Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli bullies Counter Protester with Bullhorn

Having watched the video; Pete "the Predator" Santilli is even worse than I thought. Santilli stepped away and another citizen stepped up to speak and Santilli stayed in his face, not allowing the guy to hardly get a word in. His militia "sheep" start yelling their "facts" (as they see them) at the guy as he tries to talk. Santilli, to the applause of the Bundy Militia, runs and gets his bullhorn and starts yelling at the guy.

Santilli then begins yelling that the guy is a communist and he will not "tolerate communism".  Obviously, Santilli has no clue what communism is because the conversation had nothing to do with "communism".

Pete Santilli then turns the siren on his bullhorn, completely drowning the man out.  Santilli then begins prowling around the man, yelling into the bullhorn as the Bundy militia yells "Good Job, Pete. Thank God for Pete".

 This is a group of bullies and thugs.


I am waiting to see video of the incident; however, Pete Santilli was reportedly filmed bullying someone who dared counter protest Santilli's protest. Sandy Hook Hoaxer, Pete Santilli, who has promised to march his goons on Newtown, stood right in front of the guys face yelling at him with a bull horn as Santilli's fellow knuckledraggers attempted to instigate violence.

This wide-eye raging conspiracy theorist Pete Santilli is not press; he has no respect for the rights of others; and he is nothing but a bully and a dirt bag.  Pete Santilli is all about Pete Santilli.

He is also running around playing Soldier as "press" in snow wearing Desert Camo ACU's today- real tough guy:

Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli

This meme came across my feed. I'm no doctor, but it appears Jon Ritzheimer is all healed up and can go back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Pete Santilli is an Alex Jones wanna-be...which is like a piece of crap wannabe. He's uneducated, rude, verbose and simply full of crap. He's a loud mouth blowhard.