Monday, September 19, 2016

Dan Bidondi apologizes for the stalking of Sandy Hook Families

Dan Bidondi has apologized for the stalking of the families by the Sandy Hook Hoaxers.  He wants to make clear he is not associated with that.

As is known, a Newtown family and their little girl is being stalked by hoaxers relentlessly. Setting the stage, Sandy Hook Justice operatives and employees, Sandy Hook Hoax Group, and ZeeRoe3, via their social media feeds and their websites,  have published articles, videos, and photos attacking the family.   The hoaxers have chosen to stalk this girl because of slight resemblance.  Other Newtown and Newtown associated families have experienced this internet gangstalking as well.

Sandy Hook Facts has covered this stalking extensively.  

Thank you Dan, for stepping up.   I wish more hoaxers would realize they just can't act like beasts and animals.  That's not truth. That is terrorism.

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Anonymous said...

He's still an asshole he makes claims he CAN'T BACK UP said...

I just listened to an interview where he lied and said the bushmaster was in the trunk . His lies aside and he is basically a compulsive liar I wanted to recognize that he did apologize for the hoaxers that are stocking the little girls . said...

stalking.. sorry used voice text

Anonymous said...

Dan Bidondi assaulted me, a woman, wounding my knees. He is a known associate of white supremacists, antisemites, xenophobes, and neo-fascists. He deserves to be called out for the bigot he is.