far, they have not arrested him.

Here is an example of what Tony Mead does once he is able to trick his unsuspecting prey into revealing personal information:

Newtown should be extremely careful, especially when dealing with Tony Mead or any of his online gang of predators.