Wednesday, January 6, 2016

James Tracy Terminated, FINALLY

This blog has been covering the vermin that is James Tracy for a long time, so it is with pleasure I  announce that James Tracy has been terminated by Florida Atlantic University effective Jan. 8, 2016.

FAU's statement was short and sweet.

The termination has been long overdue.  No business need be saddled with baggage such as this dishonest cretin.

Any suggestion Tracy was fired for his "opinion" does not have a full handle on the facts. Tracy didn't just have views, he directly attacked victims of high profile crimes  constantly.  James Tracy doesn't just spread "opinion", he spreads intentionally false information, and he does so to hurt innocent victims.

An  recent example is Tracy's blog carrying this idiotic attack on Sandy Hook Parent David Wheeler:

The absurd contention of the video is that  Mr. Wheeler is an actor who plays a parent and a SWAT sniper.

Yes, is has been debunked, as ridiculous as needing to do so was:

Tracy's attacks on Lenny Pozner have been well documented by main stream press:

  Tracy overtly and falsely claimed Noah Pozner's death certificate was fake; yet Tracy didn't have the courage to cough up a measly $20 and order a copy from Newtown for himself.  Why? Tracy knew he would be debunked.  That lack of courage also proved Tracy was no reasonable investigator nor was he an "academic".  Tracy was simply dishonest.

Tracy earned this blog's unending scorn when Tracy joined the worst of the hoaxers and helped launch a coordinated gang stalk of a young Newtown girl:

That attack on a child was an unpardonable sin.

No little girl should be bullied like that from anyone, let alone from university professor. FAU does not have to tolerate that.

Tracy is so bad, he has literally destroyed FAU as a "brand" and therefore this termination was long overdue.  I don't think FAU will recover from Tracy's stench any time soon.  But at least, finally, they are trying.

I say, good riddance.  The downside, from this blogs perspective, is that Tracy will surely reveal to the world just how unhinged he really is.  And it is Newtown that will continue to pay for the lies Tracy spreads and the attacks on Sandy Hook parents (not to mention many other high profile crimes) he constantly leads.

Check out Jerome Lamb's blogpost "Without a Tracy":

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Anonymous said...

great news. we should all keep tabs on his behavior - and those of his minions. i believe these are dangerously unhinged people who need to be monitored closely - in case any of them attempt to incite any further harassment - or worse - in retaliation.