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Sandy Hook Hoax Attorney L Kay Wilson Announces Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Withdrawn

It was apparent Kay Wilson was slipping farther into the Cult of Conspiracy when she appeared, independent of Wolfgang Halbig on James Fetzer's Real Deal Episode 67 and discussed her own views.  Wilson announced "I no longer believe in the official [Sandy Hook] narrative."

Sandy Hook Hoax Attorney L Kay Wilson Announces Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Withdrawn

Sandy Hook Hoax supporter and Connecticut Attorney L Kay Wilson announced to her supporters "Sandy Hook Hoax" that the scheduled FOIA Hearing for March 17, 2016 was withdrawn.

It is curious that Wolfgang Halbig has apparently stopped making his announcements,  dispatching his attorney, L. Kay Wilson to the menial task of bringing Tony Mead into the loop.

L Kay Wilson promised her friends at Sandy Hook Hoax Group a "slew" of upcoming hearings in the near future.

The hearing was to be:
March 17, 2016   FIC 2015-886
Wolfgang Halbig v. Chief, Police Department, Town of Newtown; Police Department, Town of Newtown; and Town of Newtown

L Kay Wilson is starting to become a more prominent public figure within the Hoaxer community. She has made appearances on InfoWars and James Fetzer's program, among other public discussions.

Kay Wilson is also beginning to act more and more like a hoaxer conspiracy theorist.

Did Kay Wilson issue a harassing subpoena to Shannon Hicks?

L Kay Wilson caused controversy during the February, 2016 FOIA hearing when she issued subpoena to Newtown Bee Reporter Shannon Hicks.

As most know, Shannon Hicks took the iconic photographs of the evacuation of Sandy Hook School after the shooting on 12-14-12.

The FOIA case for which Kay Wilson issued subpoena involved Halbig's requests for records from the Connecticut State Police.   A review of the case, including video of the hearing can be viewed here:

Kay Wilson's friends at Sandy Hook Hoax Group were overjoyed that Shannon Hicks would be issued a subpoena.  Sandy Hook Hoax Group takes pleasure in any harassment of Newtown residents, as has been well documented.

The question that puzzled an attorney who viewed the subpoena issue was: "What relevant information could Shannon Hicks possibly provide the FOIA Commission concerning records in possession of Connecticut State Police?"

When the FOI hearing officer asked L Kay Wilson to summarize her anticipated  case in chief, Wilson made no mention of calling Shannon Hicks.  So why did Kay Wilson choose to cost the reporter and the Newtown Bee money and time by forcing appearance?

Since there seems to be no relevant information Hicks could have provided concerning Connecticut State Police records and since Wilson did not call Hicks to testify, some have speculated the subpoena was issued just to bully or harasss  the reporter.  In other words, Wilson may have issued the subpoena out of pure meanness towards one of those most profoundly affected by the shooting; and thus, Wilson may have violated ethical and moral conduct.

Shannon Hicks did appear pursuant to Kay Wilson's ludicrous demand, along with the Newspaper's attorney, causing the newspaper significant monetary damages.  It would seem fair Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig owe compensation  for those damages.

L Kay Wilson's Descent into the bowels of Conspiracy Madness

It was apparent Kay Wilson was slipping farther into the Cult of Conspiracy when she appeared, independent of Wolfgang Halbig, on James Fetzer's Real Deal Episode 67 and discussed her own views.  Wilson proudly announced "I no longer believe in the official [Sandy Hook] narrative."

James Fetzer is well known as a hard core antisemitic conspiracy theorist who once pushed the idea that Mossad Death Squads attacked the Sandy Hook School and who teamed up with Wolfgang Halbig and James Tracy to co-write "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook". The book was so vile and full of lies, Amazon refused to soil their shelves by selling it.

James Fetzer Real Deal 67 - Sandy Hook and Jade Helm.

Kay Wilson also referred to believing the Sandy Hook "narrative" as "drinking the Kool-Aid".

Her apparent contempt for the victims and families in Newtown could explain why she needlessly issued subpoena to Shannon Hicks.

These actions are right in line with Kay Wilson's failed attempt to submit hoaxer modified evidence to the CT FOI Connecticut Commission by folding it, to hide the modified portion.  Attorney Monte Frank objected stating "It's clearly not authentic."

One of Kay Wilson's biggest shames is not possessing the investigatory prowess to figure out how to simply right click a video and enable closed captions, even after Sandy Hook Facts told her how to do it. Wolfgang Halbig ultimately had to use donor funds to hire an expert to teach him how to right click the videos.

Wolfgang's Halbig's "Exhibit O" debacle is rooted in what can only be described as gross incompetence:

Kay not telling the truth? Oh my.

In Real Deal 67 Wilson and Fetzer discussed crime scene photos. Wilson agreed with Fetzer that there were no Christmas decorations in the school.

Wilson also added that: "in any of the classrooms there was no writing on any of the blackboards, green boards, or white boards, nothing".  She emphasized "nothing".  She also claimed there were no children's "pictures and drawings" posted on the walls.

More false statements by Wilson and Fetzer.

This is the hallmark of a "Real deal" Hoaxer; telling lies about the Sandy Hook shooting to bolster the hoax claim; hoaxing their viewers.

With Fetzer, Wilson proved herself incompetent as a researcher, a bold faced liar, or both.

Did you know?

During one hearing, Wilson introduced Wolfgang Halbig as the “the foremost school safety expert in the world”.  While such puffery is generally expected and not considered a “lie”; to heap such a mountain of praise laughably upon the bumbling Halbig is well beyond acceptable gross exaggeration.  Would Wilson claim a mobile home to be a mansion just because she lived in it?  Sandy Hook Facts challenges anyone to contact an active (real) school safety expert and mention Halbig as the “foremost security expert in the world” and note the response you get.   

Hoaxer Kay Wilson Debunked (again), Oh My.
Holiday decorations and children's art were seen throughout the school, as would be expected of a school approaching the holidays.

While it was pre-roll call when the shooting took place and only a few classrooms were photographed, the fact is Kay Wilson's statements are untrue and the statements of Fetzer's, that Kay Wilson agreed with, are also untrue.

Some Christmas Decorations, art in the hallways, and writing on the white boards from the final report:

How a professional woman gets up and tells false statements to push the most vile conspiracy theory while attacking an entire town and the affected families, is beyond comprehension of sane and rational people.

This is Kay Wilson's bread and butter though; and she loves the lime light.

Kay Wilson also apparently wants to see inmates handling her client's most sensitive documents:

 Kay Wilson is right in her element then, when she bathes with the Hoaxers.

Sandy Hook Hoax Harassment

Sandy Hook Hoax Group in particular and many hoaxers in general have either been directly involved in stalking and harassment of Newtown families or have received warnings to cease and desist their unwanted contacts; however, this does not seem to detract from L. Kay Wilson's enthusiasm for the ultra-fringe conspiracy cult and their theories.


Anonymous said...

A number of Christmas decorations are documented here:

Anonymous said...

It's time, perhaps, to have Kay Wilson reported the Bar. If she knowingly issued subpoena that she had no intention of calling and has acted contrary to the code of ethics, she needs to be reported.

Ct State Legal authorities need to step up and deal with these lying, harassing idiots.

Anonymous said...

I think the main issue Wilson and Halbig have run into is, the fact the people, town, first responders do not want to relive that day for anyone. I can't imagine how hard it must be for those people to have those memories of what they saw, what they felt, what they had to do that day...and then have two nit-wits attempting to tell them they're lying, that they didn't do their jobs correctly and have them repeat it over and over...

Screw Halbig and Wilson. If Wilson is starting to believe this was a hoax, then is she much less intelligent than we gave her credit for.

Anonymous said...

lmao a lot of this stuff give no evidence at all for the claims, i mean the claims against kay wilson smh and these other commenters just believe it and go ohhhhhhh they don't wanna relive this shit anymore.
bitch are you kidding me?? its fire fighters and police officers job to do so shut ur dumb ass up thats what the job entails you don't think that fire fighters know there gunna see somthing tramatic like burning bodies or police might have to shoot sombody, god you guys are such liberal simps said...

You hoaxers shouldn't post while doing drugs.