Thursday, September 1, 2016

Newtown School Threatened by hoaxer!

I received this message- waiting to confirm.  Is it Able1212 or someone else? We shall see.
*breaking news*

thank you for keeping up the fight to expose these sickos. i was informed last night by Dr. Joseph Erardi, Superintendent of Schools - Newtown Public Schools that there has been another threat:

"In partnership with the Newtown Police Department we continue to be vigilant with any type of threat to our schools and community. In advance of the new school year the district received a threatening phone call which was immediately investigated by our police department.

The perpetrator, who had additionally made numerous calls to other districts, has been identified, detained, and will be arrested. This information will most likely be in the news in the immediate future."

The only thing that Halbig and his minions are doing is putting children (grades k thru 4) in danger by stirring up people with mental illnesses and inspiring them to act out. Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead are a danger to community - putting innocent CHILDREN at risk.

the idea that Halbig describes himself as a child-safety expert makes me want to puke. His actions are DIRECTLY endangering the safety of children.

Thank you so much for maintaining this blog and continuing to shine light on this problem. 

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