Monday, June 27, 2016

Hoaxer Able1212 John Santiago - What you need to know

Depression, drug use, violent video games, run in's with the police, paranoid delusions, guns, phone calls all over the state; meet hoaxer John Santiago of New London, Connecticut.  A man who openly warns society that he has nothing to lose.  Nothing at all.

John A. Santiago, Jr. has had an encounter with the Newtown PD and has posted it online. The video is getting some chatter within the hoaxer community.  Prior to this encounter, Santiago was allegedly making dozens of phone calls in and around the Newtown.  Santiago spends much time accusing people of being part of the "vast government conspiracy" regarding numerous events, including Sandy Hook.  Newtown apparently showed up to issue him a warning to stop calling town attorney Monte Frank, when Santiago went ballistic.

A quick side note: This is not a "dox" of Santiago. Santiago is perfectly open about about his identity and proud of his antics. "Able1212" and "Scratching the Surface" are long time alternate identities that have do with his floundering rapping hobby. He openly uses his name and photos on his channels.  "Able" is even tattooed on his chest. "Able" may even be a whole other personality.

Santiago fancies himself a "journalist"; although, I was unable to find anything he had written other than updating his Facebook with wild-eyed nonsense.

Now the video:

As stated earlier, Santiago has made dozens of calls and he promises to release more of them. 
 In this video, he appears to be claiming to have only made one call.  He often admits how many calls he has really made.

Santiago's claim to fame is calling FBI Special Agent Bill Aldenberg.  While actually debunking himself by proving Aldenberg's existence,  SA Aldenberg is the FBI agent who responded to Sandy Hook. Hoaxers claim a parent dressed up like Aldenberg.

Apparently, Newtown has grown weary of Santiago's shenanigans.

Hoaxer leadership, on the other hand are snapping quick to his side. I wouldn't be surprised to see fundraiser benefiting Sandy Hook Justice in honor of Santiago's confrontation with Newtown officers.

Right on cue, Wolfgang seized the opportunity to raise some money for himself off of Santiago's video:

Violent threats
Santiago makes many comments that are reasonably construed as threats, such ad this threat on the life of Lenny Pozner:

Bad Seed
In Santiago's confrontation with Newtown, he proclaims he is the son of a police detective. While true, there is a little more to it than that. Santiago is the son of an infamous, disgraced, dirty, coke dealing, coke using New London Police Detective, John Santiago, Sr.  Santiago, Sr. was convicted several times for possession and dealing cocaine in the late 80's as part of a sordid conspiracy and drug ring in New London.

   Santiago Sr's case even set some level a precedent for search and seizure.  Frankly, I only briefly looked for the details of the case; however, I did find this chilling bit of information - the detective even used his badge to offer "protection" to drug dealers.  It really doesn't get much worse than this guy:

Not surprisingly, one of the drug raids that nabbed the drug dealing detective was based a complaint of abuse from Santiago, Sr.s girlfriend.

Santiago, Sr. died in 2012 after a battle with cancer.   Predictably, Santiago, Jr. believes it was murder and uses that as his excuse to wage his personal "revolution" on society.

Able1212 - The rapper
Santiago is a troubled mind with some talent (if it can be called that) for producing mediocre alley way raps.  

Santiago on Social media

Santiago, Jr runs two John Santiago  Facebook accounts:  John Santiago and John Santiago. Two of his main channels on youtube are Able1212 and Scratchingthesurface.   On facebook and on Youtube he uses his accounts to like each others posts and to converse with himself and to converse about himself in the third person.

 It appears he has a few sock accounts he also uses to feign interest in himself; however, admittedly, that is just a guess based on the writing style.

Armed to the teeth
Immediately after Sandy Hook, Santiago was very worried "they" were coming for his guns. Personally, I find it unbelievable that he is allowed to own guns when he obviously has issues that need to be dealt with.  Unbelievable, but not surprising.

Here, he lies about the weapons used at Sandy Hook:

Oddly, when I asked Santiago directly if he owned firearms, he dodged the question.

Reefer Madness
A common thread that binds paranoid hoaxers is marijuana addiction. and Santiago is no exception. For drugs, the apple obviously did not roll far from the tree. Santiago is obviously a marijuana addict. 

Here he laments an April 20th when he was unable to get his hands on some weed.  He is concerned he will lose his mind if he doesn't get some dope. This is a classic sign of severe addiction.

I think society should hope, every day, that you don't lose your mind.

Santiago has gone "full hoaxer"; he seems to believe every anti-government, anti-society conspiracy that comes down the pike.

Santiago is at war with society
Santiago believes his is a "resistance soldier" in a violent revolution coming to America.

Woe to the citizen that is in his path when he goes off his rocker.

Avid Gamer

Like many who have gone on violent rampages, Santiago is obsessed with violent video games. He produces videos of himself obsessively playing these games for hours on end.   Guns, death, drugs, and the Joker.  Santiago's video game "selfies" have it all.

Paranoia will destroy ya

Other posts

All in all, it's clear Santiago could use an intervention.  He appears to fit the profile of so many we've seen "lose it".  He has even expressed concern he might  "lose it" at some point.

Society is paralyzed and unable to act to protect itself and despite all of the warning signs, Santiago could walk into a store and buy an assault rifle tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Santiago needs to be outed to his neighbors. He's an underachieving bottom-feeder with a chip on his shoulder. He IS a dangerous person. I hope the Groton PD have been made aware of him and his issues.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be suprised if that guy did the same thing, like a politican in Guatemala, who ordered a hit on himself and recorded prior a video, which claimed, if anything happens to him, the president will be behind it.

ZombieVoer said...

i got blocked to see any of his Twitter posts... again. Seems he does not like it when people spill the #Truth about him

Anonymous said...

This guy is a ticking timebomb to be honest. I agree with the person that wrote this story, that once either his drugsupply stops or gets out of control there will be a incident maybe even several. In the video with those two police officers you can tell he is crazy. Ive read the whole story and ive checked out his socialmedia platforms. The #truth is that he needs to be locked up for his own sake aswell as other people sakes. I truly believe that this person at some point will switch to voilence since nobody except his small circle of fellow disbelievers believes his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Lock this loser up before he hurts someone