Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hoaxer Hate Crime - Another Racist death threat to Lenny Pozner

Updated New Phone Call!

"Would you let the ni**er f*g in the White House fuck you in the ass?
 You Jew bastard.  You're gonna die"

"You are going to die mother f**kin ni**er kike jew bastard"
Sandy Hook Hoaxer to Lenny Pozner

An as yet unidentified Sandy Hook Hoaxer has committed a Federal Hate Crime in the form of Racist Terroristic Death Threats.

The calls were received by Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner today, Jan 10, 2015.

Call #1, from what appears to be a female with a southern accent, as

"Would you let the nigger fag in the White House fuck you in the ass?  You Jew bastard.  You're gonna die.  You're gonna rot in hell. That's what's coming to you real soon and there is nothing you can do about it. So you are going to have to just take it. ok?"

Call #2: 
"Jew bastard. Look behind you.  Justice coming to you real soon".
Call #3:

You're going to die, motherfuckin nigger, kike, jew, bastard. Fag. Tranny. Cunt. And what are you going to do about it? You can do absolutely nothing.   You're a loser.  You're going to rot in hell. [unintelligible] gets.  You're going to die. That's whats coming to you real soon.  Motherfucker. You're going to die.
Lenny's Caller ID showed the Hoaxers phone number is: 813-369-9494

The calls can be listened too here:

If you recognize this voice, please email  Let's help track this scumbag down.

This type of hatred has been increasing as it is spurred on by the relentless, near daily verbal attacks on Lenny Pozner, parent of slain Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner, by Hoaxer leaders such as Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, James Fetzer,and Tony Mead.

An example of the hatred Hoaxer leaders spread is as reported in Newsweek:

Tracy is not the only truther the Pozner family has squared off against. A story by The Trace in December analyzed Lenny Pozner’s experience with Wolfgang Halbig, whose representative said Halbig refused to speak to Pozner in person unless he dug up Noah’s body to “prove to the world you lost your son.”-Newsweek

In the past 48 hours, James Fetzer and Sandy Hook Justice have released video's spewing vitriol and false claims toward the beleaguered Sandy Hook victim.

Worst, most Sandy Hook Hoaxers are vicious anti-Semites.

"It is our opinion that the USA, France, and Brittan were the bad guys [during World War II]. "
Peter Klein, Independent Media Solidarity, maker "We need to talk about Sandy Hook"

Sandy Hook Justice Admin


Sandy Hook Hoaxer Professor Doom - Nazi Low Rider - His email


It is notable that Tony Mead, of Hollywood, Florida and owner of Sandy Hook Hoax group, did not deny or attempt to distance himself or his cult-like followers from the racist death threats on Lenny. Quite the contrary; Tony Mead, completely ignorant of the facts of the actions taken as a result of the vicious death threats, immediately created a false mocking meme to instigate a fresh, new round of attacks from his members on Lenny Pozner.

UPDATE 3 -  Lenny releases Death Threats received to HONR via email:



Anonymous said...

I hope you are sharing your information the local and state police. These are legitimate threats and need to be taken seriously. Having the phone # should make this pretty easy work.

Contrary to what Mead says, I don't see or hear of anyone from the side of Truth and Reality making these types of threats. Mead is lying, drama-queen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i know who this is. I will use the honr network email. do you have an email associated with this blog? i can give you the lowdown.

Peter said...

Antisemitic, antiblack. On the positive side, the SH hoax fraternity has shrunk to the point that it's only the lunatic fringe remaining. Also positive in that while they probably don't realize it, they are making themselves visible to any law enforcement agency which chooses to identify them. said...

sure please email to

Anonymous said...

I learned from a pro-Palestinian activist that if you put the word 'Israeli' in front of the word 'Jew' then everything that follows is no longer anti-semetic, just a legitimate political comment.

Or at least that was their excuse for wearing a t-shirt stating that Jews should be subjected to a horrible death.

Peter said...

She has been identified. Not much you can do or worth doing with a loony. You've just got to write her off as one of the diminishing SH hoax members, now down essentially to the lunatic fringe. said...

let me guess.. Fetzer or Tracy sent you? said...

the auhorities are obviously waiting until there is blood on the floor to nltice hoaxers..

Anonymous said...

I am so heartbroken for Mr. Pozner. The loss of his son is unimaginable as it comes, a tragedy that will never make sense. Now he has to deal with threats against his life?! There HAS to be a better way to deal with these hoaxers, a better way to protect the victims' dignities and show support for their families. It makes me sick, the pain that the world allows them to feel. Pain caused by other humans. I wish I could fix this.

Anonymous said...

Just got word that Newtown High School is on lockdown as a result of a 'community disturbance'. I received a followup message that the police have the disturbance under control but will arrest anyone attenpting to enter the school.

I'll provide more details as they become available

Anonymous said...

The lockdown has come to an end. The disturbance was an individual at a business across the street claiming he had a firearm and threatening to cause harm to HIMSELF. the police were able to de-escalate the crisis and it does not appear that it was in any way related to the ongoing hoaxer problem.