Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fetzer's Sandy Hook Disinfo Book Goes Down!

It appears Fetzer's book is no longer on  It is believed that Amazon may be taking a stand against Hoaxers attempting to profit by telling lies and spreading disinformation about the murder of children and teachers on 12-14-12.

Sandy Hook Facts debunked co-authors Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, and James Tracy's book, proving their book is nothing but fiction in a previous blog post.

Web companies are historically very unpredictable, as such, we are still working to confirm that the removal is permanent.  We certainly hope so.  Cover to cover, the book is an intentional attempt to change history and derail anyone searching for truth.

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Four-five other Sandy Hook disinfo titles have also been removed.  At this time, Halbig's latest GoFundMe campaign appears down as well. 

Internet giants like these companies need to take a stand and discontinue profiteering off of lies about these murders.  At a time when it is so rare to see big corporations put morality before profits, Amazon and GoFundMe appear to be a refreshing change.

*Update 11-20-15  While it appears Fetzer's book has been removed, there are still several "Sandy Hook Hoax" titles" available on Amazon.   In other words, there remains work to be done. 


Anonymous said...

While it's comical that this book of lies has been pulled, the sad fact remains, lying-loser aholes are continuing to harass the victims families, state and town employees.

These people need to be confronted by the proper authorities.

Anonymous said...

I've searched extensively for any of the various crackpot Sandy Hook conspiracy books that were listed on Amazon up until recently. I cannot find nary a one. Good for Amazon. Something happened, that's for sure. And it does appear to be permanent, because Fetzer is making his book available free online. Now if Amazon would also dump the Holocaust-denial books (one of which is by Fetzer, of course), I might consider doing business with them again. (I'm not trying to smother anyone's free speech... but the Constitution does not guarantee a right to be published, and I would like to see the major retailers exercise some common decency.)