Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hoaxer Marc Watson of Luton Village - Convicted - Child Porn and Child Predation -

After nearly a year, Sandy Hook Facts has finally obtained documents related to the conviction and imprisonment of founding Sandy Hook Hoax group member Marc Watson, of Luton Village, U.K.

If you don't know, Marc Watson of Luton Village U.K., has been "inner circle" and a member of the secret hoaxer groups controlled by Tony Mead and Erik Pearson since the very begining.  To those of us keeping tabs on the hoaxers, he was a known predator and stalker and his disgusting images of children and sick commentary set off many red flags.   To Sandy Hook Hoax group, he was welcomed with open arms and encouraged.

It is very concerning that of the small inner circle operated by Tony and Erik, two core members, including the right hand man of Wolfgang Halbig, have been convicted of crimes related to or concerning children.  Sandy Hook Facts has done it's level best to warn people about this group.

A trial witness against Marc Watson made contact with Sandy Hook Facts and wishes to remain anonymous.

His statement is as follows:

"I was a witness against Marc Watson you was not given true details he got 15 months in jail for breaching several orders involving child pornography I wish he rots in there but he was on remand for several months before being sentenced his estimated time of release is end of January beginning of Feb I just hope he never makes it out the dirty low life scumbag."

I asked him if he had any documents concerning the case against Marc Watson and he provided these:

The documents show Marc Watson had a restraining order against him prohibiting him from Child Pornography. He violated that order.  Therefore, there is more information that needs to come to light.

If anyone else has information concerning Sandy Hook Hoax group member Marc Watson, please pass it along so I can share it.  It is unfortunate that the United Kingdom believes more in the privacy of Marc Watson than the people's right to know about predators in their midst.

More information from our Marc Watson trial witness:

In addition to Sandy Hook Hoaxers, this is Marc Watson's friend:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

December in Newtown, 2017

On this December 14, 2017, we remember those lost, families of those lost, and all of those in Newtown who have been forever scarred by the tragedy five years ago.

Here are some photos of Newtown taken a few days ago.