Saturday, January 16, 2016

FBI: Not Actors - Response to Identity Confirmation of William Aldenberg

Sandy Hook Hoax group conspiracy theorists have widely pushed the meme that an FBI swat/sniper responding to the Sandy Hook shooting is actually an actor who also plays the parent of a slain student.  The ridiculous contention has even been used by James Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig on their donation seeking blogs, websites, and in sales pitches.  Wolfgang Halbig has reportedly raked in nearly $100,000 using such claims to bolster his contention "Sandy Hook was an illusion and no one died".

The hoaxers were completely debunked on their claim as documented here:

The fraudulent  contention of the hoaxers fell apart when actual research was conducted and  it became quickly apparent that the individual in the photo was Special Agent William Aldenberg of the New Haven FBI:

Aldenberg's name was on the back of his vest:

Further evidence, the agent is bald and obviously not Mr. Wheeler:

An email was sent to to the Special Agent in Charge of  New Haven Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on 12-29-15 asking the FBI to confirm that the photograph is of Special Agent William Aldenberg at the Sandy Hook Shooting on December 14, 2012.  S.A. Aldenberg was himself contacted; although he has chosen not to respond.

A Community Outreach Specialist from the FBI did respond.   The FBI did confirm that the three people photographed are "in fact actual FBI employees, not actors." Since the initial request made no mention of  "actors", it is evident the FBI is fully aware of the abuse being heaped upon a Sandy Hook parent on their behalf; however, the FBI will still not name the agent.

Over the next couple of weeks, two more requests were sent to the Community Specialist requesting confirmation, going so far as to point out that this Special Agent appears on TV interviews and providing the photo of the agent's name "emblazoned on his back".  The third request "came clean" that this information was wanted for debunking purposes and basically pleaded with him to identify the agent.

The FBI simply will not confirm the identity of their Special Agent; which was very upsetting. 

I could understand if this SA operated in secret on same level and I would very much respect that and not even publish this article; however, SA Aldenberg does not. S.A. Aldenberg is a public figurehead out of the New Haven Office, is in the press often, and walks around with his name on his back.

 Sandy Hook Facts is not giving up on this and if there are any updates, we will provide them.

In the past, the Connecticut State Police identified one of their officers and we put to rest a different lie that Wolfgang Halbig was using to raise money:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation could easily do the same. Special Agent Aldenberg and Special Agent in Charge Ferrick apparently would rather let a Sandy Hook victim carry their load.

With all due respect, if anyone from the FBI wants to "Ranger Up" a little and stop forcing this parent to carry your load, please email


Anonymous said...

I suspect this meme was in fact created by the FBI and TPB.

The real question is why was the podgy lawyer/spokesman even there and made to carry not just one but two long guns?

The likes of Tracy and Fetzer are Judas goats to lead the gullible 'truthers'.

Anonymous said...

The FBI is well aware of the "Barry Soetoro" disinformation channel on youtube. They are also aware that "Barry" and his friend Mike Shoesmith of ppsimmons youtube channel have already been informed of the agent's identity, but both men continue to peddle their potentially dangerous disinfo against the FBI agent. Youtuber "Barry" and his friend Mike Shoesmith are trying to ferment a lot of hate against the FBI, and those persons will be in some very hot water if any violence is committed against the FBI agent or David Wheeler as a result. Anyone can submit tips to the FBI about this matter by contacting the New Haven FBI office or calling the FBI National Call Center listed on the internet.