Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hoaxer Joe Jones and the $25,000 wager gimmick

The Hoaxer's newest 'Celeb De Jour' is "Joe Jones", who bills himself as "offering a $25,000 reward for proof Sandy Hook was real".  Jones appears fond of making misleading and false claims.  For example, he categorically states that the Honda found at Sandy Hook was not registered to the Lanza family (a lie, it was registered to Nancy Lanza) and he misrepresented National Weather Service data. His belief that those involved  were  crisis actors and the shooting was a "drill" with the goal of everyone "turning in their guns and becoming good communists" literally flys in the face of common sense and reasonableness. Likewise, Jones' claim he is offering a reward is patently false.

The Joe Jones' hoaxer gimmick is simple; "a reward, a real life reward" is actually a wager, a bet contract whereby you put up  $25,000, Jones puts up $25,000 (of course you must believe that his claim of having $25,000 isn't merely another false claim of his).   The evidence would be given to a third party attorney would would determine if it is irrefutable.  The fact he conveniently hides is that a disinterested attorney would need significant direction and hours study to authenticate the evidence Jones claims to be looking for.  Worse, the direction to the attorney would come from Jones, who lacks understanding of basic facts on the tragedy  (even Swan had to correct him numerous times), and those hours would be deducted from the payout.   If after (mis)direction by Jones, your evidence is found to be "irrefutable as to the entire event of Sandy Hook", you would you get any money left over after the attorney takes his share.  Presumably, any other result, he gets the money by claiming you are "debunked".

Listen to hoaxer chat here:

As Jones gets into the details of what he would do if he lost a child, you quickly realize Jones is actually sending you on a quasi-treasure hunt of deceased child's and family effects, with a wager on the side and a "gotcha" at the end.  

In Jones' example of what he would do (this from a guy whose Online Date Ads displays repeated contempt for children) IF  "I had a son who died and someone said I was lying," Jones continues, "I would show up at his door step with his birth certificate, death certificate, his medical records, his school records, the photo albums, I would bring his clothes, I would bring his toys, I would bring everything to that person's house and say here is the proof that my son lived and my son died.  It would be easy to do."  

But before any of you Sandy Hook parents load up a U-Haul with all the personal effects of your beloved deceased child, their toys, their clothes and the like, to take it all to Joe Jones' house in hopes he paws and drools through it a little before you get the exciting opportunity of wagering $25,000 (minus substantial attorney fees of course) that this collection of stuff satisfies fools terms, he has already moved that goal post. 

Because, unfortunately for you, as he points out, his anecdotal example of what he would do was not meant to be an example of what is needed to satisfy the terms of the wager.   Irrefutable proof of entire Sandy Hook "event" is needed.

Jones mentions other things on his wish list - marriage certificates of the parents of the children, proof of their checking accounts (surprise), all their home deeds and car registrations, urinal size at SHE, you know ... normal stuff he feels owed for .  But wait, there is more that you get to do to crawl on your belly to claim the *cough * cough "reward". 

During the 'Maximum Resistance round table discussion, 'Swan' attempted to press Jones for details of what would be irrefutable proof.  Jones, as Swan pointed out, danced around the question, providing yet another "if I went to your mom's house and offered proof of your childhood" useless anecdote.  Predictably, Jones concluded that even though he had just spewed his anecdote, it really wouldn't prove anything as to Sandy Hook; so that won't work for the 'ole wager, either.
In Jones' dating ads, he draws the line at children
and "BBW's", ordering them "BBW please go find a BBM".

It's worth mentioning that one parent has already released the evidence Joe Jones states he would use to prove a "child's life and death".  Jones, predictably dismisses that as "photoshop".   (Of course, Jones, like all other hoaxers, doesn't have the guts to spend $20 to verify a death certificate's authenticity). 

Remember, YOU must prove the "entire Sandy Hook event"; and for that you are going to need a much bigger U-Haul.  

"One or two pieces of evidence does not validate Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is about twenty children with six or seven years of life and there must be enough evidence out there..."

You will need to bring proof of all twenty murdered children, "proof that they lived, proof that they died, and proof that they were children of the parents".  But before you go  wrenching the most prized personal belongings of twenty murdered children from the respective families, i.e., those child's school records, personal medical records, and all of their family albums, little children's clothes and toys,  and pile them into a U-Haul along with your $25,000, in small unmarked bills, to take to Jones house in hopes you have finally met his standard for winning the wager; even that particular goal post already moved.   

"What about proof the school was fully functional, would that do it?" Swan asked, attempting, in vain, to elicit an actual answer from Jones.  No, that would not do it. The entire 'Sandy Hook event' must must be irrefutably proved.'

At this rate, one cannot really fathom what direction Jones would give an attorney as to what would constitute "irrefutable proof that Sandy Hook happened"; however, it's clear that you are competing with the constantly shifting measuring stick of a paranoid conspiracy theorist who does not even have a firm grasp of facts of that day, let alone what would be "proof" under his wager terms. 

While Swan did press Jones on the question of "what would be proof" several times, Swan kept getting distracted talking about himself and his phish blog; so we never did get the answer from Jones, who ducked the question at every turn.  

Therefore, I have bad news for any of you Sandy Hook family members who were actually considering humiliating yourself in front of Jones, while he mocks and degrades the memories of your deceased child; the wager is sucker-bait; a laughable stacked gimmick designed to give another rambling, wild-eyed old man his 15 minutes of Youtube "fame".  It seems to me Jones would be better off  receiving psychological assistance and medication than anything he could hope to gain from the personal effects from victim families.

Another thought; perhaps he is a Johnny come lately actor; maybe Hillary Clinton has sent this Joe Jones out just to make conservatives, such as myself. look very bad,  by parading this fool around pretending he is a conservative.


Joe Jones has responded by piling on more lies.  First, he claims his wager isn't a wager.. then later he says "if I win".. freaudian slip?  It's simple, genius:
WAGERS. A wager is a bet contract by which two parties or more agree that a certain sum of money, or other thing, shall bepaid or delivered to one of them, on the happening or not happening of an uncertain event. 

Secondly, he says Wolfgang has been trying to get the Death Certificates but "they won't give them to him".  This is his excuse as to why he is too cowardly to attempt to verify the certificates he falsely claims are "photoshopped".

Despite Jones lies, the FACTS are the Death Certs are available for purchase as public documents. Furthermore, Wolfgang has never announced he is trying to get the Death Certs and in FACT Wolfgang freaked out when SHG started trying a little money making to "buy the certificates".

It appears when Hillary ordered Jones to go out onto the web and make conservatives look like wild eyed freaks, she forgot to teach him Hoaxer history.

It appears Jones is "offering" to pay for the investigator if in fact he gets some sucker to try to take him up on his moving goal-post wager... irrelevant, but correction duly noted and made.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech, loses court battle, $23K Judgment

Sunny California - Today, Wolfgang Halbig lost an epic court battle that has been quietly waged in the Superior Court of California for the past several months.

The court  awarded a court's judgment in favor of this blog for just under $23,000 to compensate for damages and costs related to Halbig's attempt to abuse our Constitutionally protected free speech!

The court specifically found that Halbig was attempting to infringe on free speech and specifically found that we PREVAILED and were thus entitled to recovery.

A moment of real satisfaction was had, early in the hearing, when Halbig's attorney meekly requested a little scratch for himself, "I'm not awarding you anything." the Judge reportedly responded, shutting down Halbig's side right on the spot.  Halbig must (obviously) pay his own attorney fees.  Today's loss, including fees to Halbig's own attorneys in California and Florida, is estimated to be around $30,000!

SLAPP - When people file meritless actions in courts attempting to chill free speech, it is called a "SLAPP" - a "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation".  In numerous articles we have contended that Halbig's lawsuits are SLAPP suits. 

California has very strict laws against SLAPP type actions. Florida legislation barring SLAPP was signed into law last month.  One can't help but wonder if Halbig's suits  had anything to do with Florida's brand new law; it seems certainly aimed straight at Wolfgang.

And now the rest of the story...

Wolfgang Halbig raised tens of thousands of donor dollars promising to sue various government entities related to the Sandy Hook tragedy; however, when the time came to produce something substantive, Halbig's ego took control he filed suit against small blogs that "dared" to discuss him in a less than favorable light; he sued bloggers for their blog posts and for parody photos.  He sued bloggers that hurt his feelings.  His lawsuit in fact claims "hurt feelings" in pleading.  

Halbig even sued a blogger over this parody photo:

Absurd lawsuit, right?

As Americans, we are allowed to discuss Halbig, whether he likes it or not.   As filed in the California case, Halbig is a public figure in regards to Sandy Hook. He speaks widely in the press and he raises money through public campaigns; he is thus subject to public discussion.  We are allowed to parody him. We are allowed to discuss him. We are allowed to disagree with him.

Halbig's attorney's did not even attempt to deny Halbig was a public figure; that is now on record.

 Discussion of public matters and public figures related to public matters is at the very heart of free speech; speech on the very subject Halbig speaks in the press about;  the free speech Halbig hoped, in vain, to chill.  The United States Supreme Court has ruled that discussion of people like Halbig  and of issues like Sandy Hook is PROTECTED.

Furthermore, Halbig speaks publicly AND raises money spouting absurd vast government and general populace conspiracies involving multiple agencies and entire towns; his ideas offend the decency of ordinary reasonable people.

If it is even possible to legally defame Halbig, one would have to try very hard. It is Sandy Hook Facts stated position that Halbig is slander-proof because Halbig's OWN statements in the press and his published beliefs are literally so disgusting and vile, nothing that could be said of Halbig by someone else could lower his reputation. His reputation is already in the "Mudd", by his own statements and actions.

Therefore, when Halbig attempted to  use the vast power of the state to attempt to attack this blog, we did not back down.  We stood up to the bullying tactics of Halbig and his combined team of Florida and California attorneys and filed an action to stop him in his tracks.  We argued his action was a violation of our free speech rights.  We prevailed against them all!

Hoaxers who value their free speech should be very pleased that Halbig's attempt to assault the Constitution was defeated.

In the case, Halbig attempted a last minute legal shuck and jive by attempting to dismiss the action, hoping to thwart the obvious and impending ruling of the court in favor of this blog and substantial monetary award.  We objected to Halbig's maneuver and the court continued the matter for one month, giving Halbig one last chance to make a sensible case.

Halbig failed.  Miserably.  Really, Halbig had no chance. He was facing freedom; the Red, White, and Blue.  Today is a great victory for all Americans.

It is not over.  Halbig's legal assault on free speech continues, as does a concurrent massive investigation into Halbig past.  Halbig is facing substantially more legal troubles, and none of them will help him "investigate" Sandy Hook.   More legal actions are being planned; however, some will be undertaken based on how Halbig chooses to proceed. At least two legal teams are preparing to pounce in Florida.  More will be divulged on Halbig and the actions against him, very soon.

Today's loss followed Halbig's crushing defeat at the conclusion of his FOIA Hearings.   Halbig is burning a lot of donor money and causing trouble for a lot of people; but the reality is his actions are destined to failure; the one left footing the bill for those failures will be Wolfgang Halbig.

Halbig has thirty days to appeal the order of the court; however, the only person who could possibly advise Halbig to do that would be his own attorney's and their desire to milk more fees out of Halbig on lost causes.   That happens to Halbig, a lot.

California Courts do not tolerate SLAPP stuff, and would doubtless award us more money on appeal. The wise thing to do would be for Halbig to STOP going after bloggers, his hurt feelings, and free speech, and instead focus his vast resources on things like FOIA and Sandy Hook.

Other stuff...

Unfortunately for Wolfgang, two reputable funding sites, GoFundMe and Paypal, have cancelled Sandy Hook Justice accounts for unspecified reasons. It is speculated neither company appreciated Halbig attempting to raise money using Sandy Hook conspiracy theories; who can really blame them?  I mean really, Hoaxer theories are nauseating, false, and idiotic.

Not one single hoaxer has produced even one single piece of evidence of Hoax. Ever. Not one.  

You can check out Keith's latest video for some new insight into Halbig:

On a much more serious note, Halbig's behavior is getting more worrisome.  In addition to promising to spend every penny of his retirement in another meritless action; his absurd and false claim that the Dash Cams do not have time stamps,  Halbig is incessantly "tweeting", calling for the destruction of Toyota Dealerships and Service Centers.  It is not clear exactly what Toyota did do Halbig to reap his ire. 

People on Google Plus and Facebook are wondering, how long until Halbig self-destructs completely?   

When Halbig is correct in FOIA, even we have supported his right to that information (for example, we believed Halbig was entitled to the Hochsprung emails once he properly narrowed the request to an intelligible request).

 We are an investigation blog looking into Sandy Hook and the invention of Sandy Hook Hoax by less than honorable people.  Lately, we have focused on Halbig, because focus tends to occur when Halbig SLAPPs you with an idiotic lawsuit.   You came to OUR house Halbig, we didn't come to yours.  In any event, Sandy Hook Facts stands ready to fight for our rights, if Halbig's sharks or other hoaxers try again.   As we told Halbig's attorney, there will be no settlement! So don't come back, Ever.  On the legal front, we don't bluff, as Dryden and Halbig have learned.


Friday, August 7, 2015

FOIA Ruling Appeal Filed versus Sandy Hook Newtown

Wolfgang Halbig has filed his Administrative Appeal with Superior Court in New Britain, Connecticut.  This appeal is regarding the decision of July 8, 2015 - FIC Complaint #2014-461,  Wolfgang Halbig vs  Newtown et al.

The appeal is based primarily on the absurd idea that the Newtown Police falsified the Police Dash Cams of the 12-14-12 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Direct link to the Administrative Appeal may be found here:

This is the same court house as is hearing the Courant/Altimari's appeal.

The first thing that struck me is Halbig's endless supply of litigation cash.With at   least four attorney's working on behalf of Halbig, there is obviously no shortage of funding for Halbig's vexatious litigation launched on behalf of Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists.   Halbig's countless fundraising appearances on internationally broadcast programs must be filling his cofers nicely.

As to the pleading itself, presumably drafted by Kay Wilson, it is a poorly written disorganized mess; par for what we have seen from Halbig's side. Let's go through it.

SINKO's DVD = Is it Bad faith by Kay Wilson when it's been proven the Dash Cams are authentic?

The primary allegation in the complaint concerns the Dash Cams Halbig received as a part of his FOIA Request. As we know from the hearing and subseqent media interviews by Halbig, he is claiming that because 'there are no date and time stamps' the DVD's are forged or alterned by the police.

It has been conclusively proven the time stamps are there; Halbig merely has to right click on the DVD and select "Enable Closed Captions" and the time stamps will appear.  The FOI Commission found the Dash Cams were authentic; as authenticated by Newtown's Police Chief Michael Kehoe.

One for one wonders if Newtown is going to allege bad faith on the part of Halbig or his attorney because it is undeniable that  Halbig did  in fact receive authentic DVDs.

Why do I say there could be a finding of bad faith here?   Because I think L. Kay Wilson is either outright intentionally lying about the DVD or, at a minimum, has not conducted a reasonable inquiry prior to leveling very serious accusations at Newtown, thus is negligently spreading misinformation.

Two people are known to have received copies of the DVD's Halbig received; Sandy Hook Facts (us) and Wolfgang Halbig's former webmaster and administrator, Thomas Lapp.  The only one of the three stating there are no time stamps is Wolfgang Halbig. Let's look at the facts:

  1. Wolfgang Halbig demonstrates awareness of SHF's publishing's on the DVD's when Wolfgang showed the FOI commission a screen shot of our video (and logo) and questioned Chief Kehoe by showing him a screenshot of our video during the FOI hearing. Halbig has mentioned or alluded to our Dash Cam videos during several press interviews.
  2. SHF published the work orders showing the make and model of camera's in use on December 14, 2012.  We also published links to the user manuals of the camera systems available on the manufacturers website.
  3. The documents clearly prove that the camera is a Watchguard DV-1 and that the Time Stamps are saved to DVD with Watchguard's proprietary closed caption time stamp technology.
  4. Former Sandy Hook Justice Administrator, Halbig's right hand man, and self-professed tech guru, Thomas Lapp agrees with SHF.  Lapp reports in facebook postings that Halbig mailed him a copy of the DVD to analyze.  Lapp published  his findings as follows:
    " I am in the process of analyzing exact duplicates of the ones in evidence. I am using the software provided by the camera manufacturer Watchguard ...
     I ran the authentication procedure using the Watchguard DVD manager and the application indicated that it passed, [indicating] that there was no tampering..
     timestamps and meta data is stored on the closed captioning layer of the dvd disc. It can be read using the Watchguard DVD Manager software, or it can be displayed using Windows Media Player. 
     Also, if you use the export feature in the DVD Manager to export to MPEG-2 format, unfortunately it does not export the captions as well, so all you have is regular video.
  5. Therefore, Wolfgang Halbig's own tech guru completely affirmed our own published findings and proves Halbig and Wilson are misinforming the public and the court.  The Dash Cams have embedded time stamps.   That is the technology in play with those devices.  Why doesn't Halbig mention Lapp's findings? 
  6. SHF published a video demonstrating how the Time Stamps work.  Some members of Halbig's inner circle subsequently published acknowledgements they were wrong about the time stamp.
  7. SHF Forwarded the technical information to Halbig's attorney, L. Kay Wilson in an email and L. Kay Wilson responded disputing me; however, she did acknowledged receipt.

    Since you are continuing spread misinformation, I have obtained the technical specification of the Dash Cams from the Newtown Police Department and WatchGuard, the manufacturers of the Dash Camps.  

    I have published an article about those specs...

    Titled "L. Kay Wilson Debunked".
  8. L. Kay Wilson did not call a single expert at the hearing to support the conspiratorial theory about the Dash Cams at the hearings.  Why not?
  9. Wolfgang Halbig has been told by SHF about the time stamps several times (when Wolfgang comments on our Google page), so he knows or reasonably should know.     Certainly a professional like Wilson should know.
There is overwhelming conclusive proof time stamps are embedded as part of these DVDs, these timestamps are in fact  a main proprietary selling point of these expensive pieces of equipment.

The question to me is, would a reasonable person, by now, have simply right clicked their DVD and enabled time stamps?  I wouldn't be surprised to get a bad faith finding here.  It seems to me there should be  a reasonable level of investigation by Kay before she leveled a baseless claims.

I also can't help but wonder how much in attorney fees is Newtown expected to shell out for Halbig's actions.  Is Newtown going to have to hire an expert?  Unfortunately, Connecticut law may only  allow the court to assess attorney's fees of up to $ 1,000 against the agency (or person) bringing the appeal (CGS § 1-206(d)).  Therefore it appears the tax payer might be footing the bill for whirlwind Halbig's fund raising tour and gimmicks.  Hopefully the courts see through Halbig's charade and at least award the $1,000; he can obviously afford that though.

Subpoena issue buried in the pleading
As part of the appeal statement on DVD's, Wilson snuck in a little statement about the subpoena's, tucking it away within the same paragraph as DVD's, writing "It should be noted [Monte cancelled two of my witnesses]."

It is unclear if this is amateur hour pleading by Kay or she intentionally buried that entire issue within the DVD issue because she doesn't intend to pursue that issue on appeal.  If she does intend to pursue the subpoena issue, why didn't she protect her clients rights by challenging it formally at the hearing?  Did she waive her right to appeal by not acting to enforce her clients rights?

Items not ruled on
Next. L. Kay Wilson decided to appeal the fact that the Commission did not individually address every request Halbig made.

Wilson apparently did not notice this issue before the  Commission meeting on July 8, 2015, because she did not bring it up at the Commissioner's meeting. Sandy Hook Facts had already published that analysis, so had she read my blog post prior to her appearance, she might have gotten that one right to begin with. She also did not file a brief on this issue, so her client was hamstringed there, as well.

Can you appeal an issue you did not bring up at the hearing? Likely; however, this will be another interesting issue to watch.

Halbig is appealing the fact the commission did not rule on both the  Biohazard Contract and the Consent Agenda for Jan. 26, 2013.  Since we are in possession of the Sandy Hook Bio Hazard Contract, we can affirm that Newtown was not a part of that agreement; nonetheless, the appeal concerns the ruling, not the contract itself.

Connecticut State Police vs Altimari Appeal

As an update to that appeal, the ruling has been stayed and there are Pretrial Conferences set for 8-25-15 and 9-11-15.

If interested, that case is here.

SHF has an interest in that case since we were likewise denied many of the same items as Altimari.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Florida's new ANTI-SLAPP statute goes into effect

Florida expanded their SLAPP to state to now bring Florida in line with other states who protect free speech.  Prior to the changes, Florida's SLAPP statute afforded no protection to those speaking on matters of public and political concern.

The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that the most import speech protected by the First Amendment is speech on matters of public concern. 

The Florida statute is 768.295 can be found here:

And now reads in pertinent part:

"A [person] in this state may not file or cause to be filed, through its employees or agents, any lawsuit, cause of action, claim, cross-claim, or counterclaim against another person or entity without merit and primarily because such person or entity has exercised the constitutional right of free speech in connection with a public issue..."

"A [person] sued  in violation of this section has a right to an expeditious resolution of a claim that 
the suit is in violation of this section. ....The court shall award the prevailing party reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred in connection with a claim that an action was filed in violation of this section.

This is good news for free speech advocates and especially for Sandy Hook bloggers.

Wolfgang Halbig is the public figure leader of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist community.  Widely published in the press, in thousands of videos and articles, Halbig espouses disgusting and wild conspiracy claims paraphrased closely as "No children died" "The parents are 'in on it'", and that "the Sandy Hook shooting was a drill perpetrated by the government that ... the planning started at the desk of Obama  and worked it's way down ...including the entire town of Newtown...including  even the funeral directors".

Wolfgang Halbig raises funds to perpetuate the "Sandy Hook Hoax/illusion" conspiracy theory through his website  where he makes overtly false claims, such as claiming the police provided Police Radio Transcripts are actually "scripts" that were pre-written and the police officers were actors.  Gullible minded people rely on his statements and, thus far, have donated tens of thousands of dollars.

Wolfgang Halbig accepts donations online or you can mail the donations to his home; his home address prominently displayed..

Wolfgang Halbig's "Sandy Hook Hoax"; a compilation of Halbig in his own words can be viewed hSince Halbig is a famous public figure who raises money by making absurd claims concerning a national tragedy, Wolfgang Halbig suing bloggers for "defamation" is text book "SLAPP" activityere:

While conspiracy theorists have always been a part of society, as the leader of the Sandy Hook Hoax Community, Wolfgang Halbig takes the next step and files lawsuits against bloggers who do not agree with his conspiracy theorist views, tactics, statements, or fund raising.  This also serves to quell "debunking" of Halbig's and his statements on  a matter of public and political concern; SandyHook.   Obviously, Halbig would not want his theories "debunked".

Since Halbig is a famous public figure who raises money by making absurd claims concerning a national tragedy, Wolfgang Halbig suing bloggers and debunkers for "defamation" appear to be text book "SLAPP" actions.  Halbig presently has legal teams working in Florida, Connecticut, and California, well paid by Halbig's war chest of apparently limitless supply of donations.

Wolfgang has raises money for nearly two years promising to bring the "U.S. Government to their knees with Federal lawsuits"; however, thus far, his only legal actions have been Florida defamation lawsuits suing only a random assortment of bloggers.  Unfortunately for free speech, the blogs have closed down, wilting under the legal attacks by Halbig's attorneys.

Such lawsuits chill free speech by intimidating those with opposing views from speaking on matters of public concern.  Further, as practical matter, the lawsuits have more to do with Halbig's "but-hurt" than December 14, 2012.

What is SLAPP?

With Florida's new law, defendants have mew tools to deal with Halbig's type of lawsuit.

Meritless lawsuits to quell public discussion, especially on matters of public concern, are known as SLAPPs - that is "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation".   Many states have followed California's lead in enacting a powerful Anti-SLAPP statutes that essentially provide defendants the opportunity of a pretrial motion to strike the complaint; allowing the judge to review the case in an early phase. If the defendant prevails, the defendant is awarded mandatory attorney fees and costs. In California these fees and costs typically range from $50,000-$100,000; however, awards have exceeded $500,000. 

Quietly put into effect July 1, 2015, Florida has enacted a powerful Anti-SLAPP statute that in many ways mirrors California's Anti-SLAPP statutes.  At least two legal teams are presently evaluating Wolfgang Halbig's lawsuits to determine the appropriate course of action in light of the new laws.

If you are being sued in one of Wolfgang's SLAPPs, seek legal advise immediately.
Florida passed a new law, just for you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Recap - 18 Months of Sandy Hook Research

Sandy Hook Facts is proud to present highlights of 18 Months of Sandy Hook research.

This is a recap of our in depth analysis of the tragedy that occurred December 14, 2012.  Subsequent to the shooting, a small internet community of conspiracy theorists known as Sandy Hook Hoaxers sprang up.

Presently, that the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory community is, in general, led by Wolfgang W. Halbig, via his fundraising organization "Sandy Hook Justice".

Sandy Hook Fact's researched both; the factual events of that day and the subsequent creation of  the so-called "Sandy Hook Hoax".

A few Sandy Hook Facts world exclusives

The shooters house goes down, first in the world to break the news and show a photo:

Dash Cams
Sandy Hook Facts obtained  several Newtown Police Dash Cams and released them; a world wide exclusive.

St. Rose of Lima 911 Tapes
What happened at St. Rose of Lima on June 2, 2015 when several hoaxers went to the school?  This is a question that deserves and answer.

Victims and impact

Sandy Hook Facts has presented exclusive interviews with victims of school shootings and explored the very somber aspect of being involved in not only a tragic shooting, but what turns out to be historical national tragedy.

Few of use can bear to face the though of losing a child, but imagine losing a child and be thronged by international press?  How would you react? You really don't know unless you have been there; and very few in this world have been there.

Lenny Pozner has been there and in: "Setting the record straight"- The father of six-year old Noah Pozner, killed during the Sandy Hook Shooting allowed SandyHook Facts to publish his story

Lenny Pozner also authored the article "Our Grief Denied, theTwisted Cruelty of Sandy Hook Hoaxers." This letter went viral in main stream press when The Hartford Courant featured it as an article.

Amanda Stair Duran - "A Survivors story."  Ms. Duran was in the library during the Columbine Shooting in 1999 and tells Sandy Hook Facts the side of the story main stream media refused to print.

Standing with Honr - Sandy Hook Facts introduces an organization stepping up to advocate for victims of violent crime who are re-victimized by Hoaxers.

Shooting Analysis
Sandy Hook Facts has several exclusive research projects.  In February 2014 we completed our initial research into the 6,000 page final report, including ballistic analysis, and presented our findings.  SHF was first to show, step by step exactly how the shooter entered Sandy Hook Elementary School armed with an AR-15 and fired 154 rounds from the rifle in two different classrooms full of first graders, in total killing 6 educators, wounding 2 others, and killing twenty first graders, in less than ten minutes.  The video is titled : Video- Sandy Hook - The Deadliest Minute

"You have a 98% accuracy rate" - Sandy Hook First Responder.

Full analysis-
Part 1 - The shooters gear

Part 2 - The animal attacks

Part 3 - The Deadliest  Minute

The evacuation -

A look into the mind of the shooter. Sandy Hook Facts analysis into the mind of Sandy Hook's shooter was subsequently affirmed by Connecticut's report.


Sandy Hook Facts has not only debunked the Sandy Hook Conspiracy theorists, we proved they have blatantly fabricated what they call "evidence"to trick gullible Youtube viewers into believing Sandy Hook was an hoax fabricated by the government, claiming all the victims and parents were "crisis actors"'.   Several hoaxers also uses this "evidence" to raise money.

Hoaxers caught fabricating emails:

The Hoaxer's primary piece of "evidence" of Hoax - The Check-in sign Debunked

Hoaxer's evidence: Christmas Trees- Debunked

Firehouse Debunked

Exif Data Debunked

Wolfgang Halbig - Sandy Hook Justice

Wolfgang Halbig leads the Hoax Community with his fundraising organization and he raises tens off thousands of dollars. During internationally broadcast interviews, he makes fact claims, and people rely on these claims when they donate money.  How does Halbig's claims stand up to scrutiny?

Wolfgang in his own words - Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Hoax

Wolfgang responds to Sandy Hook Facts

Wolfgang's Epic Tantrum turns Evil

Other Hoaxer videos 

Grave Stalking

Cyber Stalking

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Hoaxer found guilty of harassing grieving families

Those of us familiar with the tactics of Sandy Hook Hoaxers and their harassment of families are not surprised to learn of the actions of Chris Spivey; and we bask in the glow of at the latest criminal conviction of a "Hoaxer".  Many more Hoaxers require legal attention.

Convicted Hoaxer Chris Spivey
Chris Spivey is exactly what we have come to expect from most Hoaxers.

First, realize most Hoaxers are a vile, dangerous ultra-fringe darker element of Conspiracy Theorist. Setting Hoaxers apart from the casual "watch Bigfoot or JFK special on TV" group is the Hoaxer belief that the government is coming to put them in FEMA camps and the families of murdered victims are "in on it" and thus as a part of government plots to take guns, a Jewish banker plot, a evil Obama/Bush plan (or some other paranoid conspiracy de jour).   Hoaxers can often be found debating that the Bloody Boston Bombing photos are staged by people in skull baseball caps or arguing that Earth is flat (no doubt another Obama/Bush plot to make us think we are on a round planet).  And yes, I said flat Earth.

Hoaxers are well known for believing children are government agents or 'subservients' subject to gag orders as part of world wide conspiracy and cover-up.  These "government agent children" are those dastardly crisis actors that play the "deceased kids".  You will usually find them singing at the Super Bowl, so the hoaxers say:

 Hoaxers are thus able to rationalize harassing and cyber stalking the families.  After all, reasons the clouded Hoaxer, as part of the nefarious plot (you know, pretending to be dead and all), these grieving families deserve to be harassed, threatened, and stalked. The families deserve to see their little children's names and memories dragged through the mud throughout the internet.   Hyperbole? Exaggeration?  The evidence speaks for itself.

Chris Spivey is a hoaxer. In fact, he is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.  However, he is not convicted of harassing Sandy Hook families, but for harassing the family of the soldier, Lee Rigby.

Chris Spivey, like most Hoaxers absurdly espouses most major tragediea are "hoaxes" (hence the hoaxer name) Including Rigby's murder. Spivey is classic paranoid Alex Jones drone that believes he is the  "The Resistance!" and innocent women and children he selected to harass are really enemy a
agents of the government. 

Tough guy  Spivey went after the family, including grandmother of murdered of Lee Rigby.  Brittain did not put up with it. Thankfully, he will pay the price.  United States prosecutors should take note.

In the United States we have faced the continuing onslaught of Hoax conspiracy theorists; experienced the pain of their propensity to harass innocent families; their desire to re-victimize victims of high profile tragedies, or anyone else they imagine are "government shills and agents".  Like a pack of wild animals. the hoaxer chooses the weakest and most   vulnerable in society to prey upon. is one organization hoping to develop itself to where it can help protect victims of high profile crimes by use of the civil courts; however, federal prosecutions of these Hoaxers would be optimal.

Here is a brief overview of some well known incidents:

The convicts:
Sandy Hook Hoaxers who have face the justice system over their criminal deeds related to Sandy Hook include Jonathan Reich, Andrew Truelove, Timothy Rogalski.

The murderers:
Sandy Hook Hoaxers that have gone on killing sprees include Jerad Miller and Brent Cole.

The dangerous:
Hoaxers that have threatened to kill parents of victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy include
Andrew Vaessen and a hoaxer who goes by the name of "Carl Marks"; both of whom prowl for victims to harass even today:

The warned:
Several conspiracy theorists that have been warned over their Sandy Hook Hoax related "activities", including Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig.

Warning to stay away from St. Rose of Lima School and Parish

Newtown Police Dept. Report

Newtown Police Dept. Report

The fugitive:
Using the moniker "Jeff Dryden", this Sandy Hook Hoax Group leader, on behalf of the group, has harassed, threatened,  stolen identities, stolen intellectual property, impersonated, and attempted or threatened to hack numerous people surrounding the event and should be considered extremely dangerous. He is currently arrestable in California for numerous related offenses and is the subject of a restraining order:

The absurd:
William Shanley was arrested for his "late night activities" not related to Sandy Hook:

However, he has also filed his third frivolous lawsuit against media seeking in excess of a five trillion dollars:

There are recent indications from the Federal Court that they will soon dismiss Shanley's ridiculous  case because the Judge terminated Shanley's request to proceed in forma pauperous (i.e. free)

Other important and timely information :

 St. Rose of Lima 911 call:

Wolfgang Halbig's dark tantrum

The Graves