Friday, September 2, 2016

Tony Mead's attacks on Sandy Hook parents proves his lies

Who is Tony Mead of Hollywood, Florida you ask?
Here is a RipOff Report on Tony Mead.  Here is a Miami Herald article that mentions him.  He is famous for one thing - he is disgusting. How creepy and disgusting is he?

Here is his comment on the new Sandy Hook School

Tony Mead is the creepy wild eyed conspiracy theorist that shills for Wolfgang Halbig through his group of tightly controlled conspiracy wackos, the Sandy Hook Hoax group.

Tony Mead runs Sandy Hook Hoax Group as a heavily censored tightly controlled group. If anyone does not fall in lockstep with Tony Mead's thinking, they are ridiculed, banned, and possibly even gang stalked.

Recently, Tony Mead had quite a post on Sandy Hook Hoax.

Tony Mead's claim:
In nearly 4 years of being an Admin on this Page, not once has anyone from Newtown come forward to say that "My child attended that school and was friends with one of the victims".
I wonder why . . .
First, if you see Tony Mead lurking around, be very careful. Do not approach him and offer to answer his questions.  That is exactly what he hoping someone will do with that post.

The post is sucker bait; a phishing scam.  Tony knows he is lying because Tony Mead has talked to several parents from Sandy Hook.  Tony even called Gene Rosen, resulting in a warning from the police for harassment.

Tony goes trolling for prey...
It appears that Tony is attempting to lure a Sandy Hook parent into his group so the group can gang stalk and harass them and their small children. That is, after all, what they do.  That is what they have done to every Sandy Hook parent who has dared contact Tony Mead. Contacting Tony Mead would be a grave, dangerous mistake, unless you are prepared for the aftermath, where your information is distributed to a wide network of hoaxers and they are told to "dig, dig, dig" into you.

Here is Tony harassing a parent of one of the children who survived the shooting in Room 10.    After harassing her, he dispersed her texts into his group of gang stalkers.  While I have redacted her last name here, of course it was not redacted for the Sandy Hook stalker group.

Several Sandy Hook parents have approached Tony Mead and tried to help open Tony Mead's glossy eyes by offering to answer questions.  What did Tony and his group of mongrels do? They reward their new prey with gang stalking and harassment.

Here is a video of Tony Mead and his hoaxer pal, Thomas Lapp (former Halbig admin) showing what they do to Sandy Hook parents who dare contact them.  This video is proof Tony Mead's claim above is a total lie. Tony Mead, in his own words:

Notice how Tony Mead and Thomas Lapp put out the gang stalk hit instructing their minions to "dg, dig, dig" into the woman.  They put out the mother's full name and address, hoping to encourage someone to make a visit.  Tony Mead, two years later, still has this woman's information posted in his chat. It is redacted in my video.

Another Sandy Hook Parent, Lenny Pozner, joined in Sandy Hook Hoax in an attempt to answer Tony's questions and Tony's group has been gang stalking and threatening him since.

Tony Mead attacking a Sandy Hook parent:

Not an honest bone in your body Tony Mead, you are proven a liar.  

Tony getting a call from Lenny at Tony's request.

Tony is not only a liar, he lies alot. This makes him a good partner with Wolfgang Halbig.  Here, Tony and Wolfgang team up to spread lies about a Sandy Hook responder:

Tony's (and Wolfgang's) lie about Robert Kenny was debunked here:

When exposed, the liar doubles down
Once Tony Mead's lies are exposed, he doubles down.  Just like in his flexfit scheme.  The Flexfit debacle was proven to be one of Tony Mead's biggest hoaxes he helped perpetrate on his group of lockstep sheep:

Debunked over and over, including here:

Not just debunked, but proven that Tony Mead's group completely fabricated the entire thing.

The vice president of Flexfit debunked Tony Mead and proved his group fabricated a fraudulent email!  In the face is irrefutable proof, Tony Mead only doubles down on the lie.

Tony Mead - Wolfgang Halbig shill
Here is Tony shilling for Wolfgang when Wolfgang was pretending he was quitting about a year ago.

Tony Mead's flock has one main purpose, raise money for Wolfgang Halbig.  Tony Mead will harass his own members to donate, even if they are single mothers who can't afford it.  Wolfgang, of course, loves Tony's "work", even if it means a single mother cant feed her children.

Tony fails Wolfgang
While I was digging around, I found this post by Tony Mead.  This post is funny.

Wolfgang raised tens of thousands of dollars promising to sue Connecticut Officials over Sandy Hook.  What Halbig really did was take the money and sue bloggers over their free speech.

Tony was bragging about Wolfgang's anti-free speech lawsuit against bloggers:

Month's ago, I had titled the above screenshot "tonycostwolf" in my personal files. Why?  I knew what was going to happen to Wolfgang, if Wolfgang followed through with his ill fated plan to infringe on free speech.

Tony linked this post:

In that post, I laid out the exact strategy bloggers could use to defeat Wolfgang's anti-free speech subpoenas.  I laid out the strategy two months before this website was even served!

 Had Tony Mead been smart enough to read the post and warn hapless Halbig, perhaps Wolfgang could have avoided the $24,000 judgment.  I told everyone exactly what could happen if the hoaxers hit bloggers with those subpoenas.  And that's EXACTLY what happened.  Predicted and planned months in advance!

Tony's slow like that.  Very funny!  

Tony went on to lie about the judgement, documented here:

But I digress..
Tony lies and is slow.  Be very careful before you trust any hoaxer, but be especially careful before you decide to speak with Tony Mead.  It is a very dangerous proposition.


Steverino said...

fuckbitch, Tony Mead...doubles down on his LIE, here:

Half way down.

Anonymous said...

why is this guy still alive? After seeing him in a doc from 4 years ago, I was SURE he would have been killed (or, better, maimed badly) by some of the people he's hurt/antagonized by now. I mean, he definitely has it coming.