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Debunked: Wolfgang W. Halbig's "Script" Claims

Debunked: Wolfgang W. Halbig's "Script" Claims

by MikeFl

The so-called "script" claims by Wolfgang W. Halbig.

Wolfgang's "script" claim, July 4, 2014: (Archive:

(Keep in mind that Wolfgang has said he had two Connecticut state troopers give him this "script," showing him where to look, how to look at it, what it means, and how to differentiate the "Newtown police script" to the "Connecticut state police script.")

When Wolfgang first posted what he called "the script," he was referring to TRANSCRIPTION REPORT: NEWTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT RADIO TRANSMISSIONS ON 12-14-12, which is CFS 1200704559/Book 4/00179629.pdf:

1. Wolfgang says about Nute only letting McGowan (who Wolfgang spells incorrectly as McGown throughout his post) know that someone is shooting in the building.

From page 1 (going by the page number on the document) of 00179629.pdf, you can see that other officers responded to the call, stating that they were en route, before McGowan responded. Wolfgang even said afterward about Seabrook and Kullgren hearing the call and stating they were also en route.
'9:36:32 Seabrook: "95, I am en route also."
9:36:38 Kullgren: "S6, I am en route."
9:37:57 McGowan: "Copy."'

2. Wolfgang questions why Kullgren directed Seabrook (95) and McGowan (67) to respond to Crestwood Drive, which is not the front of the school building.

While Kullgren did say to Seabrook and McGowan about coming up to the rear of the school, Crestwood Drive, Seabrook actually entered Dickinson Drive and parked facing the northwest (front) side of the school, as noted in CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00079318.pdf:

Why wouldn't you have officers enter from the rear of the school as well? No one knew where, inside the building, the shots were coming from or where a shooter was. It makes sense to have first responders enter through all sides of the building to see the activity inside, whether it be to stop a shooter or evacuate people inside the building to keep out of harm's way/send to the hospital from being shot.

3. Wolfgang states "at 9:38:26 am on Dec 14, 2012 (67 to S6 Sgt. Kullgren) I am going up Crestwood Drive."

However, that was actually radioed in at 9:38:53. From page 1 (going by the page number on the document) of 00179629.pdf: '9:38:53 McGowan: "67 to S6 (Kullgren), I am going up Crestwood."'

4. Wolfgang states about unit 95 (Seabrook) being at Crestwood Drive, asking to start an ambulance and to have them staged. Wolfgang also states that Seabrook was at the back of the school when he radioed in: "95 start an ambulance and have them stage."

However, Seabrook actually entered Dickinson Drive and parked facing the northwest (front) side of the school, as I mentioned before. In addition, Seabrook was still en route when he radioed in, at 9:40:33, to start an ambulance and have them staged. "09:42:27 Off. Seabrook enters Dickinson Drive," as noted in page 2 of 5 in CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00079318.pdf:

5. Wolfgang wonders why an ambulance was called, Kullgren "not knowing if they even need an ambulance."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 6\00029085.pdf, Seabrook states: "As I was driving, Ofc. McGowan and Sgt. Kullgren called out on scene. A
short time later Sgt. Kullgren keyed his radio and said "this is real". A short time later Ofc. McGowan keyed his radio and yelled that an individual was coming at him. There was a significant amount of stress in Ofc. McGowan's voice, on the radio. I thought that Ofc. McGowan was getting shot at or something else that was immediately life threatening was happening when Ofc. McGowan yelled on the radio, by the sound of his voice."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 5 (going by the page number on the document):
'09:39:34 Officer McGowan encounters [Redacted] running along the east side of SHES. (Newtown radio)
Officer McGowan: "Yea we got him...they're coming at me down Crestwood."' (Which turned out to be parent Christopher Manfredonia, as I debunked before.)

Thus, "this is real" and McGowan yelling that an individual was coming at him, was before Seabrook radioed in, at 9:40:33, to start an ambulance and have them staged. Between that and everything else he heard being radioed in, it makes sense to have an ambulance staged. Wolfgang has kept wrongfully stating that no paramedics entered Sandy Hook Elementary School to assess the victims, yet now he finds something wrong with asking for an ambulance.

6. Wolfgang states that unit 95 (Seabrook) made "official traffic stops in the City till at least 10:15 am of that morning."

I have no idea where Wolfgang gets his information about "Newtown Incident Reports" and "call for service reports" showing Seabrook making traffic stops until at least 10:15 am. Detail Call For Service Report, CFS 1200704559\Book 2\00003262.pdf, does not even mention unit 95 (Seabrook):

"09:34:37 Off. Seabrook initiates motor vehicle stop on Meadowbrook Rd.
09:36:13 Off. Seabrook hears call dispatched regarding shooting at SHES, returns paperwork to subject of motor vehicle stop and runs to cruiser.
09:42:47 Off. Seabrook arrives and runs to the left side (northeast) of the school to Off. McGowan's location near the playscape. LT Vanghele drives toward the front entrance of the school."

"09:36:06 This is Officer Seabrook, Newtown Police Department on a traffic stop in Newtown. He will hear the broadcast and respond. Notice that the dash cam is in the name of Officer Chapman which led to some confusion."

CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00079318.pdf also states: "During the recording of the video, Officer Seabrook was parked in the parking lot of the SHES, facing the northwest (front) side of the school, between the second and third row of cars from the front. The video is a forward facing view from the cruiser. During the play of the video, it displays the title of "Car 13 Off Chapman 098.""

"09:36:11 This is Officer Seabrook after hearing the radio broadcast about a shooting at Sandy Hook, he returned the drivers information and ran to his patrol car. Showing the fast response to the school."

"09:41:42 This is Officer Seabrook now traveling behind Lt Vanghele (driving a department SUV) they met at the intersection of Church Hill Rd and Connors/Wire Rd."

"09:42:33 This is Officer Seabrook now traveling behind Lt Vanghele moving past Officer Chapman’s and Sgt Kullgren’s vehicles that are parked by the baseball field."

"09:42:52 Lt Vanghele drives towards front door and Officer Seabrook parks adjacent to second row of cars facing the northwest portion of SHES."

"09:42:55 Lt Vanghele drives towards front door and Officer Seabrook parks adjacent to second row of cars facing the northwest portion of SHES." (Archive:

7. Wolfgang states: "In Sgt. kullgren's official statement he says that when he arrived on Dickinson Drive on Dec 14, 2012 he parked half way down and waited for other units."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 6\--1.pdf, Kullgren states: "While in route to the scene I directed two officers to approach the school from the rear of the school via Crestwood Drive all other responding units were to stage with me halfway down Dickenson Drive. As I approached the Dickenson Drive I observed 8-12 young children running east across the front parking lot of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department. I turned onto Dickenson Drive and stopped my patrol vehicle approx. 350 feet away from the main entrance of the school. As I exited my patrol vehicle I heard a number sounds which I identified as gunfire. I believed the sounds were coming from the front entrance area of the school, I shouted to Officer Chapman and Smith who were with me to grab their rifles. The parking lot had a many vehicles in it which obscured our line of sight to the front door. We formed a line and approached the sound of gunfire attempting to identify the person or persons who were shooting."

There is absolutely no mention from Kullgren that he waited for other units. Kullgren stating "all other responding units were to stage with me halfway down Dickenson Drive," means the other responding units were to park in the area where Kullgren parked, in which they then approach the scene.

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, pages 2-6 (going by the page numbers on the document), you can clearly see there was no waiting for other units:
'9:36:38 Newtown Sgt Kullgren hears broadcast and is enroute to SHES: (Newtown radio)
Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "S6, I am enroute."
9:37:39 Officer Chapman is traveling on Church Hill Rd enroute to SHES from the police department. Newtown Sgt Kullgren is the lead car in the black SUV. Officer McGowan is driving directly in front of Officer Chapman. (Officer Chapman's video)
Officer Smith is traveling behind Officer Chapman. Upon arrival to SHES, he enters the parking lot on the right. He meets up with Officer Chapman in the front of SHES. (Officer Smith's Statement)
9:37:40 Newtown Sgt Kullgren gives instructions to Newtown officers responding to the scene: (Newtown radio)
Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "S6 to 95( Officer Seabrook), 67 (Officer McGowan) if you come up the rear of the school, on that Crestwood the back road, the other units will take a staging point in the driveway."
9:38:53 Newtown Police Officer McGowan calls he is out on Crestwood. (Newtown radio)
9:38:53 Officer McGowan: "67 to S6 (Sgt Kullgren) I am going up Crestwood."
9:39:00 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "Roger that, we will stage up here in the front and we will go from there."
9:39:13 Newtown Sgt Kullgren and Officer Chapman arrive at SHES and park on the driveway near the ball field. Gunshots are heard in the background. (Officer Chapman's video)
9:40:15 Newtown Sgt Bahamonde arrives in the driveway of SHES and parks behind Newtown Sgt Kullgren's SUV and to the right of Officer Chapman’s cruiser. Newtown Sgt Bahamonde runs to the front of SHES. He later meets up with Newtown Lt Vanghele and Officer Penna in the front of SHES. (Sgt Bahamonde’s video and Statement)'

8. Wolfgang states: "So you now have numerous police vehicles on Dickinson Drive. HOw did Shannon Hicks from the Newtown Bee get by them when shots are still being fired and the crime scene is unsecured?"

From Lt Davis' dash camera recording, 00055705 MVR Part 1, you can see Dickinson Drive was not blocked off in the 9:44+ dash camera time frame (from 3:30+ in the YouTube video):

From TFC Blumenthal's dash camera recording, 00054837 MVR Part 1, you can see Dicking Drive was not blocked off in 9:52:33+ dash camera time frame (from 14:53+ in the YouTube video):

Snapshots from Blumenthal's dash camera recording:
Marie Jones's photo.

Marie Jones's photo.

Marie Jones's photo.

Marie Jones's photo.

Marie Jones's photo.


While the crime scene was unsecured, there were no shots being fired while Shannon Hicks was arriving to the scene or when she arrived at 9:59.

"At 9:59 last Friday morning, Shannon Hicks pulled her 2006 Jeep Wrangler off the road just outside Sandy Hook Elementary school." (Archive:

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 5 (going by the page numbers on the document): "09:40:03 [Redacted] is still on the telephone with CSP and a second single gunshot is heard in the background. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the shooter, who is in room 10, Ms. Soto's room. (CSP Centralized Dispatch 911)"

9. Wolfgang states a "911 call came in at 9:35:36 am on Dec 14, 2012 which does not even show shots fired at Sandy Hook but only that there is an unwanted person which receives a medium response by the Newtown Police Department."

There was no 9:35:36 911 call. From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 1 (going by the page number on the document):
"9:35:39 –First call received to Newtown Police on 911 from [Redacted]: Caller ([Redacted]) reports she saw the shooter. [Redacted] makes the call from the nurse’s office after the shooter left the office. ([Redacted] Statement)"

From CFS 1200704559\Book 6\--1.pdf, Kullgren states: "At sometime after 0900 hours I heard the ECC dispatch a call of "shots fired" in the front of the Sandy Hook Elementary School."

10. Wolfgang states that Kullgren stopped "half way down Dickinson Drive at 9:39:56 am."

I do not know where Wolfgang got that time from. From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 4 (going by the page numbers on the document): "9:39:13 Newtown Sgt Kullgren and Officer Chapman arrive at SHES and park on the driveway near the ball field. Gunshots are heard in the background. (Officer Chapman's video)"


11. Wolfgang wonders how it's possible "officer Penna runs a tag check at 9:42:39 on a vehicle (872) yellow-echo-October and thinks that it is the suspects vehicle."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 6\00258036.pdf, page 2 of 4, Penna states: "As I was making my way to the right side, I observed a Black 4 door Honda Civic sedan parked on an angle in front of where the main entrance of the school is with its front passenger door wide open. I als9 observed two black zip-up sweat jackets lying on the ground to the right of the vehicle. At that time, I believed there were at least two suspects due to the number of jackets on the ground. I radioed dispatch with the registration plate as a possible suspect vehicle. I continued to the right side of the school with Sergeant Bahamonde and Lieutenant Vanghele where we made entry into the school via an unlocked outside door to the boiler room."

12. Wolfgang states a tag was ran "with the wrong alpha letters used by law enforcement. We do not use Yellow we use Yankee."

While Penna originally radioed in "Yellow" at 9:42:39, he later repeated the same license plate but with the phonetic alphabet "Yankee" at 10:35:35. In addition, Davis and Barocsi use "Yankee."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, pages 7 and 24 (going by the page numbers on the document):
'9:42:39 Officer Penna calls out the license plate on shooter’s vehicle as he runs past the vehicle toward the dumpster: (Newtown radio)
"Officer Penna: "D5, eight seven two Yellow Echo October may be suspect's vehicle."'

'CSP Lt (MSGT) Davis "...just be advised we may have two shooters and we may have a suspect vehicle that they might have pulled up in..CT eight-seven-two- Yankee-echo- Honda."'

'10:35:35 Officer Penna: "I need the address of the residence of this Connecticut reg. It’s gonna be the same one I gave you before, Connecticut Passenger eight –seven- two- Yankee –echo-October (YEO)."'

'10:35:46 Newtown Dispatcher Barocsi: "Roger eight-seven-two (872)-yankee–echo- October (YEO), standby."'

While "Yankee" is a more commonly used phonetic alphabet, 'The California Highway Patrol, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, San Jose Police Department, the San Francisco Police Department, and other agencies across the West Coast and Southwestern United States, as well as the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department, use versions that allocate Yellow to "Y" and other agencies' versions allocate Baker or Bravo to "B", or use variations that include Nancy instead of Nora for "N" or Yesterday for "Y."' (Archive:

13. Wolfgang states: "From this point on nothing gets done without the permission of Sgt. Kullgren which I find just amazing since this Police Department has a Police Chief, a Captain and four Lt which you do not hear a word from through this script until at about 10:45 am on Dec 14, 2012."

It's normal that Sgt Kullgren was giving commands since he was on the scene before a higher-up. Chief Kehoe and Captain Rios were already at the scene in the 9:41 time frame (no documented time of arrival), and Lt Vanghele was already at the scene at 9:42:47 and was inside Sandy Hook Elementary School before 9:44:47.

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, pages 7 and 8 (going by the page numbers on the document):
'9:41:24 Officer McGowan has [Redacted] prone out on the playground of SHES. First time that information is relayed that there is possibly a second shooter: (Newtown radio)
09:41:24 Officer McGowan: "I need a unit up here, on the playground side, to secure this party."
9:41:30 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: “Do you have that person yes, no?"
9:41:34 Officer McGowan: "I don’t know, I’ve got a party on the side, I have him prone out now."
9:41:39 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "Roger that, units be aware that we could have a secondary unit."'

"Officer McGowan’s transmission draws the attention of the Newtown officers on scene. Officers Chapman and Smith respond from the south side (rear) of the school. Newtown Sgt Kullgren responds from the north side (front) of the school. Newtown Chief Kehoe and Newtown Captain Rios respond from Crestwood Drive. Officer Seabrook responds to the east side of the school upon arrival. (Dash videos and Statements of the officers)"

"** Newtown Chief Kehoe and Newtown Captain Rios had previously arrived, in one vehicle, parked on Crestwood, no documented time of arrival**"

"9:42:47 Newtown Lt Vanghele and Officer Seabrook arrive at SHES. Newtown Lt Vanghele drives towards front door and Officer Seabrook parks adjacent to second row of cars facing the northwest portion of SHES. (Officer Chapman's and Officer Seabrook's video)"

'9:44:47 Rick Thorne, standing in the west hallway, is still on the telephone with Newtown 911. (Newtown 911)
Newtown Dispatcher Nute: “Alright, do hear any police officers at this time Rick?"
Thorne: "I am hearing talking, but I am not seeing anybody, but I’m hearing talking."'

"The talking Thorne hears is most likely Newtown Officers Lt Vanghele, Sgt Bahamonde, and Officer Penna coming through the boiler room of SHES, having entered through a west side door. They make their way through the boiler room, kitchen, and cafeteria and enter into the lobby of the school. (Officers’ Statements)"

14. Wolfgang states: "at 10:50:17 on Dec 14, 2012 officer figol 81 calls to S6 Sgt. Kullgren to ask for permission to leave her assignment and respond to Sandy Hook."

No. At 10:50:17, Barocsi asks if Figol is calling. Figol does not call to Kullgren, asking for permission to leave her assignment and respond to Sandy Hook. She is clearly stating that she is in town if Kullgren needs her.

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 25 (going by the page number on the document):
'10:50:06 Officer Figol, who is working a private duty job near the Newtown Monroe line, informs Newtown PD that she is in town with her canine: (Newtown radio)
Officer Figol: "81 (Figol) to S6 (Sgt Kullgren),"
10:50:17 Newtown Dispatcher Barocsi: "81 (Figol) are you calling?"
10:50:19 Officer Figol: "Let S6 (Sgt Kullgren) know I am in town too on a road job if he needs me."
10:50:24 Newtown Dispatcher Barocsi: "Roger, S6 (Sgt Kullgren) you copy?"
10:50:27 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "Negative, what do we have?"
10:50:29 Newtown Dispatcher Barocsi: "81 (Figol) is in town as well if you need her...just advise."
10:50:38 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "Go again please."
10:50:43 Newtown Dispatcher Barocsi: "S6 (Sgt Kullgren), just be advised 81(Figol) is in town if you need her."'

15. Wolfgang states: "It is not until 10:58:24 on Dec 14, 2012 that Sgt. Kulgreen S6 gives permission for officer Figol to respond to the front of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Guess who stays at his off duty work assignment.........our Lt Sinko.....Why?"

It is not about giving permission; Kullgren is simply asking for the Monroe canine and Figol to respond to the front of the school, since Figol previously radioed in: "Let S6 (Sgt Kullgren) know I am in town too on a road job if he needs me."

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 27 (going by the page number on the document): '10:58:24 Newtown Sgt Kullgren: "I am working with CSP now to coordinate additional searches... can you have the Monroe canine and 81 (Officer Figol) respond to the front of the school please."'

We have not been told why Lt Sinko stayed at the construction site, but he was reprimanded for doing so: (Archive:

Fast forward to July 16, 2014. "Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook "script"/ CT State Police gave false affidavits": (Archive:

From the article: "BREAKING NEWS! Two Connecticut State Troopers have now confirmed to Wolfgang Halbig that an 11,000 page document in his possession was "the script" for the Sandy Hook fake shooting."

Fast forward to July 23, 2014. "EXCLUSIVE WITH Montagraph Interview With Wolfgang About The 11,000 Page S.H. Script":

At 5:47, Wolfgang says that Jim Fetzer misprinted it; it's not 11,000-page script, but the script is found in the 11,000-page report. However, in Jim Fetzer's article, it is made out like the following quote is directly from Wolfgang himself: "Every school district, private and parochial, is now having to deal with Sandy Hook, when it has become increasingly evident, as I believe, that Sandy Hook was a drill, based upon the 11,000 page script that I now have in my possession, which was followed on 14 December 2012." (Archive:

However, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting reports,, do not equal 11,000 pages.
CFS 1200704559 PDF files combined equal 5,106 pages.
CFS 1200704597 PDF files combined equal 893 pages.
CFS 1200705354 PDF files combined equal 728 pages.
Altogether, 6,727 pages.

Wolfgang says about a book company being interested in publishing a book with "the script." At 25:49, Wolfgang says that he is not a good writer or speller and that the book company likes that everything is in the police words and not his own words. Yet, Wolfgang had no issue making the July 4, 2014 Facebook post, stating what "the script" is and putting police words into his own words, making such a huge mess with inaccurate information. Wolfgang has continued to state that two Connecticut state troopers gave him this "script," which I find really hard to believe, especially when he says, at 6:07, that they showed him where to look, how to look at it, what it means, and how to differentiate the "Newtown police script" to the "Connecticut state police script."

Research by MikeFl.  Mike is an extremely knowledgeable Sandy Hook Researcher and his work is must read information for any serious investigator.   Visit him on Facebook at

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Our Grief Denied: The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers

Our Grief Denied:
The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers

This is an excerpt from the latest Hartford Courant Article:,0,6429493.story

Among their most active leaders is Tony Mead, apparently a resident of Florida. For several months, this serial cyber stalker has hosted a Facebook page where he has amassed a cult following of like-minded hoaxers who ravenously feed off each other's paranoia and hatred for anyone who was affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

This is not a place where meaningful discussions are held or investigative inquiries are made. This is a place where strategies are plotted against grieving relatives and children's identities are stolen and exploited to fulfill a twisted fantasy.

Mead's contempt for the slain children is evidenced by the image that graces his Facebook page: A pale-white little girl with dark rings around her eyes. She is dirty, as if she has just crawled from the grave. A filthy forefinger is pressed against her pursed lips. Her devious grin implying that she is an undead or zombie child who is keeping a deadly secret from the gullible masses.

 Please visit the Courant for the full article,0,6429493.story

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Jonathan Reich Plea Deal- Harassment - Sandy Hook

Jonathan Reich Booking Photo
DANBURY, CT   It can now be reported that Jonathan Reich, also known as Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist "Scotty Walker", the man charged with harassing officials and families after the Sandy Hook massacre, has accepted a plea deal to  2nd Degree Harassment, a misdemeanor.

At this time, the terms of the deal are fuzzy, however, the twenty-four year old man is to receive mandatory psychiatric counseling as part of that sentence or diversionary program.

If you are interested in a back story on this case, click this new links:

While Wolfgang Halbig has stated he believed he could use Jonathan Reich as his "standing" to sue the Newtown Bee for reporting the news on Sandy Hook, this finding of guilt by the court all but quashes what was already a ridiculous notion.

Further, Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead were removed from the court house, further indicating their legal and professional status.

It is unknown whether Wolfgang Halbig turned over any of the money he raised using Jonathan Reich's legal plight as a sales pitch.

Jonathan Reich will not suing the state, Newtown Bee or anyone else over Sandy Hook because, he doesn't have a case. Face it Tony, it's over.

Also, lets hope Jonathan Reich gets the treatment he obviously needs and makes the decision to live a productive life; that will mean getting far away from Hoaxers.



The Connecticut crime of Harassment in the Second Degree is spelled out in C.G.S. § 53a-183. This charge is a Class C misdemeanor that carries up to 90 days of jail, probation, and a $500 fine.

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Sandy Hook Evacuation Photos - Hundreds of Children and Teachers Photographed During Evacuation

It's time to take a good look at the evacuation. 

For orientation purposes, this is Sandy Hook Elementary School as it was on December 14, 2012.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread by Sandy Hook Hoaxer Conspiracy Theorists.  One of their primary contentions is that there are no photographs of children being evacuated. That is untrue.  Hundreds of students were photographed that day.  Many were photographed by Shannon Hicks during the immediate evacuation and many were photographed as they left the fire house.

After orientating yourself to the school and particularly Dickenson Drive, the next consideration is  the time frame involved.

Many people associate their view from the news broadcasts from after the shooting.   Most news photos are taken well after the evacuation. This is particularly true of the helicopter photos.

The evacuation of students began at about 10:00 a.m.    By the time the helicopters were on scene, the evacuation was over.

An example is this still from footage taken by a news helicopter.  Many will recognize this photo fro the raw helicopter footage posted on numerous sites.

That overhead shot was taken at about 11:20 a.m. as proven in my video:  Helicopter vs Time Shadow analysis.

Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee was the first reporter on scene.  She documented several events that are described in the time line from those early minutes.  Thus far, her photos serve as the only documentation of the evacuation.

The time line provides:

 10:00:45 Teachers  <<REDACTED>> , and student run across parking lot with TFC Keane
#401, to the Sandy Hook firehouse. (Lt Davis’ video)

 Included in the Final Report are three dash cams; however, all evacuations have been redacted from the video recordings.  Based on my research, I have determined that Trooper Dennis Keane's action described above was likely photographed by Shannon Hicks, memorialized in this photo:

Photo: Shannon Hicks  - Newtown Bee

 According to the time line for Lt. Davis' dash cam, TFC [Christopher] Zullo is seen running at 9:52:36.  He can be seen in these stills of the dash cam footage:

Shannon Hicks had photographed him moments before the dash cam sequence in this memorable photo:

Photo: Shannon Hicks  - Newtown Bee

While the dash cam video is redacted, the time line provides that the dash cam recorded Officer Chapman, carrying REDACTED (believed to be Olivia Engel), a mortally wounded first grader from  Room 10 at 9:56:16 towards the fire station.  Officer Chapman was assisted by Newtown Lt Vanghele (white shirt.)

This heart breaking event was captured by Shannon Hicks with this photograph:

Photo: Shannon Hicks  - Newtown Bee

According to Shannon Hicks, she snapped the most famous photo at about 10:09, these sequences are completely redacted from the final report videos.

Photo: Shannon Hicks  - Newtown Bee
Photo: Shannon Hicks  - Newtown Bee

Lt. Paul Vance has confirmed for this writer via email that the photographs shows Connecticut State Police Detective Rachael VanNess (female officer in the windbreaker) escorting children and teachers from the school. These photos affirm Detective VanNess' statement in the Final Report.

In the second photo above on the left side, TFC Keane can be seen with his hand raised.  He can be
seen in a similar positions on Dashcam just prior to the REDACTION.

This evacuation photo shows the north side of the parking lot near the baseball field.  These students were likely evacuated from the North East corner exit.

The following Newtown Bee photo is facing east down Dickenson Dr. from the direction of the fire house towards the school.

To get perspective on the above photo, note the position of the tan van and then look at the photo below. This photo depicts Dickenson Drive looking towards the Firehouse from the road near the parking lot of Sandy Hook Elementary School:

Both of those photos show Dickenson Drive during the evacuation.   Enlarging the photos and adjusting the lighting reveals that both photos depict a massive scale evacuation of dozens children and teachers.

It is easy to locate children leaving the fire house after the evacuation. A simple Google search reveals hundreds of children in countless photographs.  Some of these photos are here:

The evacuation was quick and efficient.  The children evacuated to the fire house and were retrieved by their parents/guardians.

Imbedded video:

*UPDATE 2-1-15*
A video has been added showing the evacuation

Copyright Notes: The above images may be subject to copyright; however, many have been republished so many times, it is difficult to ascertain the original source.

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Newtown Police Department absent from Connecticut Award Ceremony: Keep it in perspective

Newtown Police Department absent from Connecticut Award Ceremony: Keep it in perspective
by CW Wade

Recently, the Connecticut State Police hosted an award ceremony for responders and investigators of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The list of the 300 award recipients is here:

A relevent news article is here:

To 99% of the population who are even aware of a ceremony, that would be all that is needed.

However, there are the few of us who research and know the Sandy Hook response; we know the officer's names and their actions; indeed, to us, it was glaringly obvious that a "who's who" of first response from the Newtown Police Department were not recognized at that ceremony.

The key actions taken by Newtown Police Department in first response are not in doubt by rational people.  Beginning with what is perhaps the most famous 911 dispatch in history (recited from memory by me here), Dispatcher Bob Nute's first call: "67, Sandy Hook School; caller's indicating she thinks there is somebody shooting in the building." to the three Newtown Officers who entered into the Mech / Boiler building in the first minutes; to a Newtown officer carrying a dying first grade girl to a waiting ambulance, Newtown Police Department was first on scene and first in the building.

Since these names are missing, the big question for many is, "Why?"

This Newtown Patch article offers some of the concerns and a response:

The award ceremony was not about those who were not on that list. The award ceremony was about recognizing and honoring those that WERE on that list.  Those are the responders and investigators honored on that particular night.  They deserve our respect and praise.

Since December 14, 2012, tons of support has been heaped upon Newtown, and rightfully so.  This small town of 27,000 people suffered a war crime proportion tragedy and support poured in from around the world. From plastic ducks to truck loads of teddy bears to awards and donations, Newtown has been the recipient of the heart felt support of a sorrowful and shocked nation.

There have been other award ceremonies and countless well deserved pat's on the back for the Newtown Police.  No one has forgotten the Newtown Police Department, not for a moment.  It was not a slight or part of a "grand conspiracy to exclude". them.

For this particular award ceremony, the spot light was on the many other responders and investigators, those names most people don't know.   They too deserve our affection, support, and praise.

It's is important to remember that and to keep it in this perspective.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sandy Hook Hoax Group Stalks Stay Family Funeral Service - Houston, Texas

A member of Sandy Hook Hoax group ratcheted up the pursuit of Cassidy Stay, the brave sole survivor of the Houston Massacre. A massacre that left the fifteen year old girl's mother, father, and four siblings dead; shot execution style in the head. Ron Haskel, the child's "ex" uncle has been charged with the slayings.

While Sandy Hook Hoax Group has no facts at their disposal with which to conduct critical analysis, they have set about to demonize and stalk the young girl in thousands of posts; members repeatedly posting disgusting photos and commentary, as seen below.

As readers know, Sandy Hook Hoax is a group operated by Tony Mead, Eric Pearson, and a third, nameless Canadian who uses multiple fake names and male and female "fake" accounts, including names such as "swan"  and "Craving Morehead".  Reportedly, Swan/Craving MoreHead uses those accounts to attempt to avoid Canadian Authorities and Canada's very strict stalking and defamation laws.  I have documented Sandy Hook Hoax's proclivities on this blog many times before, most recently when Sandy Hook Hoax  supported Susan Stanton's desire to go to Newtown and dig up Daniel Barden's grave by publishing her article.

The Sandy Hook Hoax Group is a closed and closely monitored group that strictly enforces a group think atmosphere by banning anyone who does support their conspiratorial view point or any in way goes against their ideals.   For example, any member who dared speak out against the Stay family stalking was ridiculed and banned.   This is one such example of ensuring everyone is on board with the group 'activities':

Apparently emboldened by the paranoid group think atmosphere, Houston resident Asia Payne decided she would attend the Stay family viewing and memorial service and report back to the group, much to the giddy like pleasure of the group. Apparently children's funerals are something they relish, as they prepared "popcorn".

Asia Payne's quest began, excitedly asking "Who are we stalking?".  Shortly thereafter, she announced the answer to her own question. Asia had picked out her "purtiest dress" to attend the viewing of the Stay Family.

Surprisingly, Asia did go to the Stay family service. An abbreviated version of the commentary is here; full version below. It should be noted that Asia Payne has deactivated her account at this time; thus her comments are no longer available in the group.

At the service, Asia Payne announced she had "hugged her" (Cassidy).  Asia then returned to her seat and announced she was "sitting there shaking with anger", a statement that should send a chill down anyone's spine.  Luckily Asia cell phone died and she decided to leave, without letting her anger take control of her or taking her anger out on anyone in attendance of the solemn occasion.

Here are some of the comments:

Notes, Stalking Commentary, and Images:

Full Version of the Stay Service:

Here are three pdf downloads of their comments (as of 7-15-14):

Asia Payne's Facebook before she deactivated it
Thanks, Satan!
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  • Karla Kelly Hartman That's not the devil horns, it's ASL for "love"... just sayin".
  • Ryan Carr Yes, ILY Satan 
  • Deborah Thornton “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” The signs of Satanism, Pedophilia, Incest and all sorts of human degeneration are now seen everywhere in the USA. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is the self-serving motto. The goal is to socially re-engineer humanity to self-serve itself thus destroying the higher centers of their brain and the consciousness that helps them evolve. This is an excerpt from the Satanic Bible: Horned hand or mano cornuted: This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition and allegiance between members of Satanist or other unholy group.
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  • Deborah Thornton I'm not a religious person but this is no joke. These people believe in casting spells and worshipping evil which is what her statement about loving Harry Potter was all about. It's all about their sick agenda.
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  • James Clark there their they're .... one symbol can have multiple meanings. I seriously doubt it means "I love you". I don't trust Cassidy and her papaw. I doubt her family is dead either. The uncle in the courtroom hearing appeared drugged and disoriented, did anyone else notice that?
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  • Deborah Thornton No ange.. does not mean I love you... that symbol for satan has been around long before the long has the I love you deaf hand sign been around? ask yourself that question..
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  • Aimee White My God! Watch this Bitch on NBC with Matt Lauer. I know people that lost children, and she's simply defying anyone that I've met that has lost a CHILD not just 3 children! This looks and sounds like one of the Sandy Hoax parents
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  • Aimee White Oh, and she doesn't forget to mention the Fund Raising names in this interview without being prompted, just like Sandy Hoax parents
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  • Stephen Dickerson lookie there's a fingertip bandage LMAO
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  • Stephen Dickerson they had to put something on that amputation. I suppose now the story is they reattached her fingertip.
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  • Pamela Jane Damn that' "rapid tissue regrowth disease" didn't get to her finger in time. I don't know much about guns, but wouldn't her finger get blown to multiple pieces not just into two.
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  • Elisa McCarthy I was looking into that Jody Dellinger guy that Asia mentioned last night. He is running the Gofundme page and was seen at the visitation very close to Cassidy at all times and apparently he is a retired Navy chief and his background includes being a damage control instructor/trainer. I just thought that was an interesting, uncommon background and I'm not sure exactly what his ties to the Stay family are.
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  • Stephen Dickerson again, you have a small caliber bullet that ricochets off her fingertip, but causes the rest of the victims to be closed caskets. Right. Uh huh.
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  • Elisa McCarthy And I'm wondering what kind of bullet just grazes your head but like Stephen said, caused everyone else to be closed casket? And what are the odds of it barely getting your finger and ricocheting and barely getting your head as well? Not buying it.
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  • Aimee White Case Closed! 100% proof that nobody died, and nobody got hurt at Houston Hoax!
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  • Cynthia Marie Yeah.... What it's Really about..
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  • James Clark Are they going to have a funeral, bury 6 empty caskets into 6 empty plots? And more fake (non-existent) tears with Kassidy putting on a sad but I'm still smiling mourning show?
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  • Stephen Dickerson So they would have us to believe that while aiming a pistol at the back of her head he didn't notice her hands were untied? BS.
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  • Caroline Bogart Doubters who believe she's flashing ILY rather than Hail Satan. Is she deaf? Does she expect her audience is deaf?
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