Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Termination: James Tracy's CAREER SUICIDE

A copy of James Tracy's termination letter shows that James Tracy committed career suicide by concealing his outside activities from University Administration.

Considering the articles hes published, it is no wonder Tracy would be desperate to hide his activities from the University.

The termination letter blows the claim that Tracy was fired for "believing Sandy Hook was a hoax" right out of the water.

Additionally, James Tracy failed to fire the an appeal within 10 days of the December "Notice of Intent to Terminate".

Tracy's atrocious articles about Sandy Hook parents and Newtown children and blatant insubordination and failure to take steps to retain his job make it clear that James Tracy was simply committing career suicide with outrageous behavior well outside reasonable conduct.

Doubtless he will use his new found (and unwarranted) "martyr status" to spring board into his new career as a full time crazed conspiracy theorist.

The letter speaks for itself.  Click to enlarge to full size:

One online meme suggests that perhaps Tracy was just looking for a career change; however, that cannot be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

It looks as though Tracy just can't follow simple rules AND he knew, full well, what he was doing was in conflict with the agreement of his employment. FAU gave him every opportunity to respond AND TO explain himself. He did neither.

HE and his "rules don't apply to me" ARE the cause of his termination.

(Not to mention, he is an asshole.)

Anonymous said...

there's a small conspiracy theory industry out there that profits from selling books and DVDs. Alex Jones profits the most - selling thousands of these repugnant items. lesser-known players like Jim Fetzer attempt to eek out a living using the same model. Fetzer was a leach in the JFK assassination community (look it up) - before moving on to 9/11 - and now this. he is a repugnant immoral ambulance chaser. It is possible James Tracy is attempting to establish himself in this market - but, personally, i think the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory was miscalculation on his part. what's really sad is that he had a good job - a career - that he COULD have built on thru legitimate research and writing. he could have taught about the 'culture of conspiracy theories' without actually jumping aboard the clown car and joining them. idiot. low IQ bad toupee-wearing scum of the earth idiot. i had read that he was on paternity leave. i wonder how his wife feels about all of this? as a MOTHER - how can she support his actions? shameful. it is all so shameful. it is all so sad and shameful.