Sunday, January 3, 2016

Miami Herald Calls Out Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, and James Tracy

You don't want to miss Fred Grimm's OpEd in the Miami Herald!   Mr. Grim at least tips the iceberg as to how bad these three Florida hoaxer leaders are.

Tony Mead, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig are featured as the embarrassment of Florida:

Full link and excerpt:
The Florida Three and their disciples have been  relentlessly tormenting Sandy Hook emergency responders and parents. They stalk them on the Internet. They threaten. They picket Newtown. In November, a truther disrupted the Vicki Soto 5K Memorial Run, organized to honor the heroic Sandy Hook teacher killed while trying to shield her students. Last month, Amazonintervened after trollers en masse posted nasty reviews of a book by a Sandy Hook mother about coping with loss.
For three years running, these unhinged freaks have insinuated themselves into Newtown’s anguish, insisting that the funerals were fakes, that the grieving is counterfeit. After an op-ed last month in the Sun Sentinel by Lenny Posner, father of the youngest child killed at Sandy Hook, describing the “wave of harassment, intimidation and criminal activity” from hoaxers in general, and Tracy in particular, FAU finally began the complexlegal procedure to fire a tenured professor.
Maybe FAU can rid itself of this embarrassment. The rest of Florida, however, has no such recourse. We’ll still be tarnished by our truther triumvirate and their vile fabrications.
Excellent job, Mr. Grimm

Tony Mead's Group Attacks Family Member on Same Day
Halbig, Mead, and Tracy are the leader Hoaxers, they set the tone. So it is no surprise that on the very day that the OpEd is published, one of Tony Mead's hoaxer cultists boasts about launching a direct attack on the younger sister of a Sandy Hook victim. Carlee Soto was the victim de jure of Tony Mead's hoax group. Watson directly calls this young lady a "Terrorist".

Tony Mead, of course, considers this type of stalking and attacks "Just asking questions":

And other Sandy Hook families as part of Sandy Hook Promise:

Marc Watson is a well known Hoaxer iPredator and Tony Mead cultist.  Watson continuously prowls Sandy Hook families online, so the above attack on Carlee is no surprise. Marc Watson has openly admitted to his mental health problems.  Luckily for Newtown, Marc Watson lives in the United Kingdom or they might need to worry he is actually a danger to their families and children. I would caution those in the U.K. that Marc Watson is completely unstable, though.  Hopefully Watson's Mental Health problems and U.K. laws prevents him from gaining access to firearms.   

Wolfgang Halbig Updates
Wolfgang Halbig appears to have noticed his donation site is down again.   Again, he blames the "government" when it's obvious, especially based on the Miami article, that normal people just don't want to do business with his kind. Why would they? 

What was odd though, was Wolfgang's announcement itself. As part of the announcement post he republished this parody photo of himself:

This was not just a republishing of a parody photo, it is a republishing of a parody photo that he sued bloggers over. The lawsuit eventually included Sandy Hook Facts when Wolfgang attempted to subpoena Sandy Hook Facts records into that lawsuit.
 Halbig's photo, with the language "Absurd lawsuit, right" is actually a screen shot of a Sandy Hook Facts blog post:
Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech, loses court battle, $23K Judgment"
Apparently,Wolfgang now likes the photo now and wants it displayed prominently on his Facebook page:

I don't blame him, it is kind of funny.  If you know the creator, shoot me a message and I'll give the appropriate credit.  Perhaps Wolfgang made it.  He seems to display it prominently. 

Read more here:


Anonymous said...

All the HoaxTards are coming out from under their rocks to badmouth the reporter. Why is it, none of these HoaxTards spend the energy to research their own claims?

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that the Miami Herald is not censoring any of the trolls in the comments section. people need to see how sick these truthers are. i'm hoping that someone finds a way to really make Jim Fetzer pay for his actions. maybe if he loses his life savings in a lawsuit - it would discourage other scumbags from attempting to cash in on public tragedies like this.

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing how many ignorant people there are. They gobble up the Hoaxer claims without doing any fact checking...and when they do stumble across the truth, they willfully ignore the facts and just chalk it up to another part of the conspiracy.

What is evident is, they lack an understanding of what is and what is not a logical argument or common sense. Shootings HAPPEN EVERYDAY IN THE USA. That's a sad fact. There is no need for the government to concoct some bizarre "false flag" event. Their biased paranoia makes them susceptible to claims like this.

Another fact is, they all wish to appear to be the smartest person in the room so they start using the Hoaxer terminology like "false flags", "shills", "disinformation"....Yet, there exists NO PROVED false flag events. NONE. The closest they can come up with is "Operation Northwoods"...which never took place. 99% of these idiots consider every event, shooting and massacre some type of "false flag" because they are unable to emotionally deal with the facts.

The internet give voice to idiots and ignorant claims, as well as, all the positive things it provides.