Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli makes mockery of term Militia

Pete Santilli is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorists who believes the school shooting was a "FEMA Drill" by our Government to "take guns". Santilli has gone so far as to threaten to march on Newtown, CT with Bundy's militia in retaliation for the massacre Newtown endured.

Now, Santilli's erratic and irrational conduct is making a total mockery of the term "militia" and whatever Ammon Bundy is hoping to accomplish in Burns, Oregon.

Militia is a proud tradition in the USA going back to the founding fathers. This mob of bullies and neanderthals that have conquered and occupied the snow covered bird sanctuary in Oregon showed yesterday that the "look at me show" that they are putting on makes a mockery of the term.

Santilli, dressed in Desert Camo, pretends he is "press". The reality is he is making the entire action about him and about donations for him; thus he forfeits the right to be considered "press".  Santilli, as Bundy's primary Lieutenant Provocateur, is clearly running the "Bundy show."

Pete Santilli began his big day by leading a band of Bundy's hooligans to protest the FBI.  When a couple of conservationists showed up at an impromptu press conference and attempted to speak and express their opinion, Santilli shouted them down.  Santilli even used a bullhorn and the bullhorn's siren to drown the man out. At times, the Bundy's thugs surrounded the protester, clearly attempting to bully and intimidate.  It is obvious that in "Bundy's vision of freedom", only those who agree with Bundy will be allowed to speak.

Bundy's "Goverment" (sic) does not appear to be much better than his wild eye perception of the U.S. Government.

After Santilli got his fill of bullying and intimating citizens, Santilli drove up the road and attempted to intimidate an FBI agent. When the FBI agent told him "Don't threaten me" Santilli squealed like a little girl, calling 911 with his clam shell  phone and demanding the dispatcher send a "Constitutional Sheriff".

Apparently Santilli has forgotten that the Sheriff and the community itself has spoken, and the concensus was that they want Santilli and his to thugs leave. 

 Santilli whimpered about the FBI agent's comment ad nauseum for the next 20 minutes.  Santilli laughably claimed he would "own the town" and rename it "Peteville" if the agent shot anyone.  It is obvious that Santilli either is, or borders on completely irrational and insane.

Other FBI agents came and soothed Pete Santilli's bruised mania and fortunately, thanks to the FBI's professionalism, Santilli was unable to provoke a violent incident.

Santilli then retreated to a motel room with members of his gaggle where they prepared to sell their cache of autographed rubber dongs on their website to support the militants efforts.

The militia is actually a very proud term going back to the very beginning of our existence as a nation.  Brave farmers and workmen would leave their homes and volunteer to fight for freedom.  Militia has served in every war since.  Formal, volunteer state militia's exist in nearly every state providing homeland support to military efforts.

I don't know what this "Bundy Mob" thinks they are, but they are not "militia" by any stretch.  In fact, by bullying citizens by day and selling dongs out of a motel by night, they are disgraceful.

Nothing poisons the well quite like a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.  Pete Santilli's wild eyed delusion is doing just that in Burns, Oregon.  

On a good note though, it appears Jon Ritzheimer's back has healed and maybe he can go back to work.  This brilliant meme is making it's way around twitter and blog rolls:

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