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Retraction Issued by Sandy Hook Facts: ZeeRoe3 Impersonation of Jonathan Reich

Retraction is hereby issued by Sandy Hook Facts for statements or actions attributed to Jonathan Reich when those claims were made by ZeeRoe3, who was intentionally impersonating Jonathan Reich.

ZeeRoe3 Impersonates Jonathan Reich

Sandy Hook Facts is currently issuing retractions in certain articles whereby it was suggested ZeeRoe3 was or might be Jonathan Reich and attributing acts and deeds of ZeeRoe3 to Jonathan Reich.  

ZeeRoe3 is co-host to Sandy Hook Justice Report and members of that organization purport themselves to be a friends of Jonathan Reich. A central theme of the Sandy Hook Justice organization is helping Jonathan Reich.

Within the past year "the real" Jonathan Reich has been making more and more public appearances, appearing on John Wells' international radio show, "Caravan to Midnight Episode 374", alongside Wolfgang Halbig and even thanked Wolfgang for his "help" during that show.  Jonathan Reich also appeared with Hoax Group Members on the show "Sandy Hook CAPSTONE Drills Fully Explained!"  published 1-14-15.    Several Jonathan Reich fundraisers have also been widely publicized by hoaxers.

Two "real" Reich public appearances can be viewed here:

Jonathan Reich's case is trumpeted on Sandy Hook Justice websites; in fact, entire hoaxer websites and articles are dedicated to him such as "".   Wolfgang Halbig has used the Jonathan Reich case fundraise for years in countless emails, radio, and video appearances.  Jonathan Reich's case is mentioned in every Sandy Hook Justice Report published.

In fact, when Wolfgang Halbig wrote the NAACP falsely (and disgustingly) claiming to have been the driver for Martin Luther King, Jr., the subject of the email itself was Jonathan Reich.

Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host Busted
When ZeeRoe3 impersonated Reich, the information was often taken as credible and reasonably assumed to be accurate and from Reich himself, especially since ZeeRoe3 would bolster his claims presenting documents that he could only have come from Reich himself.  

ZeeRoe3 has admitted to impersonating Jonathan Reich. Additionally, it has been conclusively proven ZeeRoe3 is in fact not Jonathan Reich.  ZeeRoe3 admits he specifically targeted Sandy Hook Facts to impersonate Jonathan Reich and admits he did so it cause "defamation" and therefore his acts to publicly defame Reich and harm Reich were malicious.

Additionally, several other Youtube users have published videos and comments about ZeeRoe3 impersonating Reich; therefore the impersonation was wide spread.

Now one might think Wolfgang Halbig would not appreciate these illegal deeds done by his representative and co-host; but you would be wrong.  Wolfgang has is on record as laughing at that ZeeRoe3's impersonation  and "aka Jonathan Reich"; very much appearing to make light of ZeeRoe's nefarious deeds.

You can listen to Wolfgang enjoying ZeeRoe3 "aka" Jonathan Reich a few weeks ago, on Wolf's very own program:   30 min mark.

Sickeningly, ZeeRoe3 called it "like Christmas" that people fell for this conspiracy and impersonation hoax.

ZeeRoe3 Impersonates Sandy Hook Facts hoaxing Youtube
In addition to impersonating Jonathan Reich, ZeeRoe3 is also currently operating a fake Sandy Hook Facts channel and therefore appears to be a serial impersonator.

Jonathan Reich Fundraising
Sandy Hook Justice raises quite a bit of money based on the case of Jonathan Reich.

Jonathan Reich's Carvan to Midnight Appearance has
been viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Coinciding with that fundraising, co-host ZeeRoe3 admitted to impersonating Reich online.

For months, public controversy has raged as to whether ZeeRoe3 was impersonating Jonathan Reich or was actually Jonathan Reich pulling a ruse.

 Joel's video and see Tiffany M's videos are examples of this hotly contested controversy within the "Youtube social media community".  ZeeRoe3 did a good job convincing many that he was Reich.

Reich making public appearances on popular web broadcasts actually helped the ruse because it was obvious Reich was was back on Youtube making his rounds.

Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host ZeeRoe3 Admits Impersonation
ZeeRoe3's now scrubbed impersonation admission came as quite a shock to many. While he has attempted to scrub the evidence off the internet, evidence was archived and preserved by many and in many locations including:

The compelling proof that ZeeRoe3 and Jonathan Reich are in fact two different people was exposed in this must watch video by Joel:

Possible Fraud
It is very possible that ZeeRoe3's activities impersonating and victimizing Jonathan Reich during fundraising for Sandy Hook Justice could be fraud on the part of ZeeRoe3, especially if people relied on ZeeRoe's admitted false claims and donated money to Sandy Hook Justice. Moreover, the impersonation, if in furtherance of the goals of Sandy Hook Justice, especially during their fundraising periods,  could expose Sandy Hook Justice to legal jeopardy.  ZeeRoe3 and Sandy Hook Justice are linked at the hip are on record admitting to together extensively.

Wolfgang appears to indicate he was complicit by enjoying a good laugh with his co-host "ZeeRoe3 aka Jonathan Reich".

At a very minimum, ZeeRoe3's acts to impersonate Reich were malicious and damaging to the reputation of Jonathan Reich.

Why would ZeeRoe3 expose Sandy Hook Justice and Jonathan Reich to that harm? That is unknown.

Sandy Hook Facts is presently laboriously reviewing blog posts to insure information errors causes by ZeeRoe3's impersonation are removed.

If you notice such an error that requires removal, please contact wadesvideo at

Jonathan Reich still a fugitive
None of this changes the fact that Jonathan Reich is still wanted by the State of Connecticut, with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest, and has been charged with harassment. For nearly a year, he has not appeared to clear his "FTA" warrant.   While courts consider him innocent until proven guilty, his own public actions have caused the public to wonder, why is he running?

If at such time as Jonathan begins to take care of his pending criminal case, that will be still be covered by this blog.

Sandy Hook Facts remains dedicated to factual reporting of the Sandy Hook Shooting, debunking the conspiracies, and reporting on the public misdeeds and legal actions of Sandy Hook hoaxers.

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