Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wolfgang Heading Back to Newtown for FOIA

"[In] light of the horror of the incident investigated, and further emotional harm that the families of victims would suffer from additional publicity that would result from the public disclosure of witness statements, [CSP] did not abuse their discretion [by] declining to release the records"
 -- Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission denying Halbig's request for Officer witness statements.
Attorney Victor Perpetua

The Connecticut FOIA Commission Hearing Officer, Mr. Perpetua, has published his proposed decision in Halbig versus Connecticut State Police  and the ruling is exactly as anticipated.

The Commission meets to discuss the proposed ruling on 9-28-16.  While attendance by the parties is not required, Halbig and his attorney, tL. Kay Wilson typically attend.

Wolfgang prevails on the release of Dash Cams and loses on the release of police witness statements.

The proposed ruling can be read here:

The hearing was covered here:

Wolfgang Halbig is requesting several Dash Cam's, including the Lt. Sinko Dash Cam he already has. Halbig also sought the release of graphic witness statements from Newtown Police Officers.

Wolfgang and Kay's Sinko Dash Cam Whopper
The ruling indicates the Connecticut State Police are in violation of the Freedom of Information Act and therefore must immediately release the Dash Cams to Halbig.

According to the ruling, Halbig will not receive the witness statements of the Newtown Police Officers.

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Unknown future

It is anticipated that the Connecticut State Police will appeal the ruling.  It does not seem likely the agency would simply turn the DVD's over to Halbig..

It is unclear if Halbig will appeal for the release of the witness statements.  He is currently sitting on about $100,000 in donations; so he certainly could afford to pursue that course.

Newtown has not yet indicated if they would intervene in any appeal to  seek exemption of the Bahamonde and Chapman videos due to the minors that are seen in the video. Newtown has previously indicated they oppose the release of the Dash Cams on that basis; although they did not formally make the argument before the Commission in this case.

Antics in Newtown

Wolfgang is well known for causing a scene and getting himself banned from public areas and schools in the Newtown area. Thus far he has not given warning any plans for this trip; however, Newtown should be on notice of the potential for trouble with Halbig and his hoaxers. 

Previously, Halbig had threaten to find a Newtown family.  Hoaxers believe their little daughter is an agent or actor who played one of the Sandy Hook victims and they have been relentlessly stalking the young child.



Jeff said...

It's pretty simple.

Halbig already has those dash cam videos.
He expects to find something different from the ones he already has.
As we all know, that's not going to happen because there is no difference.

Now Halbigs hand has been forced. He gets the same videos that he already has.

Now what, Wolfie?

Anonymous said...

"Previously, Halbig had threaten to find a Newtown family. Hoaxers believe their little daughter is an agent or actor who played one of the Sandy Hook victims and they have been relentlessly stalking the young child."
Wolfgang Halbig knows the risk, being beaten up by her parents, if he ever approached that girl or her home. Unless he hasn't a death wish, he won't do it.
His intentions show his double standards, he complains about his family being harassed and threatened by unknown people.

Anonymous said...

Well, now he's going to claim, they've been scrubbed or altered in some fashion.

I hope this POS comes back to Newton with his short bus of clowns....they need to confronted and told what a bunch of idiots they are.