Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hoaxers Double Down on Gangstalking Newtown Child

When is the village going to rise up and cast out it's monsters? Right now, a little Newtown girl is being gang stalked by crazy, dirty old men, and heavily armed wild eyed fanatics.  The authorities are doing NOTHING!  Are we waiting for the hoaxers to spill more blood?

Hoaxers are raging and this time, the target of their rage is a little Newtown girl. The last time the hoaxers were raging this hard was after the Bundy Ranch standoff.  Hoaxers Jerad and Amanda Miller, killed two police officers and a civilian before being stopped.

Several more hoaxers have been arrested for violence, threats, and stalking.  Now they make their target known. We must act!

Gang Stalking Bender

In perhaps the most egregious coordinated gang stalking of a child I have ever seen, the hoaxers have doubled down, posting vile, disgusting lies in what appears to be an effort to instigate one of their mentally followers into violence against a little girl. If violence from a hoaxer follower is not intended, it is certainly a foreseeable result!

Frankly, it is not the hoaxers you will see listed here who are likely to do violence, it is the follower. The wild eyed fanatic adorned with a tin foil hat frantically sucking on his bong while clutching his assault rifles waiting on Obama to "come take his guns".  These are the ones convinced  by hoaxer drivel posted on youtube or montefrank.com

Why the hoaxer rage?

 The attacks on the small girl via video and blog have reached a feverish pitch every since Wolfgang Halbig began pretending his was "leaving" over "threats".

According to Memoryholeblog, Wolfgang Halbig received an email from "Jonathan Reich"  that warned Halbig to take down his content about the child:

It would appear the email is purporting to be from a Newtown resident since it states "Stay out of Newtown. Never come here again. Ever."  

ZeeRoe3 has admitted to impersonating Jonathan Reich in the past.

Sandy Hook Justice instantly blamed Sandy Hook Facts for the email; a categorically false and defamatory claim.  Sandy Hook Facts had nothing to do with it, whatsoever.

Note: Since the initial writing of this article, NY Mag published a piece that confirmed it is several Newtowners sending emails to Halbigs family, vindicating Sandy Hook Facts and disproving Halbig's defamatory claims.

"We're gonna find Mr. Urbina"
The result of the email is an increase in the already feverish gang stalking of a Newtown child. That feverish gang stalking began last year when Wolfgang Halbig, live on air to a Alex Jones reporter promised he would "Find Mr. Urbina, Mr. Monte Frank, and Avielle Richman."

It is bone chilling to realize Wolfgang Halbig is threatening to "find" a deceased child.  Imagine if Wolfgang and the hoaxers believed your child was Avielle Richman? One family is experiencing that right now!  Hoaxers believe an innocent child, living in Newtown, is Avielle Richman.  And they are promising to find her.

Subsequent to that widely publicized InfoWars recorded threat, numerous articles were printed about the child.

Why are the hoaxers gang stalking this child and her family and exposing her to harm?

The girl bears a resemblance to Sandy Hook School victim, Avielle Richman.  While the Newtown girl is about 5 years older than Avielle and official proof of death of Avielle is available, hoaxers lack common sense and decency.  A slight resemblance is enough to justify stalking a child.

Avielle Richman
Killed December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre

Avielle Richman was born 10-17-2006 and died in Classroom 10 of Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-2012.  Avielle's death is publicly verified by Death Certificate as verified by the United States Social Security Death Index:

Avielle's death certificate is available for order from Newtown Town Clerk.

Stalking of a girl
Hoaxers are stalking a Newtown girl named Lenie U. (minors name redacted), who bears a slight resemblance to Avielle Richman.  It is shocking to me that in today's day and age, we are allowing the gang stalking of a small child; especially when some of those stalking the child are some filthy, corrupt, old men and predatory adult males.

Villages have always banded together to protect their children from monsters.  When are we going to band together and protect the children from hoaxers?  

Let's look at what some of the hoaxers are saying and doing.

Wolfgang Halbig:
Wolfgang Halbig leads the hoaxers against the child. In addition to the threat to "Find Mr. Urbina" above, Halbig post her photo dozens of times along with disgusting, filthy commentary. He demonstrates his obsession discussing the child in interview after interview. The man is vile.  In addition to all the filth this man spews, he apparently owns MonteFrank.com,

MonteFrank.com is a predatory website that is being used to coordinate the gang stalking of several people, including the child.  If Halbig is proven to be the owner, he should be in jail just for his website alone.

Archive link to Wolfgang Halbig's facebook. 

MonteFrank.com and Jonathan Reich
While Wolfgang Halbig is reportedly the owner of the website, and likely has content control, it is apparently authored by Jonathan Reich, according to Sandy Hook Hoax group leader Tony Mead (Hollywood, FL).  According to Tony, Reich, along with a "couple of others" authored the content regarding the little girl that was posted to MonteFrank.com.


Tony Mead was referencing the article "Monte Frank and Curtis Urbina have a lot of explaining to do"; a blog post made immediately after Halbig's threat to "find Mr. Urbina".

Jonathan Reich - Fugitive from Justice
Tony's claim that Jonathan Reich authors MonteFrank.com content would make sense considering Reich is wanted by Connecticut on a $100,000 warrant for harassment related to his conspiratorial Sandy Hook beliefs. This would certainly be inline with the proclivities alleged by Connecticut. That type of stalking seems right up his alley.

 Cory T. Sklanka,
Cory Sklanka aka "Sleight of Sin" (Middletown, CT) has turned on his own state and now works for Wolfgang Halbig in numerous capacities, including participating with the website and co-hosting Sandy Hook Justice broadcasts.  Sklanka hid his "Sleight of Sin" videos after he was doxed; nonetheless, he remains very active and is easily one of the worst hoaxers out there. More concerning than his rampant hoaxer activities, he also may have access to military weaponry as a Sergeant with the Connecticut National Guard.

Cory Sklanka demonstrates his excitement at Wolfgang's FOIA hearing in Connecticut.

Cory Sklanka was reported to be the driver (and owner) of the blue Honda when School Security reported the hoaxers filming children at St. Rose of Lima. Wolfgang was in that blue Honda car.   Wolfgang Halbig was subsequently banned from the school to keep him far from those children.

ZeeRoe3 is Wolfgang Halbig's webmaster and right hand man, co-host.

While it is widely believed ZeeRoe3 is actually Jonathan Reich; ZeeRoe3 denies this.   ZeeRoe3 states he merely impersonates Jonathan Reich.

Joel published a video "debunking" ZeeRoe's impersonation of Reich. Tiffany Moser, once friends with Reich states ZeeRoe3 is definitely Reich.  At this stage it will be for the reader (and perhaps soon, the courts) to decide if ZeeRoe3 is in fact Jonathan Reich.

If ZeeRoe3 is Reich, Reign needs a mental hospital STAT.  If he isn't Reich, we need to know who this predator is and to hold him accountable for his direct stalking and impersonation of others (including Jonathan Reich).

Oddly enough, when emails surface from within the Sandy Hook Justice organization, no "ZeeRoe3" is to be found; only Jon Reich, Wolfgang Halbig, and Cory Sklanka.  Things that make you go, hmmm.. Here is an example:

ZeeRoe3 is the primary author and webmaster of MonteFrank.com, HartfordCommunityCourt.com, and SandyHookJusticeReport.com.  As author of and webmaster of some of the most vile hoaxer content, including the stalking of children, it is obvious ZeeRoe3 is one of the most dangerous child predators there are.

 A subpoena or search warrant would be needed to obtain his identity, and soon; preferably before he does more harm. ZeeRoe3's slander campaign and close affiliation with Sandy Hook Justice has ensured he would be part of ANY legal action concerning Sandy Hook Justice.

Impersonating Sandy Hook Facts
In addition to impersonating Jonathan Reich, ZeeRoe3 is currently operating a Youtube channel impersonating Sandy Hook Facts. Impersonation of my channel by hoaxers is old hat. They make comments with their fake channels then purport those comments to be by me.  ZeeRoe3's actions are part of his ongoing work with Sandy Hook Justice and Sandy Hook Justice is liable for the defamation, stalking, and impersonation.

James Tracy
James Tracy, a disgraced former professor, has piled on gang stalking the little girl by parroting the information pushed by  MonteFrank.com.

Tony Mead
As leader of Sandy Hook hoaxers, you would expect that Tony Mead is heavily involved in pushing the gang stalking of the little girl, and he is! Tony makes post after post attacking the little girl. The foreseeable result of the hoaxer actions is to push one of Tony's wild eyed followers over the edge and cause the child harm.

Here the hoaxers fabricate "evidence" to add to their gang stalking of the Newtown child.  In the photo pushed by MonteFrank.com and Tony Mead, hoaxers flip Avielle's photo and then photoshop it to add the name "Lenie U".   This  photoshopped ruse is one of the photos used by Dallas Expert James Appleton.  How stupid can an expert be to fall for that?

This is their "proof" the girls are the same. A photo they flip and label. Typical hoaxer lies.

Dallas Expert James Appleton
James Appleton, an expert in Dallas, Tx sold his soul to the devil. Paid handsomely by Wolfgang Halbig, this man added fuel to the fire when he absurdly declared the children to be the same. Appleton is alleged to be a non-hoaxer; however, he was never man enough to retract his ridiculous analysis.

Robin Weigel
A paranoid whack job out of Los Angelas, CA, Robin Weigel aka "HowISeeit", "HowIseeworld", "HowISeeSandyHook" is one of the most vile predators out there.  A rabid antisemitic who goes on racist rants, he targets Lenny Pozner for some of his most rabid vitriol.

Robin Weigel makes video after video about the little girl leading his followers with filthy commentary about the child.



Call to Action
I call on authorities to do something. Are we going to wait until the hoaxers hurt this child? Why as a society are we allowing the gang stalking of a child?    A village must take out the monsters that prey on children.  That is what needs to happen here.

Update: ZeeRoe3 has been confirmed to be impersonating Jonathan Reich.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Reich is the only person, who broke the law, the others are exercising their First Amendment rights. There is nothing the authorities can do, to stop them. The National Guard should ask Cory T. Sklanka question about his links to the hoaxer movement and see, if he is a real danger to the public.
What surprises me, is that no hoaxers has been killed or seriously injured while confronting a grieving parent or a child, who looks like one the victim.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

I do not believe their gangstalking and false information about a minor is protected by the first amendment.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Robin Weigel, Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead have identified Lenie Urbina, A MINOR...as proof of this crime. Weigel is openly threatening her parents and the parents of deceased victim, Avielle Richman. They ARE harassing and terrorizing these people and THEY WILL BE REPORTED to Homeland Security.

Unknown said...

I agree, the hoaxers are evil scum and should be forced to leave this family alone.

There is video footage of Nate and Ben W (posted by their parents) taken in early December 2012. There is footage of Nate and Lenie from 12/12 and photos of them at the Super Bowl. There is also a photo of Ben and Avielle together, taken a couple of months before 12/12. Avielle is much shorter than Ben. The height order is clearly Nate, Lenie, Ben, Avielle. I made a photo showing this a while ago but decided against posting it - didn't have (or ask for) parental permission and the hoaxers would just say "fake".

SandyHookFacts.com said...

If you watch Nelba, she grieves all day... it will break your heart. SHe shows plenty of videos and photos of her daughter. Hoaxers are idiotic and cruel to do this to these victims.