Thursday, October 27, 2016

Freedom of Information Commission Orders Release of Dash Cams showing Sandy Hook Evacuation.

Freedom of Information Commission Orders Release of Dash Cams showing Sandy Hook Evacuation.

"I think the unspoken bottom line is CSP's desire to prevent harm to Newtown families by releasing more Sandy Hook related documents is in direct conflict with Connecticut's extensive freedom of information laws." - Sandy Hook Facts

In an appeal brought by the leader of the Sandy Hook hoaxer conspiracy theorists, Wolfgang Halbig, Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission has ordered Connecticut State Police (Dept. of Emergency Services) to release Dash Cam videos from the patrol cars assigned to Newtown Officers Seabrook, Lt. Sinko, Chapman, and Sgt. Bahamonde from 12-14-12, the date of the elementary school massacre.   CSP had seized copies of those videos as part of their Sandy Hook Investigation.  The "original" videos are digital and still in the possession of Newtown.

Mert Melfa covered the hearing:

CSP refused to release the Seabrook and Sinko DVDs even though those videos were already released via Newtown FOI Request and are publicly available.

The Chapman and Bahamonde videos have not been released to the public and have only been viewed publicly by a few select members of the press.  Those two videos, if released unredacted, show extensive evacuation of children from the north east corner of the school.  Most children were evacuated from the north east exit.  

Newtown had refused to release the Bahamonde and Chapman videos to Sandy Hook Facts claiming a "minor's identity" exemption to the FOIA Law.   Interestingly, CSP did not attempt to argue that exemption applied versus Halbig.

Sandy Hook Facts will be seeking to obtain the dash cams from CSP if they are released to Halbig.

Wolfgang Halbig also sought the sworn statements of several Newtown officers.   Release of Newtown Police statements was denied based on Connecticut's "witness exemption" the FOIA law.

After Sandy Hook, Newtown Officers gave witness statements to Connecticut State Police Investigators. Summaries of these statements were released in the final report. Frankly, it seems kind of a stretch to apply a "witness statement exemption" to officer statements.  Taking that argument to it's logical conclusion, anytime Connecticut would want to keep an officer statement from public release, they could simply have CSP Investigators take the  statement and instant exemption!  That is somewhat of a stretch of transparency and public policy for public officials.   Halbig could appeal that ruling.

A couple of fly's in Halbig's victory soup.

CSP will likely appeal. CSP claimed the ruling in Altimari concerning property seized from Lanza's home somehow  applies to police dash cams. The Commission did not buy off on that argument and it is doubtful that argument would prevail in court as it is absurd and again defeats public policy on transparency in releasing police Dash Cams.  Frankly, the courts have consistently ordered police videos released and I don't think the courts are going to change course here bases on CSP's weak arguments.

It is conceivable Newtown could intervene on behalf of their town minors and potentially move to block the release on that basis.  Unfortunately, Newtown seems paralyzed when it comes to filings to protect Newtown's children from hoaxers. Let us hope that changes soon.

CSP could possibly heavily redact and obscure the Dash Cams on their own prior to their release, as they did with the dash cams released with the Sandy Hook Final Report.  CSP released three of their several dash cams in December 2013. All 3 downloadable dash cam videos were heavily redacted and provided in horrible quality.

If the videos are actually released, the Bahamonde and Chapman videos could silence a few Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists who say there was no evacuation that day.

No Halbig circus this time
As to the hearing itself, Kay Wilson appeared for Halbig.  Halbig did not appear thus sparing us the unprofessional  "Bad monkey in the zoo" sideshow he typically puts on. We had no children or families intimidated; we had no outbursts; no tantrums; no running around in circles. No rubber duck nonsense or blowing his nose on Sandy Hook type shirts. No reports of filming of children at elementary schools. Without Halbig's incessant tantrums and childish interruptions, Kay Wilson was actually able to present a lucid, intelligent, and well thought out argument.  I actually agreed with most of her arguments.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sandy Hook - Legal Updates 10/16/16

This article covers updates on the following cases-
Soto et al vs Bushmaster et al - Dismissed
Lewis et al vs Newtown et al - Ongoing
Jonathan Reich vs - Ongoing with dismissal motion 10/28/16 *
State of Connecticut  vs Jonathan Reich  - Reich is wanted with $100,000 warrant for his arrest.
Wolfgang Halbig vs John Doe bloggers - Halbig loss- on appeal
Wolfgang Halbig vs Errol Property - Halbig loss
Lenny Pozner versus Wolfgang Halbig - Ongoing
William Shanley's frivolous "trillion dollar" lawsuits - All dismissed. Appeals dismissed.
James Tracy vs. FAU - Ongoing

Update 10/24/16: Note on Reich vs Patch - The hearing for 10/24/16 was adjourned and Patch's motion for dismissed is scheduled for 10/28/16 at 10:00 am.

Sandy Hook Lawsuit Dismissed - versus Remington, Bushmaster, etc 

In national news right now is the dismissal of this case.

This lawsuit boiled down to the federal gun manufacturer shield law and that law prevailed.  This blog has published the opinion that the lawsuit would likely be dismissed due to the shield law (December 15, 2014).  The intent of that federal law is to shield gun companies from lawsuits such as this so long as the weapons work properly and were lawfully sold. At Sandy Hook, the legally purchased Bushmaster XM15 (AR-15 style weapon)  performed as designed and 20 children and 6 teachers were slaughtered in minutes. Therefore, the gun companies are shielded from liability.

The text of the 54 page decision may be read here:

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)

An appeal has been promised.

Sandy Hook Lawsuit versus Newtown
The Jesse Lewis estate and the Noah Pozner estate are suing Newtown alleging, essentially, negligence and failure to follow procedures at Sandy Hook School.

Most facts of the shooting itself are not at issue.
Shooter entered the school, first killing the principal (Daw Hochsprung) and the school psychologist (Mary Sherlach)

Allegation screen cap

Newtown's response:

The shooter then entered classrooms 8 and 10 and killed 20 

The case is still pending.

Jonathan Reich vs

Jonathan Reich's lawsuit versus the Patch is still pending. has filed a motion to dismiss due to a clearly exceeded statute of limitations. That motion is currently set for 10/24/16.  Hoaxers are still using the lawsuit to shill for fundraising dollars while intentionally failing to tell their cult members that the statue of limitations expired in 2014.
Case # 156787/2016

State of Connecticut  vs Jonathan Reich
Entire Case and motions on hold.  Jonathan Reich is wanted with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest for Failing to appear in court.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Arrested in Housing and Mosque Bomb Plot

Developing -

Another Sandy Hook Hoaxer Arrested!

A Sandy Hook Hoaxer self proclaimed militia member, gun nut, and Alex Jones following whack job, Patrick Stein, has been arrested for plotting to bomb an apartment complex full of immigrants!

We know where he gets his deadly, sick ideas; he is a follower of racist Jim Fetzer and a avid Sandy Hook Hoaxer!

It would appear all three are likely hoaxer nut jobs.   Curtis Allen also bears many of the traits.

This page will be updated as this story develops and the investigation continues.    

Backstory Via Southern Poverty Law Center

Three members of a southwest Kansas militia dubbed the "Crusaders” were arrested Friday on charges stemming from a plot to attack a housing complex that houses a mosque in Garden City, Kan.

Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, of Liberal, Kan., and Patrick Stein, 47, a resident of a nearby Dodge City, Kan., had stockpiled firearms and explosives. They planned to use four explosive-laden vehicles parked at the corners of the complex, which is home to a number of Somali immigrants, officials said during a news conference. 
Gavin Wright Curtis Allen Kansas
Curtis Wayne Allen, 49; Patrick Eugene Stein, 47; and Gavin Wayne Wright, 49
The group, which called itself the “Crusaders” had prepared a manifesto in which they said they hoped their attack, scheduled for the day after the General Election, would “wake people up,” Tom Beall, acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Kansas, said. 
A confidential source attended meetings of the group and provided the FBI with information about the defendants’ activities. The criminal complaint alleges that the men conducted surveillance to identify potential targets, stockpiled firearms, ammunition and explosive components, and planned to issue a manifesto in conjunction with the planned bombing.