Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hoaxer threatens to visit 5 Sandy Hook Families

An Sandy Hook Hoaxer using the Facebook name "Brad Moore", in a post to Lenny Pozner, has threatened to go to the homes of Five Sandy Hook victims this week.

Brad Moore's post to Lenny Pozner is bizarre and appears to indicate that Brad Moore is delusional and quite possibly suffering from extreme mental illness. At a minimum, the post is farfetched and such that prudent person would reasonably fear for their safety.  Despite the potential, Brad Moore made no direct threat to harm a parent. 

Brad Moore states he wants parents to "come clean" about "hoaxes ran by our government"; he intends to seek out the parents of deceased children for his wild-eyed purpose.   Considering the words used, it is clear that this person could be a follower of the Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, James Fetzer, and Tony Mead group.  Brad Moore ominously states to Lenny Pozner: "I know for a fact that no child [died] that day, I just need further truth from you so called victims."

Hoaxers, including James Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig, in the past, have researched and widely published the addresses of Sandy Hook Families on videos and Blogs.  Presently, Lenny Pozner is suing Wolfgang Halbig because Wolfgang Halbig maintains Lenny’s address on Wolfgang’s website. 

This particular threat is concerning because it comes on the heels of racist phone threats by an unnamed hoaxer to Lenny Pozner indicating he “better watch his back” because "someone"is coming to kill him.  The vicious threats can be heard from this blog post:

It should be noted that the individual has changed his avatar since the posting; it is unclear whose photographs are being used on the profile. Let's hope he doesn't bring a gun with him on his "visits" to the homes of these families.  Authorities continue to be contacted over many of these threats and thus far have no action whatsoever to protect Sandy Hook Families from delusional hoaxers and from the online gangs that encourage that stalking.

Lenny Pozner has  been subjected to daily stalking, threatening calls and messages, and unreasonable contacts  of late.  The frequency anf intensity has increased since Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, and Tony Mead began publishing widely read, near daily attacks on the beleaguered parent.  


Anonymous said...

Organized gang stalking. It's disgusting. I hope and pray the police will intercept this clown before he inflicts any further emotional distress on these families.

:( This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

Expect to see another hoaxer mugshot if this scum shows up.