Sunday, November 15, 2015

Aurora, Boston, Sandy Hook, Paris "Crying Crisis Actor" Debunked as a total fraud.

One of the many fraudulent claims by Sandy Hook Hoaxers is that Carlee Soto appears at numerous mass shootings as a "crisis actor". Conspiracy theorists repeat and parrot the meme ad nauseum throughout the internet.

Let's take a look at the latest "evidence" the hoaxers are using to show the Paris tragedy was a "government hoax".

First, the image itself.  As I was looking through the originals, looking for a decent size to compare, I noticed they were not even the same. The photo used by hoaxers has been manipulated

Here is the meme touted by hoaxers.

This is the original.

Manipulation & Hoaxer Fraud
 Actual Version

She is quite obviously not Carlee Soto (almost odd to have to say that).

Other's "Crying Girls" Debunked  - Amanda Madek ,  "Dark Knight Rising/Aurora, Colorado theaters shooting
Her sister Micaylah was murdered, thus causing Amanda to become a target.

In the hoaxer meme, the hoaxers intentionally mislabel Amanda Medek "Boston" in order to add to the deception and make it harder to track the original.

Amanda Madek came be to be slandered as a "crisis actor" and re-victimized after losing her sister in a horrific shooting just because she happens to be a brunette, and thus by Hoaxer "comparisons" she must be the "crisis actor" who also played Carlee Soto.  The hoaxers push this meme despite the fact she is obviously not Carlee Soto, as even a cursory image search reveals.   

This lady was photographed:

Emma MacDonald, Boston Bombing

At the time, a student at Boston University, Emma Macdonald is the third innocent lady victimized by hoaxers and declared a "crisis actor".  To add to the deception, she is intentionally mislabeled as "Aurora". She was photographed at a vigil and is easily found by cursory google search.  She bears no resemblance to Carlee Soto. 

She is easily researched as Emma MacDonald

Friend of Rachel Semplice, also pictured

 Emma MacDonald's Facebook Profile Picture

The Hoaxers are not investigators. They use deceptive manipulation and lies to deceive their followers into believing "hoaxer".

That is why they are called hoaxers.  They hoax their viewers and followers with false claims.

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