Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pete Santilli faces Nevada Detention Hearing in Portland on Monday

It appears the radical militant Sandy Hook Hoaxer talk show host Pete Santilli may be actually released prior to being shipped to Nevada to stand trial.  Santilli was released in Oregon; however US Marshals have a hold on him for his indictment in Nevada.  A motion was filed to have the Nevada  detention heard before the Federal Court in Portland, Oregon.

Nevada's U.S. Deputy Attorneys will be on hand to argue for Santilli's continued confinement. Santilli faces multiple felony charges for his actions in during the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

Meanwhile, Santilli's release order has been published (in full below).

Santilli will be required to undergo a mental health evaluation and take medications as prescribed, he is not allowed weapons, he will be required to stay in a half-way house in Oregon. He is prohibited from encouraging unlawful activity. Pete Santilli will not be allowed to broadcast his radio show.  These seem to be very tough restrictions for Pete Santilli.

While Santilli has promised to march militia "Bundy Ranch style" on Connecticut over Sandy Hook, it does not appear he will be doing that anytime soon.  

In the Oregon court case, Defense attorney's have filed a motion to determine if the Federal Government had "Super Admin" powers over the Pete Santilli show during the stand-off.
During the Protester, paranoid Pete Santilli nearly instigated violence when he
bullied a counter protestor by falsely accusing him of being an FBI agent. 

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Anonymous said...

Pete Santilli is an Alex Jones wannabe...but unlike Alex Jones, Santilli doesn't understand there is a line that is not to be crossed. Jones may spout his BULSH, and while he comes close, he doesn't openly advocate violence...Santilli did.

Truth is, Santilli isn't all that smart.