Friday, February 26, 2016

James Tracy's Personnel File reveals student & donor complaints, and "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" led to Termination

James Tracy failed to disclose outside activities including authoring
 “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” with James Fetzer, -- - Report has published a ground breaking article on James Tracy.  The article discusses a 700 page personnel file from Florida Atlantic University.

The article can be found in it's entirety here:

The  personnel details James Tracy's long running problems resultant from Tracy's activities as a hoaxers.

"The credibility of your entire university is at stake.  No he is not just an individual speaking, he represents the quality of your faculty.”  Complaint to James Tracy's File

Characteristic of other Hoaxers, Tracy whimpered that he was the victim, claiming he was being "bullied".  This is ironic considering Tracy's horrible articles attacking people who lost family members to high profile crimes, especially Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and San Bernardino.

The article also details that students withdrew from the college and donors cancelled promised donations.

"We let you know of the large number of parents who had communicated with the Office of Admissions requesting that their child’s application be withdrawn; the student whose parent requested she be withdrawn from your class; the donor who withdrew his support to the Department of History … ” Dean Heather Coltman to  James Tracy, January 2015

Significantly, the book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" by Jim Fetzer, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig was mentioned in the file because Tracy failed to disclose the project in accordance with the University MOU.

Enjoy Fetzer and Tracy's book get debunked:

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