Monday, November 23, 2015

Wolfgang continues to slander Sandy Hook Facts

Wolfgang's coordinated assault against Sandy Hook Facts continues.  It is obvious Sandy Hook Justice is willing to use any measure to silence anyone would exposes their operations.

Wolfgang's agent,  co-host, and webmaster Zeeroe3 launched a two part video assault on Sandy Hook Facts filled with lies and innuendo claiming that Sandy Hook Facts is some type of government agent or operative.  Wolfgang's followers promptly labeled me "Illuminati" and "Zionist" in a vicious blast of antisemitism.

Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host ZeeRoe3 and Cory Sklanka have published accounts of their coordinated Sandy Hook Justice conspiracy to defame; in fact, they have gone so far as to give their conspiracy a name: "Operation Angler's Hook". They have presented this conspiracy in multiple videos.

The two-part video series, from beginning to end, accuses Sandy Hook Facts of having a "privilege of information" and the innuendo is that that only some government agent could have access to such "information".

As evidence the video shows a series of screen shots such as this one:

Since SHF did what Wolfgang could not do, ie, get actual documents and information, Wolfgang's crew considers this evidence of "conspiracy".

No doubt SHF has had many exclusives; however, that is through hard nosed digging and dogged factual research with actual ability.

Of course, Sandy Hook Justice's primary evidence that SHF is some sort of government agent cites Sandy Hook Facts exclusive release of "Exhibit O".

"Exhibit O" has been a thorn in Wolfgang's paw because Halbig was going around making the claim Attorney Monte Frank release all his witnesses.  "Exhibit O" proved Wolfgang had sufficient advanced notice the witness was unavailable; a fact Halbig had been hiding from his donors.  The letter proves Halbig was warned around April 20, 2015 that the Helicopter Pilot was unavailable to testify in accordance with the subpoena due to military duty; the pilot had not been released by Attorney Monte Frank. 

The article was published here:

Wolfgang's inability to accomplish even the simplest FOIA request was overshadowed by the release of Exhibit O, which suggested gross incompetence on the part of a supposed National Safety Expert, supposed expert witness, and indeed, his attorney.  After all, Halbig was claiming the pilot was his key witness. Why wouldn't Halbig's attorney make a legal move to get the pilot there or the date changed to when the pilot could be present if the pilot was so key to their case?

Halbig, in more than one interview, absurdly went on to claim that he had never seen Exhibit O.

Halbig's Sandy Hook Justice crew then created a false narrative based on Halbig's claim.  Cory Sklanka went on air, as part of the so-called "angler's hook" conspiracy to claim that "Exhibit O" was not part of the FOIA court record.

The truth about "Exhibit O" is it is part of the public record, and Sandy Hook Justice's absurd narrative and a full debunking of Halbig can be viewed here:

The video shows Halbig handling the Exhibit. Then Kay Wilson offers the exhibit to Comm. Streeter as a "full exhibit".  Attorney Monte Frank objects calling it hearsay.  After argument,  Comm. Streeter admits Exhibit O and Halbig clenches his fists to his followers and giggles at his "victory" in getting the exhibit entered. Halbig then directs "Mark it on the Cover Letter" directly instructing the Exhibit to be marked.  This is a direct copy of "Exhibit O" marked exactly as directed by Wolfgang Halbig::

Exhibit A was such a poignant moment in the hearing that it could not be reasonably forgotten by the participants. Furthermore, this moment was filmed by press including InfoWars and Mert Melfa.  The item was marked in official government document.   There can be no explanation for their blatant disinfo as a part of their slanderous conspiracy against Sandy Hook Facts.

Wolfgang went so far as to declare the videos "Two videos that must be watched by anyone who calls themselves a true Patriot and loves their country" and "These videos must be shared with every politician, parent, grandparent, educator K-20 who actually believes in protecting our country.
You need to get them these videos."

 The goal was to make his followers believe that SHF had information only SHF could get and therefore was some sort of government operative.  The reality is SHF researches factual public records in an ongoing investigation of the Sandy Hook shooting and subsequent invention of the Sandy Hook Hoax by hoaxers of Wolfgang's ilk. Exhibit O, like every other document SHF has presented, is available but for the simple appropriate public records request.

As shown Halbig was fully aware of Exhibit O, going so far as to direct actual sticker placement on the document; therefore, the real goal was inciting hatred among his followers had the desired effect as Sandy Hook Facts was declared a "Zionist Illuminati shill" on Wolfgang Halbig's very own Facebook page.

Wolfgang's followers latched onto the concept immediately and began sharing it far and wide, in addition to attacking SHF and specific Newtown parents.

In addition to demonizing and slandering SHF, Halbig uses his campaign against Sandy Hook Facts as a fund raising ploy, convincing his followers that attacking SHF is "fighting the government".

Sandy Hook Justice has lost sight of it's stated mission, and instead taken on a personnel vendetta of silencing anyone that would dare expose or debunk them and, as the they admit, specifically Sandy Hook Facts.

Sandy Hook Justice works to silence SHF and avert the U.S. Constitution and free speech and does so on multiple fronts by using SLAPP lawsuits and by overt attack with disinformation and lies.  

9/26/16 Updated:  Article updated and retraction issued. - Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host ZeeRoe3 admitted to impersonating Jonathan Reich as part of the above listed incident.


Anonymous said...

This is simply my hypothesis, but I get the impression that we are seeing the laying of a foundation for an alternate angle of selling the hoax.

News of Halbig's rather substantial financial hit from attempting to silence SHF via a personal legal initiative could not have remained shielded by SHH et al forever. I would suspect that donations probably have seen an appreciable decline because of it; How many hoaxers would be inclined to donate knowing that their money is not going to finance legal proceedings in CT but instead to cover Halbig's personal losses?

By inventing a story line that makes SHF an integral part of a supposed cover-up, the personal nature of his legal flop would effectively diminish. He could claim that he suspected SHF of being some sort of agent long ago and initiated the libel suit to flush him out; to get to the agent and to use this angle to uncover their 'truth'.

Fetzer's book is publicly getting shredded, Halbig's FOIA efforts are generating nothing, something fresh was needed. If an alternate focus on an alleged agent variety of tactic was successful and employed, hoaxer's will not think twice to fund Halbig's endeavors to take SHF down.

Anonymous said...

It's time to alert the real media of this delusional conspriatard(s) and expose his twisted mentality and calls for victims make the general public aware this is happening to people who have suffered a great loss.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying for over a year to get the mainstream media to cover this problem. They refuse to.