Monday, January 18, 2016

The People versus Pete Santilli the Shill

"Santilli claims he didn't help take over the refuge because that would be illegal.
 This is a little like a narc who wont try the cocaine for the drug buy." -- Sandy Hook Facts

Pete Santilli's criminal case documents have been sealed!  The obviousness of Pete Santilli's shillary becomes too blatant to ignore.

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 Full story:

As covered before, Pete Santilli was arrested for illegally having a loaded gun in his car.    According to the "story", the Newtown, Ohio Police Chief pulled Santilli over for driving too slow.  When the Chief  ran a check on Santilli, Santilli came back on some sort of  'watch list'. The Chief asked Santilli if he had any guns on him. Santilli answered in the affirmative and Santilli was subsequently arrested at gun point.  Santilli reportedly illegally had a loaded pistol concealed in the car.  You can hear the audio of this arrest below.

Happy Mugshot of Pete the Shill

Shortly after the arrest, Pete Santilli appears in Burns, Oregon pretending to support the conspiracy theorist militants that have conquered a reserve in the Malheur National Forest.  Santilli claims he didn't partake in the actual take over because that would be 'illegal'. This seems a little like a narc who wont try the cocaine for the drug buy.

Pete Santilli in battle dress.

Meanwhile, back in Hamilton County, Ohio, a criminal court case has been filed and the tax payers are footing the bill for Pete Santilli's Public Defender.  Apparently, despite Santilli's rants, Santilli is willing to accept this public assistance.  The case is marked, oddly, as "ignored".

All the documents is case are marked as "Locked". I must admit, this is pretty good service by a Public Defender especially when there has been no appearance by the Defendant.  You would almost expect a PD to do little-to-nothing at this early stage of proceedings, like they do with everyone else on any docket anywhere.  What's so special about this heretofore unknown Youtube jockey?

The Police Chief. of course, has "No Comment" on the disposition of the charges, as can be heard in the video below.  

Back in Burns, Oregan Pete Santilli is making a mockery of what is otherwise an otherwise ridiculous charade. While Ammon Bundy tweets about God, Pete Santilli's is selling autographed Dildos.

Pete Santilli is also busily  attempting to escalate the issue to violence. He is bullying residents, intimidating counter protesters, and leading marches on the FBI. A secondary result of the marches right up to the FBI is the ease at which the  the FBI can slowly and painstakingly identify every militant with Santilli.  If there is an agenda by the Feds; no one has been more helpful than Pete Santilli.

The Anti Defamation League was able to easily put out complete Dox on the militants, no doubt, thanks in part to Santilli's efforts.

There is a dispute between militant Blaine Cooper, who has been personally begging Pete Santilli to remove the video of Blaine's kids from Santilli's feed all day. The video shows Blaine and his wife geting their kids from CPS.  In the video, the mother, Melissa, asks not to be recorded.  Several Bundy supporters have pleaded with Santilli to remove the video and even though the video clearly crosses any line of decency, the video remains up, complete with "Donate to Pete link".  Nothing like striking up a little inner strife for excellent shillary, if I must say so myself.

Blaine Cooper to Pete Santilli: "Pull it would you brother".

It's odd that Blaine is so stupid as to think Santilli is his "brother".

Pete Santilli then takes time out of his busy day of shillary to go online and cause trouble with Blaine Cooper's family. Thank's to Pete Santilli, the reports that Blaine Cooper is nothing but a two-bit lying valor thief and a bum are confirmed by Blaine's own family. Thank you, Pete!

A recently released "Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli" from one of Pete Santilli's inner circle claims, with screen shots of evidence, that Pete Santilli is an FBI informant, i.e. A shill.

The claim in the video seems to be supported by acts of Pete Santilli himself and by the courts and agencies dealing with Pete Santilli.  Pete Santilli also seems to causing as much harm as he possibly can in Burns, OR, and within the inner circle of the militants, all the while raising as much money for himself as he can by any means that he can, even selling signed dildos. If the situation escalates to violence, you can almost be assured the cause will be Santilli.

Once again, Santilli proves the only people shilling for money, on behalf of unknown powers, for an agenda we can't quite place our finger on, are the Sandy Hook Hoaxers themselves.


Hoaxer Talk Show Host Pete Santilli Arrested:

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Case info:

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