Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoaxers declare the Paris Attack Hoax

Who benefits from hoaxers?
Who supports their operations?

Demonstrating the filth and disease that is the "hoaxer", hoax leaders have declared the Paris attacks "a hoax".

We are well accustomed to seeing Sandy Hook hoaxers declare the entire town of Newtown as "in on the hoax" for "free houses" and to "take our guns". We have even seen hoax leaders declare children as "in on it", such as this offering by James Tracy's blog:

It is nearly unbelievable that hoaxers leaders can convince their following that the entire city of Paris; indeed, the entire nation of France "in on it", yet that is exactly the propaganda campaign that is underway.

The question that needs to be asked is "who benefits" from these well financed propaganda campaigns?

Predictably, the hoaxers have already declared the victims in France to be "crisis actors" and the terrorist attack as "staged".

The hoaxer "evidence" of hoax is as idiotic as usual, such as declaring these four women as the same "actor".

The propaganda machine when into full swing, almost immediately.  Hoax leaders declared the Paris attacks a  "hoax" even as the attack was still breaking news.

The mentally ill followers aside, who at the top tiers of  "Hoaxerism" really benefit's from the "Everything is a hoax" meme? Who finances the huge efforts by Hoax leaders?   Who pays their salaries and their lawyers and the video making fees?

Are little fundraisers like this really paying for multiple lawyers to engage numerous blogs, blogs that "dare" to speak out about against the hoaxers?  These lawyers engage in some of the most expensive litigation there is.  The lawyers file high priced  "libel" cases charging "slander against a public figure" and they persecute these blogs, suppressing free speech.

Call the average libel attorney and offer them $795 to file a libel suit, see how far that gets you.

 Perhaps it's time to follow the money, because the "terrorists are hoaxes" and "shooters are hoaxes"   memes only benefit those bent on destroying free society.

At this time, it's is likely the same members of the extremists groups that attacked France are also pouring into the USA. When are we going to be attacked next?   Why are hoax leaders covering for them?

In addition to supporting enemies of society, the hoaxers marginalize healthy questioning and examination of the news around us; in fact, hoaxers drag all "truthers" down the drain with them.

Sandy Hook Facts extents it's heartfelt condolences in support of the people of France.  We stand with you, as you have stood with us so often in our history.    We will not bow down to terrorists nor those in society that aid and abet their goals.

Sandy Hook Facts
Stands with France

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Anonymous said...

Clearly it is an organized campaign. I knew this 10 years ago when Jim Fetzer came fresh from corrupting the JFK assassination researcher community and began disrupting and spreading disinformation about 9/11.