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L. Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig Target Newtown Children

"There is NO GAG order - $5,000 challenge to Wolfgang Halbig" - Sandy Hook Facts - see below!

Separating the Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorist from any other type of truther or conspiracy theorist is the propensity of the hoaxer to target families and small children.

Exhibit A: Wolfgang Halbig and Kay Wilson

Hoaxer leader Wolfgang Halbig and his hoaxer attorney L. Kay Wilson have sunk to new lows of vile depravity  as they directly target Newtown families and children in their next round of FOIA hearings.

"I no longer believe the Sandy Hook narrative" Kay Wilson on air to racist conspiracy theorist James Fetzer
Wilson has has once again teamed with Halbig to file an appeal with the FOIA commission and this time she is not limiting herself to government officials or police officers. This time the number one target on their attack list is Newtown school children.

The appeal is for a demand to the Newtown Public Schools that states that Halbig and Wilson want:

#1: Copies of the 26 children's names and parental field trip permission forms".  (of the Sandy Hook Chorus).

Newtown obviously refused their disgusting request and Halbig and Wilson, desperate to go after these children's identities have appealed to the Commission.  Wilson and Halbig are acting as if children's personal school records are public records! Of course they aren't!

No date has been set for the hearing.

Wilson's request is outside the clearly written law thus showing hoaxer desperation.

As covered by Sandy Hook Facts in "Wolfgang will never get the children's names"  Connecticut law is clear - the names of children are exempt from FOIA:

Connecticut General Statute 1-210 – Freedom of Information Act - Exempt Records:
 (11) Names or addresses of students enrolled in any public school or college without the consent ...

As an experienced FOIA attorney, Wilson is well aware she has no legal grounds to demand children's names from the Newtown Schools; however, the fact she would still file the case shows her personal willingness to target these little children and their willingness to cause these families stress, grief, and harm.

Worse, Halbig and Wilson instigate even worst stalking of these children and families:

Wilson should be severely sanctioned for her request that flies in the face of clearly worded Connecticut law!

Obviously this is likely just a gimmick to harm families and raise money from their followers; however, you never really know how an agency might rule.    If Wilson get's her hearts desire and obtains these children's names and those names are distributed the Wolfgang's hoaxer cult like followers, the risk of harm to the children is severe.

Newtown is already acutely aware of the stalking of their children by hoaxers and this would circumvent safety steps they have taken due to those safety concerns.  Their children are major targets of conspiracy theorists on a daily basis:

Safety of Children at Issue
Many hoaxers, in general, are extremely mentally ill and very dangerous people.  Several hoaxers have been arrested and prosecuted for their stalking, attacks, and harassment related to Sandy Hook. Hoaxer's Jerad and Amanda Miller went on a shooting spree, killing 2 police officers and one civilian, as but one example. Other hoaxers issue death threats to parents of children.

If  hoaxers get a hold of the names of these children, the children and families will not be safe.  Videos and blog posts will be made and the information will be widely distributed, including to the several mentally ill child predators within the hoaxer community.

Connecticut's FOIA exemptions for records of school children are for safety, obviously. Pedophiles, murderers, and child stalkers would have a field day if all they would need to do is a file FOIA request and then they could obtain children's school records. Connecticut law ensures that can't happen.

All day every day
At this point, the families are will aware conspiracy theorists stalk them.  I can tell you first hand, these hoaxers hunt the Sandy Hook chorus children relentlessly, as shown by Sandy Hook Hoax leader Tony Mead:
They guess the names of these children and they target them; it is an every day project for them.

It is well past time for Newtown to take a stand and arm themselves with the appropriate knowledge to come together to protect their children from the monsters encircling and prowling their children. 

Wolfgang Halbig claims "FOIA Requests are Stalking"
It is not without irony that Wolfgang Halbig recently claimed on his own show that FOIA requests concerning him were stalking.  "I think that's stalking!", he declared.  Would that make Wolfgang's targeting of Newtown children "child stalking" by even his own standard?  That is for the reader to decide.

Super Bowl
The sane may wonder why hoaxers Wolfgang Halbig and L. Kay Wilson would target defenseless little Newtown children in this manner and what could it possibly have to do with Sandy Hook?

 Their actions seem well beyond the bounds of decency and certainly, outside the FOIA laws.

The belief of many hoaxers, including Wolfgang Halbig, is that the the children who sang at the Superbowl were "crisis actors" who were actually the deceased children. They hoaxers have made countless videos on exactly that subject:

The fact that the children at the Superbowl were fourth graders, obviously older than 6, and not first graders does not nudge the hoaxer back to reality. In fact, to the wild eyed conspiracy theorists like Wolfgang, this is further evidence!  

"They are throwing it right in our faces with these NWO actors trying to take our guns", Hoaxers seethe, with paranoid vengeance seeking hatred in their hearts as they look at photos of children singing and white-knuckle grasp their assault rifles.

This hoaxer abuse of these children has only been encouraged and exacerbated by the actions of Wolfgang and Kay Wilson.  Screen shot sample of Halbig's followers memes:

"Gag Order on the Children"
One of Halbig's most repeated claims is a complete fabrication; a claim Wolfgang cannot support with a shred of real evidence.  Wolfgang claims that the NFL put a "Gag Order" on the families.

He also claims to have a copy of the "gag order".  Wolfgang Halbig is lying; plain and simple.  Wolfgang uses this false claim to induce people to give him money.

Halbig has made the claim numerous times as part of his sales pitches.  He made the claim directly to Richie Allen here:

Wolfgang: "These children are fourth graders... I've got the documents. I'll email them to you.  They got a gag order from the NFL CBS Sports that they are never ever allowed to talk about their day at the Super Bowl".

First, the claim is obviously false on it's face since the NFL has no authority to put a "Gag Order" on anyone.  A gag order is put in place by a judge after a noticed contested hearing and is very limited in scope pertaining issues at trial; typically for the duration of a trial and is related to a right to a fair trial.  In other words, the NFL couldn't put a "gag order" on the children even if they wanted too.

You can read about Gag orders here:

Since Wolfgang Halbig caters to the lowest common denominator of person and intelligence, they have no clue about real gag orders and thus they fall for his "Gag Order" Hoax and mail Wolfgang checks.

There is NO GAG order - $5,000 challenge to Wolfgang Halbig

I will give Wolfgang a $5,000 discount off of the $25,000 he owes me if he can produce a legal NFL Gag Order that prevents the children from "ever talking about their day"; a document he claims he already has.  FIVE GRAND WOLFGANG, for a document you have gone on air many times and said you have.  Here is your chance to save BIG!

This a bold faced lie by Wolfgang Halbig, the same as when he claimed to have been Martin Luther King, Jr's driver or claimed to have been a Fire Inspector.  There is NO GAG ORDER.

The only request (not order) was sensitivity of the situation. That is a far cry from Wolfgang's lie that the Super Bowl put a "Gag Order" on children to "never ever talk about their day".

Documents have been acquired
Sandy Hook Facts has acquired ALL of Wolfgang Halbig's "Super Bowl" documents  and there is no gag order among them. So not only is the premise itself is ridiculous, but Wolfgang's own documents do not support his claim. The order itself would be illegal and unenforceable; and the whole idea is literally absurd.

Here is a screenshot of Wolfgang's Super Bowl documents he provides to support his claims via email. There is no "Gag Order" among them. He doesn't have a copy and so he debunks himself!

Sandy Hook Facts has avoided the Super Bowl issue
The "Super Bowl" conspiracy theory itself is ridiculous, has nothing to do with the Sandy Hook shooting, and to debunk the hoaxers requires discussion of living children, many of whom are related to those who died during the Sandy Hook massacre.  SHF has no intention of "debunking" their idiotic Super Bowl claims because it would only serve to encourage the continued predatory behavior towards these Newtown children.  These families have a right to grieve with dignity.

Some Backstory to the Super Bowl Chorus
While I have avoided the issue itself, I was provided quite a bit of back story to the what took place. Perhaps a small discussion will clear up some of the confusion created by liars like Wolfgang Halbig.

Maybe, just maybe, the hoaxer hoard will stop stalking these young children.

Donation: In the immediate wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, organisations around the world were sending gifts, big and small, to Newtown.  The NFL, with the Super Bowl approaching, offered to provide for the Sandy Hook Chorus a trip to sing at the Super Bowl.  The NFL sought no publicity for this donation.

The trip was for 26 children from the "Sandy Hook Chorus". The school board had to act fast to sort out the details because the Super Bowl was a few short weeks away.

The Sandy Hook Chorus was comprised of the entire fourth grade.  Selecting those to attend caused some concern in the community; as would be expected. There was perhaps some envy (how to pick the 26 out of the whole fourth grade class), and some parents openly opposed the idea of sending any children there for one reason or another.  Furthermore, there was some confusion because there was a separate and distinct "Sandy Hook Choir" that was being confused with the Chorus that sang at the Super Bowl.

To add to the overall sensitivity of the situation, some of the fourth graders in the Chorus were were brothers or sisters of some of the slain students. The school board wanted to protect these parents and children from unwanted attention.

Further, the school board had to act quickly as the Super Bowl was right around the corner.

Ultimately, the board was successful in accepting the NFL's generosity and the children and families went to New Orleans and sang at the Super Bowl, a trip of a lifetime.   There was no gag order, no "victim crisis actors", no illuminati NWO secret agent children; however, Newtown was already facing bomb threats and other attacks by hoaxers.   For example, the incidents that ultimately led to the arrest of Jonathan Reich were occuring at this exact time, January, 2013.    Security and safety of these families were a prime concern.

Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, at the Super Bowl - little children sang their hearts out for the world, for their fallen friends and family, for their community, and for their country.

After the Super Bowl, the Newtown Board of Education met on 2-14-13 and honored the students for their performance and for helping the community heal.

The children currently stalked by the hoaxers are real children that simply had an opportunity.  They do not deserve to have a conspiracy theorists hoaxers targeting  them and frankly, Wolfgang and Kay Wilson should be ashamed of themselves for their part.

I Call on Wolfgang and Wilson to leave the children alone!
I call on Wolfgang Halbig and L. Kay Wilson to do the right thing, the moral thing, and STAND DOWN against the children.

 Cease and Desist your actions against these little kids. It is really not right. These little kids are not "government agents" trying to "take your guns", or any other such nonsense. They are not "illumanati" or "NWO".  Control yourselves!   These children are private citizens and they are minors and they deserve to be left alone.

You want to go after officials? Go for it!  Going after little kids and their school records is horrible!
This is common decency. I'm sure you two can dig deep and scrape up a thimble full of common decency between the both of you to withdraw request #1.

Do you really want to be denied access to little children's names, for all the world to see? Is the money you will make off of that worth it?

Furthermore, you are engaging in these acts outside the bounds of Connecticut FOI law, so you are not going to get the names anyway (hopefully).

While Newtown has issued Wolfgang Halbig a cease and desist letter in regards to inundating the school board with repetitive harassment, it is time for the town to take action to protect the children.

Let's Hope Wilson and Halbig do the right thing.  Since that is doubtful, lets hope the town comes together to find a way to stop these hoaxers, before it is too late.

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