Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pete Santilli Promises to March Militia Bundy Ranch Style on Sandy Hook

"I'm a victim, they are trying to take my guns over Sandy Hook."
---Pete Santilli, a wack job truther who deluded enough to think he's a Sandy Hook victim

Before Pete Santilli recently gained some level of fame as Annon Bundy's spokesman in the Burns, Oregon 'YallQueda' Occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Preserve occupation, Santilli made it clear he was a rabid wild-eyed Sandy Hook Hoaxer "truther" Conspiracy Theorist.

In Santilli's interview with Wolfgang Halbig, Santilli was completely bamboozled and starry-eyed captivated, as he hung on Halbig's every word.  Santilli was so captivated, he was moved to threaten violence over Wolfgang Halbig's claims the Sandy Hook School shooting was a "FEMA Captone Drill" and Wolfgang's "pursuit for justice".  Incidentally Halbig's "justice" means making the lives of the REAL victims and families in Newtown as miserable as possible.

Pete Santilli went so far as to threaten to march "Bunch Ranch Style" "to the death" on Newtown if they "mess with Wolfgang Halbig in any way" over "Sandy Hook taking my guns".

Wolfgang Halbig is the well known public figure Sandy Hook Hoaxer leader who used this interview and many others to rake in $85,000 in donations (according to Halibg in an upcoming video release)  by making false and ridiculous claims such as "No children died".

You can listen to the audio link here:

Transcript here:

Pete Santilli: I want you to tell the people of the Connecticut State Police that if they ever mess with you that make it a practice of taking away people's guns, that if they ever mess with you, I will personally launch a campaign to have every single militia member from across the country come there and defend you TO THE DEATH.
Wolfgang Halbig: Thank you
Pete Santelli: I'm gonna tell you that right now.  Bundy Ranch style. All right? You pick of the phone, you call.    If anyone in Connecticut, especially, who is that Connecticut State Trooper, Captain what the heck is his name. That goofball. Especially him. If they come anywhere near you.
Wolfgang Halbig: Lt. Paul Vance
Pete Santelli: Paul Vance. Especially Paul Vance; that Dingaling that says the he is the master. Especially him.  If you mess with Wolfgang Halbig in pursuit of the truth, law, justice, and constitutionality, we will respond to back him up with the citizens militia.  If you fail to protect him.  You need to protect his constitutional rights.

Of course, Wolfgang Halbig used the money he raised on Santilli's show and others shows to infringe on the First Amendment rights of Bloggers who dared to speak an opinion different than Halbig's.

Pete Santilli didn't offer to help protect the First Amendment rights of the bloggers Halbig sued, to my knowledge.

Luckily, despite Halbig's complete and utter failure to competently accomplish any portion of Halbig's investigation, except fundraising, Santilli has not attacked Newtown or any other Connecticut town.

Sandy Hook Facts compilation of Wolfgang Halbig's absurdity:

911 call on Wolfgang Halbig at St. Rose of Lima School (Hopefully Pete Santilli doesn't march his Bundy Militia on the school for calling 911 on Wolfgang and thus "messing with him".)

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when "Ignorance" has access to weapons. Forget background checks, people should be made to take a reality test.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion the biggest terrorist threat facing America is not from the outside - it is from within - and it comes from the extreme right-wing of this country.