Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Decline and Fall of Hoaxer James Fetzer

The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer (Part 2)

By James DiEugenio

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From 911 Truthers to JFK Assassinations enthusiasts, the Conspiracy Theorist world is turning it's back on the disgraceful tactics of hoaxers like James Fetzer.  Fetzer and his outrageous lies are catching up with him and making all decent, free thinking investigators look bad.

Some, in fact, believe that is the goal of the hoaxer.


But actually, it’s even worse than that. In short films that have been prepared by C. W. Wade and others, it has been indicated that Fetzer likely used the same technique he and Cinque used for their Oswald-in-the-doorway imbroglio. That is, they used poor quality film to cloud important evidentiary issues. I cannot do better than to refer you to this article as an expos√© of Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. There were so many complaints about this book that eventually pulled it from circulation. For a thorough debunking of Fetzer’s efforts on this issue, I refer the reader to Johnson’s essay and advise you to click through to his links and watch the videos at the end. After the reader digests all of this he will see that, as of today, there is little difference between Jim Fetzer and the people who tried to pass off the moon landings as a Stanley-Kubrick-produced hoax, one which the film director purportedly confessed to before he died.

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