Monday, October 13, 2014

Sandy Hook Hoaxer's Game - Threats, Cyber bullying, Gang stalking, and Hate Speech

Sand Hook Hoax
Death Threats    Bomb Threats 
Crime  Gang Stalking and Cyber bullying

The Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers continue their overt cyber bullying of Newtown residents and Sandy Hook Victims.  To many who read this blog; Hoaxer hate speech is "Old Hat"; therefore, I understand this may not be the most interesting subject.  I am documenting it in hopes that authorities or politicians will do something about it.   To me it seems the laws are in place to deal with these people; someone just needs to do it.

Hoaxers go on shooting sprees, burglarize playgrounds, and call in bomb threats to elementary schools. When one of these psycho's does hurt or kill a Newtown resident, the authorities will know which organization to hold accountable.

Some of the hoaxers need mental help, some need confinement, and some need jail.  There needs to be civil action.   It is time someone in authority stood up.   I will let the Sandy Hook Hoaxers posts speak for themselves.

Another threat of death issued by Hoaxer:

Hoaxers on a Hate Speech Bender

If <REDACTED> walked into a gay bar and hooked up with <REDACTED>, who would supply the Vaseline? Answer: Neither. They both prefer KY Jelly
i just felt like insulting those 2 idiots. That was the best I could come up with in 2 minutes
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Sandy Hook Hoaxers put out another "stalking hit" on innocent Newtown Family. What is the reason Sandy Hook Hoaxers harass this family? They are a friend of a friend...

Karen Murray  ‎Sandy Hook Hoax Group
For anyone armed with more facts than I currently have, there is a Facebook user who is a friend of a friend who just commented on a thread. Her name is <<Linda REDACTED>> and she, according to her comments, lives a short distance from Sandy Hook and knows people who lost children. Look her up and let the grilling begin!

Cyndi Shelby Manka

More harassment of Robbie Parker:

So this robbie parker fake is just ridiculous I've been trying to contact him on Facebook. What a fake. When can someone just come out and say this was all fake. Unreal
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  • Tiffany Moser I don't know if they ever will on their own.
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  • Bridget Norris And no response?
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  • John Kostrowski I saw him throw a first pitch at a baseball game so he must be real
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  • John Kostrowski Standing ovation, tears, a real mans hero
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  • Tiffany Moser What I want to understand are all of the people indirectly connected to these people, co workers, cousins, neighbors in their old communities...who know that, these individuals, could not of possibly have lost a child or didnt even have a child that age or other lied about situations. Where are they and why havent they come out. I can see controlling the mouths of a group or even a community. But where are all of these other people who should know better. Think about it, theres a lot of people who could discredit these deaths one way or another. Why havent they spoken up?
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  • Chris Potratz No response. He is a joke
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  • Rae Lnu Chris maybe you should try telling him you'd like to donate to his family and see if he'll respond then lol.
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  • Chris Potratz I asked him how Emilie is. ..
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  • Chris Potratz I don't think she existed
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  • Tiffany Moser Can someone share a link to this guys profile? Im really curious to see what hes all about.
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  • Chris Potratz Just search Robbie Parker
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  • Brent Hettick It could very well possibly be a troll shill account also you may want to consider that
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  • Chris Potratz I cant believe they are getting away with this crap. I want to see the dead bodies
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This one decided to stop stalking the innocent person she was cyber stalking

I removed the post with that blonde girl's picture, and even tho I didn't identify her, I didn't think it's fair to post a stranger who hasn't been shown conclusively to be a SH liar.

Tony Mead plans to stalk the "Viki Soto 5K".  I would strongly advise the race obtain a restraining order against Tony Mead and Eric Pearson's gang of predators.

I may go this year !!


Hate and more hate..

I know. Hate is a strong word. But seriously. I hate these people.
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Should a reasonable person be concerned for their safety?


By these Hoaxers inspired to violence...