Friday, June 30, 2017

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell Protects Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig

You would think Wolfgang's public attacks on the Lake County Sheriff's Department would bother them; you would be wrong!  But why? That is the real mystery. Why is the new Lake County Sheriff afraid of and protecting Wolfgang Halbig?

Exposing Peyton Grinnell, Lake County Sheriff
Wolfgang Halbig's Protector in Chief

The history of Wolfgang Halbig versus Lake County Sheriff just took a surreal turn as Wolfgang Halbig has apprently come under the protective wing of the new Sheriff of Lake County, Peyton Grinnell.  Grinnell is the newly elected sheriff and it appears his policy is to welcome Halbig with open arms and protect him.

"My own Lake County Sheriff came to my house..."
Wolfgang Halbig has told the story so many times, it is hoaxer lore..."Lake County Sheriffs came to my house to warn me about talking about Sandy Hook".  Wolfgang Halbig has made tens of thousands of dollars degrading the Lake County Sheriff's  Department; Halbig has repeated the story in hundreds of interviews.   In fact, Wolfgang has made making buffoons of the Lake County Sheriff a  part of his money raising pitches since the very beginning of his career as a professional hoaxer; he mentions them in nearly every interview.

You would think Wolfgang's public attacks on the Lake County Sheriff Department would bother them; yet you would be wrong!  But why? That is the real mystery. Why is the new Lake County Sheriff afraid of and/or protecting Wolfgang Halbig?

Wolfgang files Federal Complaint
Wolfgang Halbig filed a Federal Civil Rights complaint because the Sheriff's Department appears to have had him listed as a "Mental Patient".  However, that was before Sheriff Grinnell donned the big badge!

Wolfgang is a Orlando Pulse Hoaxer, too!
Wolfgang Halbig slapped Lake County and Orange County, and all of Florida Law Enforcement in the face when he declared Orlando Pulse Shooting to be fake/hoax/illusion, in numerous emails and interviews.  Wolfgang Halbig's very own attorney, Cynthia Conlin, apparently quit over the connection to Pulse Hoaxerism; yet Sheriff Grinnell is protecting Wolfgang? Very strange!

You would think declaring Orlando Pulse a hoax would bother Peyton Grinnell, but stay tuned, you would be very wrong!  Petyon Grinnell might as well snuggle up to Wolfgang and cuddle!  Perhaps Peyton Grinnell could give Wolfgang a foot rub when he's not protecting him.

Public Shaming of Lake County Sheriff
Peyton Grinnell must love it when his staff are shamed by Wolfgang Halbig.  Here, Wolfgang sticking it to Petyon Grinnell directly and, of course, Wolfgang CC'd the world.

Did Peyton coo when Wolf sent that out?

Lake County Sheriff Lt. Dan Conlee gets punked by Halbig
Wolfgang Halbig ran Lake County Lieutenant Dan Conlee around like a keystone cop when Wolfgang apparently pretended that the rubber duck was GIVEN to Wolfgang LIVE ON INFOWARS by fake news reporter Dan Bidondi was actually placed on his "door step" of his "gated community" by some secret duck stalker  (or was it some other magical duck at the same time? I can never keep Wolfgang's stories straight).  It would seem whatever the story was, Conlee ate it up  hook, line, and sinker and laughably went digging around in the vehicle logs at the gate looking for suspects!  The ducks had been placed on Dan Bidondi's car in Connecticut; yet Conlee just couldn't see through Halbig's story.    Obviously, "sleuth" Dan Conlee found nothing.  Apparently, the story goes, this secret person snuck into the gated compound delivering the same exact type of duck he has received on air on Sept. 30, 2015.

9-30-15 Interview by InfoWars fake news reporter Dan Bidondi:
And here is Lake County Investigator Dan Conlee actually digging around the vehicle logs while Wolfgang laughs at him:

Conlee Seached Sept 1 through Sept 30 in the vehicle logs; even though it is almost impossible Halbig was in Florida and Connecticut at the same time receiving ducks.  We do have video of one of them, and Halbig was in Connecticut.  Logic.

And yes, I even emailed Dan Conlee and told him what Halbig was up to. Did Conlee care he was being punked? Not one bit, apparently! Did he even attempt to investigate what he was told by me? Not according to public records!

Perhaps Dan Conlee was weakened from Wolfgang's very public slaps, like this:

Now he is Halbig's little pet.

Lake County Sheriff "Gutless Cowards"
Wolfgang called Lake County Sheriff Office a bunch of gutless cowards, sending that information all over the news and police agencies.

Wolfgang made it clear he thought the Sheriff  was a coward; sending that exact statement to numerous organizations all over the country.

Note: While not relevant to this article, here Halbig used what appears to be an South African originating email address of a person alleging themselves to be a "Midwest LEO and SWAT" as a reference. Very Curious!  Well at least this reference was living.  Halbig often uses dead people as references!

Lying to the judge
Wolfgang dared to stand in front of Florida Senior Judge Sandy Champ and complain Lenny was e "flooding him with emails".  A bold faced lie!

The exact opposite is true.  Wolfgang emails Lenny Pozner harassing, idiotic, hoaxer nonsense nearly every day and some days,  more than once.   As a matter of fact, since having the nerve (and dishonesty) of complaining to the Judge on May 24, Wolfgang has emailed Lenny at least 25 times!

I have screen capped portions of several below.

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell puts his protective wing over Wolfgang Halbig

But what does this have to do with Sheriff Peyton Grinnell?

Lenny has understandably responded harshly to Wolfgang's nonstop idiotic emails.  Who wouldn't?
I have lost my cool and responded to Wolfgang, myself!

How can you not?

For awhile, I began forwarding the purported harassing emails to Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and Lieutenant Dan Conlee.

Did the Lake County Sheriff's action take action to protect the public from Wolfgang?

Sandy Hook Facts blocked from making reports to Lake County Sheriff!

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell, bending over backwards to protect Halbig, has apparently ordered me blocked from the entirety of Lake County Sheriff Servers.

I cannot email any email address at all!

So the question is this...
If Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and/or his deputies are allegedly doing all of these horrible things to Wolfgang, Wolfgang can shame them publiclly, yet Wolfgang can freely email them, as he did to Lake County Deputy Michael Marden on 6/29/17 (yesterday)

Yet, I cannot email that Deputy:
Why is Peyton Grinnell cuddling with Wolfgang Halbig?
It seems plainly obvious Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell has no interest in the incessant emails to Sandy Hook parent by Wolfgang Halbig; and in fact will block the sending of that information to his very department.

All while Wolfgang Halbig calls him a coward to his face and can email them freely.

That is a very strange thing, indeed.

Here are partial screenshots of emails sent by Wolfgang Halbig to Lenny Pozner.  These are just to show the sheer quantity of harassing emails that gets sent to the Sandy Hook parent. Why would Sheriff Grinnell have no interest in Wolfgang's activities?

Why wouldn't Sheriff Grinnell want to know that a resident of Lake County is continually emailing hoaxer nonsense to Sandy Hook families?

Feel free to email or and give them your two cents!

The cover up and fear of Halbig by police agencies needs to end.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kay Wilson to withdraw from Wolfgang Halbig

 June 29 at 10:30 in New Britain, Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson will seek permission to withdraw as counsel for Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang has publicly humiliated her and accused her of being "compromised"  many times.  It is unclear if Wolfgang or any of his minions will be  at the hearing or  prowling around Newtown victim memorials, elementary schools, or graveyards.

Kay Wilson represents Wolfgang in FOIA  matters.  She has repeatedly asked for school records of minor children on behalf of Wolfgang despite the fact that children's school records are not subject to freedom of information act requests (for obvious reasons).  For the record, Kay has been given opportunity  to publicly apologize for all the horrible things she has said, done, and implied on behalf of Wolfgang. Thus far she has allowed her pride and perhaps her weird wild-eyed beliefs to stand in the way of doing what's right. Remember, Kay Wilson went so far as to go on James Fetzer's show and announce she no longer believes "the official narrative" (about Sandy Hook).

This post will be updated with the result of the hearing.

6/30/17 Result:

The hearing result is currently listed as "Off" and She is still listed as Wolfgang's attorney. Perhaps she is coming back for more abuse by Wolfgang! Perhaps, it was all part of the fundraising show?

I will update when I find out.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bombshell photo time stamps prove Sandy Hook Hoax is fraud

Please see this companion blog post. Photo details time stamp photos. They must be from 2012, debunking the entire meme pushed by Sandy Hook Hoaxers as part of their grifting, fundraising, and stalking schemes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Interview - Alex Doubles Down on Hoaxer Lies and Debunked Memes

As part of Alex Jones basking in the Megyn Kelly controversy, Alex Jones doubles down on Hoaxer lies and debunked memes in order to grief troll and harm Sandy Hook families; even as he pretends he is not a hoaxer.

Here is my video proving Alex Jones is nothing more than a hoaxer and a grief troll:

Some References:

Alex Jones is in fact Hoaxer Zero:

Alex Jones and Zerohedge hoaxer lies pushed here:

Debunking -
1. Why does the Sandy Hook elementary school website have zero traffic for four years?
Long ago debunked meme - here is two specifically debunking Alex Jones lies:
Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Wayback Machine DEBUNKED
Sandy Hook Hoax CNN Debunks Alex Jones!
Comprehensive Debunk:

2. Why were there several reports of other shooters dressed in camouflage who fled into the woods - one of whom police allegedly detained?

Addressed in several places in the final report - afternoon reporters questions in the woods including  Book 6 Doc 24911

3.Why were port-o-potties, sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and chips bought and set up for people at the crime scene to eat inside the school?
Total hoaxer lies, video and photos proves the hoaxers are lying.  They have no evidence to support their claim they were eating in the school.  Note times in my video above.

4. Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker 'getting into character'
Vicious attack on a parent, who is not an actor, as claimed by Alex Jones. Robbie Parker highly educated and trained Physicians Assistant to specializes in Pediatric Oncology - Child Cancer Patients. His Daughter, Emilie was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12.
Sandy Hook Death Index:

 An FBI crime stat which shows no murders occurred in Newton in 2012.
Alex Jones is intentionally misrepresenting the facts to intentionally harm parents and to spread fake memes.


Alex Jones Exposed as a Sandy Hook Hoaxer and Liar:

    Why didn't they let paramedics and EMTs into the building after 27 children were declared dead in 8 minutes?

So many lies here... Paramedics were let in, "27" children were not "declared dead" in "8 minutes" - all hoaxer meme and lies invented by Hoaxers and spread by by Alex Jones.
Debunked in 2014

MCI Proceedures explained:

    Why was Adam Lanza's home burned down by the bank?
Just a bold faced lie by hoaxer Jones and his hoaxer buddies... and irrelevant to the shooting. The house was not burned down.  SandyHookFacts scoop:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sandy Hook Noah Pozner Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Proof of Life, and Proof of Death

* Several World Wide Exclusive Photos and Documents*
Noah Pozner - Irrefutable Proof of Life and Death

Lenny Pozner releases full documentative
 proof of the life and death of his son,

Noah, murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary,
in hopes of quelling online conspiracy theory

Noah Pozner can debunk the entire Sandy Hook Hoax meme that is pushed by the collective hive of opportunists, liars, nutjobs, and frauds we call "hoaxers".

In an effort to quell online conspiracy theories, Lenny Pozner has taken the step to go above and beyond, and to publicly release very private information related to his son Noah.  Lenny has also released dozens of photos of his family.  If you put the information Lenny has released in one presentation of evidence, we have undebunkable proof of the life and death of Noah Pozner.  Noah was killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Updated Notice: Side Thorn's $100,000 reward has been officially claimed. Side Thorn refuses to pay.

The hoaxers, in return, will doubtless do what hoaxers do about the information. They lie. For example, just yesterday Tony Mead lied, claiming he has never seen a victim's birth certificate.  The birth certificate was released in 2014 and Tony knows it. In fact, the birth certificate is even host It is hosted on his sister site, Max Resistance right now.

Government certified or produced and authenticated or authententicatable documents have been produced as conclusive, irrefutable, proof, of the birth and death of Noah Pozner.

The following documents have been produced regarding Noah Pozner, victim at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Noah Pozner Birth Certificate - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Parent's copy that includes social security number  - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Current, publicly available copy obtained from Newtown Town Clerk.
Noah Pozner Autopsy Report - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Postmortem External Exam   - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Report Cards for Sandy Hook Elementary School  - Released by Lenny Pozner in 2014.
Noah Pozner Passport
Copy of the official Master Social Security Death Index raw file for Noah Pozner

Note: All documents and images are released with exclusive permission to If you intend on using these images or documents, especially if you are a hoaxer conspiracy theorists, you are on notice.  Contact Lenny for permission.

Sandy Hook Facts has released this information via video - Social Security Death Index - Debunked

Note: Video on Youtube has been made private due to censorship issues.

Here are the scans of those documents.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax False Claim - Room 10 Candles Debunked and Proven Fake

Sandy Hook Hoax False Claim - Room 10 Candles  Debunked

Photo of deceased Sandy Hook Shooter, Adam Lanza, debunks false Sandy Hook Hoax claims.

Sandy Hook Hoax leaders are intentionally pushing the false claim that the "Official Narrative" claims Animal shot out the three candles.

Here is an email Wolfgang sent to the Wilmerhale law firm and several others, attempting to sell that false narrative.  Isn't weird how Halbig doesn't realized how absurd his nonsense sounds?

Hoaxers are knowingly pushing a false meme.  Obviously, the Sandy Hook report or "Official Narrative", as hoaxers like to call it, does not make the claim that Animal shot out the windows. claim.

Hoaxers invented the maim by intentionally blurring photos.  John Santiago, demonstrating his talents at photoshopping evidence photos, is the creator of this fake photo meme:

The hoaxers modify the actual photos from the report. They take the report photos and blurr them.

After the shooting, from the parking lot, the damage to the window, second from the right, is clearly visible.
Smoke and mirrors:  The hoaxers grab crime scene photos taken before crime scene processing and lie, claiming they are photos taken before the shooting. Lame, right?

The hoaxers false claim was debunked by me last week in video.

Hoaxer false meme:
The hoaxer contention is that the shooter shot out the three candles from the Room 10 window. Therefore, any photos showing the candles in place are before the shooting. Thus, it's all staged!

The primary pushers of this claim are many of the usual suspects, Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, and Wolfgang's newest side kick, John Santiago (aka Able1212, ScratchingtheSurface).  It looks like Santiago is learning his "create fake evidence" lessons well.

Jim Fetzer - debunked as fiction here:

Obviously, the Hoaxer's claim is false.  The report does not the "candles were shot out". In fact, the damage caused can be plainly seen in videos of the crime scene as shown in these still frames.

Hoaxers combine a false narrative with blurry photos, photoshop, and tricky to create their newest fundraising meme.

The photos and still frames clearly demonstrate the candles were not "shot out" by the shooter.  The candles were removed as part of the trajectory tracing done by detectives.  Photos that show the candles are removed are photos after the trajectory investigation is completed.

The candles are clearly in place.
The shooter's knees and Glock pistol can also be seen in this photo.

The damage and candles

Candles are removed for trajectory

The candles have been removed for trajectory

Candle shot?