Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Legal Updates: Santilli Stays Jailed - Millsmost Court - Reich'sImpersonator

As part of Sandy Hook Facts continuing monitoring of legal issues involving Sandy Hook Hoaxers, the following update is provided:

Pete Santilli released in Oregon - Stays in Jail 

Pete Santilli, in jail since arrested during the Malheur take-over, was released from custody in Oregon to a half-way house. Release would follow a mental health evaluation.   He would also be electronically monitored.  This was Santilli's third tax-payer funded attempt at release.

Nevada Warrant
There is a small hitch to any celebration by his followers.  There is a hold on him from US Marshals out of Nevada related to charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch Standoff.  Santilli is not released from Custody and will be transported to Nevada.

There may be an additional hitch as prosecutors in Oregon are preparing their next round of indictments.  If Santilli is indicted on new charges; he will have to face the Judge in Oregon again before release.

Pending Nevada writ:

Millsmost Hearing Set

Matthew Mills has been set for Calendar for March 11, 2016 for a "Disposition Hearing" on his "Breach of Peace" and Resisting arrest" charges.  Mills, who was a popular Youtuber Hoaxer called "Millsmost", was arrested after his verbal tirade against the Soto Family at their memorial race.  This could mean Mills will be taking a plea deal.

Sandy Hook Justice Host Zeeroe3 claims to be Impersonating Jonathan Reich

In a shocking video announcement, Sandy Hook Justice's podcast host Zeeroe3 admits he has been impersonating hoaxer fugitive Jonathan Reich!  ZeeRoe3 hosts Wolfgang Halbig's "Sandy Hook Justice Report"  broadcast channel.


Zeeroe3 is also heavily involved in authoring montefrank.com and hartfordcommunitycourt.com, pro-Reich websites.

Jonathan Reich was one of the earliest hoaxers arrested for harassing calls in the wake of Sandy Hook.  At trial, he accepted a sweet pretrial diversion deal, with full dismissal and case sealing.  With his diversion nearly complete, he began getting "assistance" from Sandy Hook Justice.  Reich suddenly decided to cancel his pretrial diversion, stop coming to court, and now has a warrant for his arrest. Meanwhile, in the Sandy Hook Justice spirit,  Reich is now hosting fundraisers:

And appearing on the Hoaxer Talk Show circuit:


Jonathan Reich is also busying himself co-authoring widely published articles on Sandy Hook children, according to Reich's good personal friend and Sandy Hook Hoax leader Tony Mead:

Copyright: Facebook.com
The articles on Sandy Hook victim Avielle Richman were some of the most disturbing I have ever seen come out of the Sandy Hook Hoaxer camp.

Zeeroe3's website montefrank.com and James Tracy's Memory Hole Blog published the disgusting article. 

During this time a user by the name of "ZeeRoe3" published video after video on Jonathan Reich, releasing details and information that could have only come through Reich himself.   Many began to speculate ZeeRoe3 was actually Jonathan Reich.  This was fueled by ZeeRoe3 acting like he was Reich in audio and comment sections.  Apparently, Zeeroe3 wants everyone to now believe that was part of a hoax he was pulling.

If the hoax is true, how much was Jonathan Reich "in on" ZeeRoe3's impersonation and why would Reich continue to feed information to ZeeRoe3 unless he wanted people to believe ZeeRoe3 was Reich? These are unanswered questions.  

Zeeroe also admits in video that his hoax was carried out as a conspiracy between a small group of people.  We can reasonably suspect that this is part of the larger "Free Jonathan Reich" fundraising campaign of Sandy Hook Justice, where they sickeningly claim Jonathan Reich was "the only true victim of Sandy Hook".

ZeeRoe's "confession" came on the heals of a video by Joel that declared ZeeRoe3 was lying about being Jonathan Reich.    This video also claims newly released recordings of calls made to Wayne Carver's office.  The calls are bone chilling:

Is ZeeRoe's "confession" of a hoax actually a hoax itself because Zeeroe3 is Jonathan Reich?   There is no absolute confirmation one way or the other at this point.  Thanks to the efforts of ZeeRoe3's admitted impersonation, the Jonathan Reich/ZeeRoe3 names are so closely intertwined as to be nearly a moot point.

The bottom line is, to date, Jonathan Reich still has a warrant and refuses to turn himself in to face justice.  The People of Connecticut are being denied their day in court and their opportunity to present their case.  This is opposite of what Zeeroe3  says when he speaks on behalf of Jon Reich's feelings and desires:

Reich Discovery Motion:  

Jonathan Reich's end-around for un-redacted report.

As previously reported by Sandy Hook Facts, Jonathan Reich is using his case as a springboard to attempt obtain the entire unredacted report. 

In the motion, Reich asks for an "In-camera review and complete unredacted copy of all "documents and disk media" associated with the Sandy Hook Final review.

What could the final report on Sandy Hook possibly have to do with Reich's telephone harassment case?  Nothing, of course.  

Reich's goal is obvious; the report would obviously include photos and autopsy reports of the deceased children.  This information would likely immediately go online as part of their network of numerous hoaxer video channels.

Luckily, the request is so unreasonable, irrelevant to the charges, and burdensome, the court will never enforce that discovery request (even if Jonathan Reich decides to stop running from the case).  Zeeroe3 has zero chance of getting his hands on the report.

As part of ZeeRoe3's release of exclusive Jonathan Reich information, he released video of the discovery motion.  The following are the screen shots of Reich's motion.  Jonathan's request for the un-redacted report is on page five.  Click to enlarge.


Christian said...
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SandyHookFacts.com said...

Slander requires false statements; of which there are none in this article. Furthermore, there are no "unanswered" Sandy hook hoaxer theories to be answered, especially in regards to the shooting itself; which is what my investigation focused on. ALL, every single one of them, significant hoaxer theories have been completely debunked, most of them debunked ad nauseum. Zeeroe3, to date, has not offered a single hoaxer theory worth debunking. Not one. He's off in la la land. A few of his lies need to be exposed, such as his lies about Exhibit O and lying about the Dash Cams... neither of which related to the shooting itself and was more about his inherent dishonesty he displays over and over.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy Jimi - I am a member of the Sandy Hook community. I know people affected personally. Why should any of us feel forced to relive the nightmare of that day for years, responding to every amateur sleuth chasing his tail on the internet? the basis of the hoaxers' belief - that the mass shooting in Sandy Hook did not happen - is not something any of us care to 'prove' because we were there - we saw it - we know people who suffered terrible losses - and it is cruel for people like you to continue to torment a community that is trying to heal.

shame on you

Tiffany said...

Hes Zeeroe3 I've talked to him before. Tony introduced him a Johnathan. I hope I have the messages still. They're trying to trick everyone.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone notified Florida authorities that Reich is in their neighborhood and is wanted?

Anonymous said...

you also have to wonder if Tony could be arrested and charged with aiding and assisting and possibly harboring a fugitive.