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Proof Sandy Hook Open: SHF Reward Claim thwarted by

While reviewing some photos for another project, it occurred to me that the "Year of the Dragon" celebration at Sandy Hook School was irrefutable photographic proof that the school was fully operational in 2012.

 After all, the Year of the Dragon only comes around every 12 years and is a very important aspect of Chinese Culture; they don't just mess that date up. The photos clearly demonstrate that it obviously was not the year 2000 or sooner.  For one, Ms. Victoria Soto in clearly seen standing in the doorway of her classroom, and she would have been 15 in 2000. So the year had to be 2012!

As SHF was 'googling around' researching and writing the blog post about the Year of the Dragon (2012) celebration at Sandy Hook School, excited to claim yet another reward from the hoaxers, I discovered that the celebration was already covered! Drats!

I am sorry to report I missed this blog post and it really deserves some attention - the post is from an awesome blog, Crisis Actors Guild:

The post  

It does appear Wolfgang now owes the blogger of "CrisisActorsGuild" quite a bit of money; because the proof is undeniable.

 Hoaxers cannot debunk or refute the 2012 Year of the Dragon Celebration at Sandy Hook; not to mention the other photo's discussed.  It's simply impossible and irrefutable proof the school was fully operational in 2012.

For example, this photo depicts the "Dragon" parade entering the portables from the main hallway of SHS, and the child's shirt clearly says 2011:

Hoaxers move goal posts and refuse to pay rewards

While hoaxers pretend to offer "Rewards" for "proof" of this or that; thus far, when shown the evidence, they refuse to pay up.

For example, Wolfgang Halbig refuses to pay Sandy Hook Facts despite the fact Wolfgang was provided photos of the "2012-2013 Veterans Day" Celebration.

Here was Wolfgang's offer:

Note: While "$1,000 thousand dollars" is actually one MILLION dollars, and Wolfgang claims to have been an teacher/educator, so he reasonably should be able to do simple math and write simple numbers, Sandy Hook Facts knows that, despite Halbig's rank stupidity, he meant one thousand dollars. so we concede that this is the amount he owes for the reward. $1,000.

Sandy Hook Facts, in reliance of Halbig's challenging offer, conducted exhaustive and tireless research and, upon success, provided the pictures, as tweeted by Principal Dawn Hochsprung on November 12, 2012.

Sandy Hook Facts has therefore provided photos of the 2012-2013 Vet's day breakfast and therefore claims Halbig's reward and hereby demands immediate payment forthwith! Chop, Chop!

$5,000 Counter-Opportunity for Wolfgang Halbig
Sandy Hook Facts has generously offered to reduce the amount Halbig is in debt to SHF by $5,000 for proof there was a verifiable, legal, and enforceable "Gag Order" placed on the Sandy Hook Chorus by the NFL; a lie he has stated numerous times.

The generous offer was made here:

SHF really went out on a limb to make this offer; after all, how hard could it be for Halbig to produce a document he claims he has? It's so simple for Halbig to prove he is not lying; for once!

Are you a liar Halbig or do you have the "Gag Order?"  We know the answer, don't we?

At this point, in court judgments, interest, and reward money, Halbig owes Sandy Hook Facts nearly $30,000!

Thus far, Halbig has refused to get some relief from the staggering debt to SHF by claiming the $5,000 discount!  So much money for such a simple document (he pretends he has); thus losing out on a real savings!

Note on Court Judgment:
While Wolfgang claims not to owe SHF the court judgment because he has appealed - 2 things
-One, Halbig refused to post bond and stay enforcement of the judgment.  Thus, the judgment IS in place, enforceable and collecting interest.

-Two: Just because you appeal doesn't mean you are going to win. The mere fact you had to appeal proves you LOST.   In fact, Halbig is going to lose the appeal as well. Worse for Halbig, when he loses, the judgment is going to go up, because California's SLAPP statutes (infringing on Free Speech) has a mandatory attorney fees provision!  By the time this is over, SHF may well own Halbig's house in that gated community!  And yes Halbig, you will be evicted!  Please make sure the sidewalks are in good repair, I don't want to trip!

More Year of the Dragon -
More irrefutable undebunkable photographic proof SHS Open in  2012

Look at the wall - wax build up from the floor buffer:

Sandy Hook School Year of the Dragon:

Note, the date can be read on the whiteboard:

Time to pay up hoaxers ... you own me and CrisisActorsGuild some serious scratch.

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Peter said...

Once again great work, SHF. And CAG is an excellent blog. I'm surprised that Halbig has no problem continuing to spout his nonsense. His denial is now delusional to the point of psychosis.