Friday, January 29, 2016

Hoaxer Matthew Mills gets his jury

A Bridgeport, Connecticut judge has signaled that Connecticut's tolerance for Sandy Hook Hoaxer harassment might finally be coming to an end.

As the Judge was considering whether to grant Connecticut's diversionary program, Jillian Soto tearfully pleaded:  “Please don’t give him (diversion), he shouldn’t get it.” Jillian Soto tearfully pleaded as she stood before the judge. “He over and over again has harassed my family.”

Mill's attorney attempted to argue it was Mill's first amendment right (to harass the Sotos). The prosecution objected to diversion stating he had no rights to confront the Sotos.

 The judge denied Matthew Mills request for diversion and the case is set for Jury Trial.

Hoaxers have often stated they wanted a jury so they can prove "Sandy Hook was fake" so here is their chance!  Considering the propensity of the court, it seems likely Mills will be in jail if he is unable to convince the court that Sandy Hook was  FEMA Drill.

Good luck with that!

Apparently the government is not as afraid of a "hoaxer jury trial" as Mills & Hoaxer Co. thought.

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the Halbig/Fetzer/Tracy clown-car will roll into town with it's usual cast of miscreants. With any luck, we can get Dan "mumble-mouth" Bidondi putting his ignorance on display, providing the "blow by blow" comments as Maureen "My Depends are full!!!" Crowley randomly blurts out, "I was threatened by the CT Mafia!!!".

(grabbing the popcorn)