Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lenny Pozner sues James Fetzer over Death Certificate Defamation - Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Lawsuit Filed!
Lenny Pozner vs. James Fetzer over "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook"
Noah Pozner Death Certificate Claim

Lenny Pozner has sued James Fetzer for defamation.  The suit also names Mike Palecek and the Florida based company Wrongs without Wredemedies as Defendants.  Wrongs without Wremedies publish the second edition of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".  The suit cites the "Expanded 2016 Revised" edition as the basis for the claim.

 The nine page, two count complaint alleges defamation and conspiracy and was filed in Fetzer's home district in Dane County, Wisconsin.


Prof. James Fetzer
The suit cites Fetzer's "long history of harassing [Pozner] and other Sandy Hook families with defamatory lies" and that Fetzer has "slandered repeatedly"; however, the case focuses on one narrow falsehood; Fezter's outrageous claim that Pozner "circulated a forgery of NP's death certificate".

The appropriate passage reads:

16. The second edition of “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” accuses Plaintiff of issuing and/or possessing a forged copy of N.P.’s death certificate. In particular, page 183 of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook states: “Noah Pozner’s death certificate is a fake, which we have proven on a dozen or more grounds.” At page 232 the book states, [Mr. Pozner] sent her a death certificate, which turned out to be a fabrication.” At page 242, the book states, “As many Sandy Hook researchers are aware, the very document Pozner circulated in 2014, with its consistent tones, fonts, and clear digital manipulation, was clearly a forgery.” 

17. Mr. Fetzer’s publication of this false accusation against Plaintiff was not limited to the book.  He repeated that false statement on one or more blog posts, including, e.g., https://phibetaiota.net/2018/08/james-fetzer-in-solidarity-with-alex-jones-how-we-know-sandy-hook-was-a-fema-drill-nobody-died-obama-officials-confirmed-it-was-an-anti-gun-propaganda-exercise. That blog post is dated August 5, 2018. There, Defendant Fetzer made the following false statement: “It [N.P.’s death certificate] turned out to be a fabrication, with the bottom half of a real death certificate and the top half of a fake, with no file number and the wrong estimated time of death at 11 AM, when ‘officially’ the shooting took place between 9:35-9:40 that morning.”  That statement is false, both in its particular fact and in the main point, essence, or gist in the context in which it was made, because N.P.’s death certificate is not a fabrication or forgery. That context of that statement referred specifically to Plaintiff, the previous sentence reads: “Kelley Watt had over 100 hours of conversation with ‘Lenny Pozner’, who purports to be his father and who sent Kelley a death certificate for ‘Noah’ as proof that he had died, which we included in the book.”

Few, if any, have defamed Sandy Hook famililes more than the extremist antisemitic, James Fetzer.  He intentionally spreads lies, including lies that he invents himself, personally doctors photos to fit his agenda, refuses to conduct reasonable investigations or present facts, even once he learns of the them.  He creates his agenda then works in his hurtful slanderous lies to fit that agenda.  Any honor he had as a professor and an ex-marine and long since passed.

James Fetzer's first edition was debunked and his deceptive tactics exposed by Sandy Hook Facts:

"Nobody died at Sandy Hook" debunked blog posts:

"Jim Fetzer and James Tracy Profit off of Victimizing Victims and Children"

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Noah Pozner Death Certificate released (May 2014)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

CA Court of Appeals: SandyHookFacts prevails over Wolfgang Halbig - AntiSLAPP

After months of waiting, the California Court of Appeals Sixth District has ruled in favor of Sandy Hook Facts over Wolfgang Halbig affirming SHF's victory over Wolfgang Halbig in Court. 

 The appeal was argued before a three judge panel last week. The appeal court found that SHF had indeed prevailed in the original 2015 case. Halbig appealed the 2015 loss contending that with dismissal, he had actually prevailed over SHF.  SHF cross-appealed the award of cost because the trial court awarded SHF about $23,000; far below what SHF feels should have been awarded.

The appellate victory was a total victory for SandyHookFacts and his legal team.  The appeals court affirmed that dismissal, SHF prevailed and was entitled to fees and costs.  The appeal court also found that the the award was not appropriately calculated and remanded it back to the trial court for further consideration.  The implication of that is that the award was too low.

Outstanding attorneys for SHF were James P. Wagoner and Graham Van Leuven of McCormick, Barstow, Shepard, Wayte & Carruth. SHF has ordered a copy of the oral arguments and may post it, depending on advise of counsel.

California Attorney for Wolfgang Halbig was Nicholas Ranallo.
Florida Attorney who filed Halbig's original SLAPP suit was Orlando based attorney Cynthia Conlin.

Orlando based attorney Cynthia Conlin represented Halbig when she filed Halbig's
 suit to silence Halbig's critics. Anti-free speach lawsuits are called "SLAPP suits"
The appellate decision is a "Published Decision" in California meaning it may be used as precedent throughout the state.  Halbig's loss is now precedent setting case law.   California leads the nation with laws to protect free speech against lawsuits like Cynthia Conlin and Wolfgang Halbig file.

The appellate decision may be read here:

The case centered around Halbig's attempt to sue into silence several people who were exposing his scheme.  Halbig makes tens of thousands of dollars making false claims about the Sandy Hook shooting and himself to trick people into donating to him.  His lawsuit was designed to silence and chill free speech of those critits; as such it is known as SLAPP suit (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).   SHF used California's Anti-SLAPP statutes to defeat Halbig's and recover attorney fees.

The appeal court remanded the case back to the trial court to determine an appropriate award of fees. Based on the ruling, it appears the Appeal Court might expect that 192 hours at about $250 hours (+/-) court costs plus paralegal fees might be appropriate; far exceeding the original $23,000 award. The appeals court also awarded fees and costs of the appeal.  Additionally, there will be interest on the award as the case has sat for about two years.  SHF estimates the award will exceed $100,000.

Fast fact:
Despite Halbig's numerous promises to his donors, this SLAPP suit was the only lawsuit Halbig ever filed with donation funds.

More links and case history:

May 27, 2015 - Blog Post
Wolfgang Halbig had filed a lawsuit against several John Does.  Unaware that SHF was going to be a party to the case, SHF published information for the  Defendants with hints on how, with proper legal advice, one could fight Halbig's suit using California's Anti-SLAPP statutes.  Halbig did not take the hint and attempted to drag SHF into the anti-free speech lawsuit. Ultimately, this blog post would be a template of exactly how SHF defeated Halbig in Court.

"Assistance to the bloggers being Sued by Wolfgang Halbig"

Tony Mead in 2015

August 11, 2015 - Blog Post
"Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech, loses court battle, $23K Judgment"
SHF prevailed over SHF and was awarded nearly $23,000. That judgement is binding and has been collecting interest.

October 23, 2015
"Judgment against Wolfgang Halbig formally ordered"
The court issued final judgment.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wolfgang Halbig files false affidavits into Federal Court as Defendant's lose ground

UPDATE:  Alex Jones cites the false affadavit in his latest motion:  http://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/DocumentInquiry/DocumentInquiry.aspx?DocumentNo=15824514

Wolfgang Halbig is desperate to get out of the Connecticut lawsuit brought by Sandy Hook families.  Sandy Hook Families are currently suing Alex Jones, Wolfgang Halbig, and Cory Sklanka for their defamation and other harm.

Wolfgang Halbig  is a prominent public figure hoaxer leader who claim the Sandyhook shootings were a government hoax. Hoaxers g nerally claim the families were “crisis actors” who are lying about losing their children and family for profit, fame , and to take people’s guns.

One of Halbig main goals is to create distance between himself and Cory Sklanka, aka "Sleight of Sin".  With Cory Sklanka in the case, the Federal Court has no diversity jurisdiction and the case will be heard in Connecticut state court.  Alex Jones is even citing Halbig's false affidavits as their "proof" hoping to prove Sklanka was "fraudulently joined".

Unfortunately for Halbig and Jones, Cory Sklanka very publicly worked with Wolfgang Halbig and in fact, during the time in question, acted as Wolfgang Halbig's agent to the FOIA Commission and direct adviser to Wolfgang Halbig.

 This can be proven because Sklanka himself filmed some of his Halbig work and posted it online.  In fact, it's still available on hoaxer channels!

Despite the readily available proof, Wolfgang Halbig has filed an affidavit stating "I did not know Mr. Sklanka at the time" (of the hearing).  Here is the relevant portion (document in full below).

In the above statement Wolfgang is refusing to attend any hearing where the Plaintiffs would play a video proving Halbig's previous affidavit was false.  I don't blame him. That would be embarrassing for Halbig.    Previously, Halbig had told the court that Cory Sklanka "did not operate any camera; he did not have a camera; he has never touched a camera in my presence."  He also claimed Sklanka did not "co-host any broadcasts with me."

Wolfgang can rest easy because there will not be a hearing; the Court already ruled against him; citing in part, the fact that Halbig's claims had been rebutted.  Order for Remand.  Halbig's first affidavit is discussed by the Court on Page 10 of the Order.

Cory Sklanka - Camera Person

In the screen capture from the April 24, 2015 hearing Cory can be seen operating the camera and talking with another Sandy Hook Justice member, Jonathan Reich.    From left to right are  Cory Sklanka with headphones operating a camera rig;  Dan Bidondi of Infowars with Camera rig; Jonathan Reich wearing a baseball cap, and Wolfgang Halbig, staring straight at Sklanka. Halbig is sitting next to his long time attorney, L. Kay Wilson.  Wolfgang's claim Cory "never operated a camera" is completely false.

Short video clip of Cory Sklana, Jonathan Reich, and Dan Bidondi working during Halbig's 2015 hearing. Sklanka is clearly operating a camera with live stream phone attached to the tripod.

Cory Sklanka - Agent of Wolfgang Halbig to the Commission

Wolfgang Halbig is claiming he did not know Cory Sklanka during the April 2015 hearing. In reality, Cory Sklanka met with the FOIA Commission on March 30, 2015 and explicitly claimed to be acting on behalf of Wolfgang Halbig and as Wolfgang Halbig's agent before that state agency. Sklanka was working on behalf of Wolfgang Halbig because the Commission had continued Halbig's March 2015 hearing and Halbig was throwing a tantrum.    Sklanka's entire purpose at the FOIA Office was Halbig, Halbig's concerns, and Halbig's case.

The day after the hearing, Wolfgang Halbig, in a broadcast with Sklanka (aka SOS, Sleight of Sin), discussed the advice he received from Sklanka BEFORE THE HEARING.

Here are short video clips disproving Halbig's claim that he "did not know Mr. Sklanka".

Cory Sklanka - Co-Host of Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Justice
Cory Sklanka, in fact, co-hosted the November 15, 2015 Sandy Hook Justice report titled "Sandy Hook Justice Report with special guest James Hastings - November 15, 2015 - Episode 2"
The video has been removed from Youtube; however, it has been archived as evidence.

Perjury before the Court
The fact is, perjury is a crime.  Wolfgang claims he did not know Cory Sklanka prior to 4/24/15, among many other statements regarding his relationship with Cory Sklanka, are demonstrably false.  The authorities should investigate to determine if Halbig committed a crime.

It remains to be seen if Cory Sklanka and Alex Jones are going to continue to support Halbig's false affidavits.

More detailed information is below.