Saturday, February 27, 2016

Newtown Families Tire of Hoaxer Threats - Bill makes threats to schools felony 10 years in prison

Newtown Families Fight Back to Protect their Children
From Sandy Hook Hoaxer Predators!

A Newtown family, with children attending St. Rose of Lima School, have joined with Connecticut lawmakers in supporting a bill that would enhance criminal penalties for those who make threats to Connecticut's Educational Institutions.  The perpetrators could face up 10 years in prison.  The bill is in direct response to threats made by Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

As reported in a article, the parents reported that the school has experienced a string of threats.

"Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, St. Rose has experienced several phoned-in threats both to the church and the school," Newtown resident Maureen Reidy said. "Police and SWAT teams have rushed the school building yelling at students and staff to get down. They experience all kinds of anxiety and fear that 12-14 is happening all over again."

Sandy Hook Facts has exclusively reported an incident involving Sandy Hook Hoaxers at St. Rose of Lima School when the Security Officer reported to 911 Dispatchers that intruders were filming the children without authorization.  Video below.

In another incident, Hoaxer, Timothy Rogalski, was prosecuted for his calls to a Newtown School.

Sandy Hook Facts fully supports this bill.


911 Call From St. Rose of Lima- Hoaxers "filming children"


Death threats to Sandy Hook Parent

Sandy Hook Hoaxers have already gone on murderous rampages:

Other hoaxers of note facing prosecution:
Jonathan Reich - Fugitive $100,000 bail

Matthew Mills

Wilfrido Cardenes Hoffman

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