Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In support of Carlee Soto against hoaxer iPredation

Imagine, for a moment, your sister is murdered as she is with a group of six year old children, who are also killed.  It is unimaginable.

I could say "meet Carlee Soto", but I think we all know of her and her story.

A remarkable and beautiful young lady; her only crime in life has been express emotion when her sister, Victoria Soto had her bright life snuffed out on December 14, 2012.  Victoria was murdered as she taught her first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  One of the six teachers and twenty first graders gunned down that day.

The photograph of Carlee, taken as she learned that her sister had been killed at Sandy Hook, is iconic and representative the tragedy that befell that community.

Carlee's sister was a teacher of young children. To our society, the "Victoria Soto's" are truly the best of the best.  We should cherish them.  Most of us do.

The photograph (below) of Victoria Soto, cheerfully leading a parade of her first grade students marking the 100th day of 2011-2012 school year, in the very hallway where a year later a human animal began his murderous rampage, is a glimpse of how wonderful she was.  To those of us who never met Victoria, her love and dedication to her job is obvious.

Of course, to the sane, the photograph, on it's own, debunks countless absurd hoaxer theories, not the least of which is the ridiculous claim that the school was not in operation or that Victoria Soto "never existed" or was a "crisis actor".  These are children enjoying their school and a teacher enjoying her students.

Web Metadata from that photo, from the date it was uploaded to Sandy Hook Elementary's website is available for the suspicious minds among us shows Feb. 21, 2012.  Ten months later, Ms. Soto, as she was known, would die in her classroom.

Since Carlee suffered the loss of her sister, she has been a target of Sandy Hook Hoaxers, iPredators in every sense of the word. Gangs of them have cyber stalked Carlee (and the entire Soto family) at a level few of us could imagine.  Carlee is vilified, mocked, contacted, harassed, harangued, she is threatened.

She is accused of countless crimes, including treason in a coordinated campaign of hate by hoaxers in countless articles and Youtube videos, and online "Round Table Discussions".  Hoaxers write they want to "hang" her and "dig up the graves" of her family.

Carlee and her sister Jillian were recently assaulted by Youtuber and Hoaxer, Matthew "millsmost" Mills; he is free on bail.  The incident occurred at a charity benefit in their sisters name.  Mills is currently seeking a pretrial diversionary program  even as Carlee was granted a "stay away" order.  As if some piece of paper against one hoaxer is any comfort, gangs of these hoaxers stalk her every day.  Of course, a remorseless Mills claims he was "just asking a question".

The diversionary program sought for Mills' case is the same type of program Jonathan Reich completed, and most of know how well that is turning out.

In addition, the well publicized attack on the Soto family has made Mills a instant hero, and he receives praise from the highest levels of Hoaxer groups and leaders.  Doubtless, this will encourage more attacks.

For some time, Carlee has been falsely portrayed by other hoaxers along side others as part of a viral internet meme claiming she is a "crisis actor" and has been at other tragedies such as Aurora, Boston, and Oregon. This is the classic method is which hoaxers distribute false information to push their claims, they lie:

The photo has been thoroughly debunked as a fraud, not to mention anyone with more than two brain cells can see the ladies are different people; nonetheless, debunked or not, Sandy Hook Hoax group still pushes the meme as it serves their agenda and furthers what they like to do, stalk families.  

Yes, to a hoaxer, "a cute girl in anguish" at the death of her sister is "proof of hoax".   To fully understand the hoaxer, you need only read this comment from Tony Mead (Google Plus aka Toney Heart) as he explains why he uses a picture of a little boy to harass another Sandy Hook family member, Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner.  Lenny buried his little boy.  To a hoaxer, teasing parents about the death of their child is only  the first step in their pattern of sick behavior:

The followers, hoaxer sheep, respond predictably:

Entire Facebook Groups have been established by hoaxers, especially those from Sandy Hook Hoax Group, with the sole purpose of cyber stalking Carlee Soto, encouraging more "millsmosts".     Even as one is closed down, others spring up in their place.

Are we waiting for them to hurt or kill the Soto or other Sandy Hook family members?
What responsibility does Facebook and Google Plus have, when they are on notice of the iPredation?
What can our policing agencies really do? What do we want them to be able to do?

Questions that need answers. Real questions. Real answers.

Dangerous, paranoid people, fueled by Hoax Leadership and their lies and memes, are stalking Carlee's every move.  This Hoax Group member shot his 5 week old daughter with a shotgun,  yet he brags daily about his gun collection and what he is willing to do with it; he posts daily about Carlee as he also posts about what he would do to someone who attempts to vaccinate any member of his family.  One can only imagine what he might want to do to Carlee Soto.  This is what Carlee deals with, daily.

And as a society, should we continue to stand by an allow the gang stalking, cyber bullying, and iPredation by Hoaxers. 

The Soto Family is not unique.  Most of the other Sandy Hook Families suffer similarly.  Some have ongoing campaigns leading the hoaxer hordes directly against their young daughters.

"Sandy Hook Justice" for example, is currently targeting a little girl named Jane Doe { Name Removed by Request} claiming she is the deceased daughter of Dr. Jeremy Richman, Avielle Richman.   Jane Doe, to a hoaxer, looks like Avielle Richman, and thus a suitable target for iPredation.

Never mind that this is a little girl trying to go to school and live a normal life little girls live.  In reality, she lives her life a target of by hoardes of hoaxers making countless videos and blog posts.  She will grow up reading about herself in blogs like that of Dr. James Tracy, of Florida Atlantic University.

The "evidence" that allows the hoaxer to feel justified in stalking these families is idiotic, a slight resemblance.  

In the mind of a hoaxer, it is perfectly rational to think that Avielle's father, acclaimed neuroscientist  Dr. Jeremy Richman (not to mention all of his friends and family), takes side gigs as a crisis actor forever pretending his daughter was killed.  Absurdity, yet these families are targeted at the highest levels of hoax leadership. 

It is sickness. It is sad.  It is pathetic.  I don't believe society should tolerate this cyber-stalking any more.  Something must be done to protect families from hoaxers.  When the leaders of these groups target these innocent people, they should be accountable when their membership acts. 

It is a form of domestic terrorism and it is rampant. iPredation and iStalking of the worst type, as these families come to grips with burying their own.

9/15/16 Updated to remove photos and name of minor child currently being stalked by hoaxers, by request of Honr.com.


Anonymous said...

you're doing a great job documenting all of this. Thank you.

The thing that frustrates me is that millions were donated to Sandy Hook in the wake of the tragedy - yet - to the best of my knowledge - zero has gone into a legal defense fund to take legal action against the perpetrators of these threats - as well as the corporations like Google and Facebook that enable it.

A national task force needs to be created to study and confront this problem. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter and Google/YouTube need to LEAD on this issue. We are all aware of the 1st Amendment challenges. But, private corporations are NOT obligated to carry ANY content that they deem to violate their terms of usage.

Victim's of violent crimes are NOT public figures that should be open to attack. They did not CHOOSE their notoriety and they have a RIGHT to their privacy and to be protected from gang stalking. This is COMMON FUCKING SENSE. Freedom of speech was not intended to protect gang stalking and online bullying and slander and threatening children.

I've asked this question on the HONR forums and in private emails - WHEN is this issue going to be addressed in an ORGANIZED WAY?? blogs are fine. I read yours every day trying to assess the threat to my OWN family. but i fail to see ANY meaningful organized efforts to bring attention to lawmakers and legal authorities - and it is starting to piss me the fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I had reposted some of the photos of Carlee in the JFK assassination under the impression that those memes were intended to mock the hoaxers.
I now realize that sharing that image, regardless of the intent, is wrong and I apologize.