Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hoaxers continue threats on Carlee Soto's life

Sandy Hook Facts has covered the dangers of Sandy Hook Hoaxers for quite some time; now it appears that the word may be getting out.

RawStory is covering the latest threats on Carlee Soto.  This is the post from the Victoria Soto facebook page:

We normally don't like to post these kind of things, we try to keep everything positive here, but this just needs to be...
Posted by Victoria Leigh Soto on Saturday, December 5, 2015

We can thank Sandy Hook Hoax Group for this attack as they are extensively responsible for the attacks on Carlee; Sandy Hook Facts covered the hoaxer predation of Carlee here:

Like all terrorism taking place in America, it appears we are sitting back, waiting for the killing to happen, then offering prayers and condolences.  That is not enough.

 I hope we address the radicalized conspiracy theorists that are currently forming a very real and dangerous hate group; in addition to the many other terrorists groups attacking our society.  These are not "your daddy's JFK conspiracy theorists"; these people, these hoaxers, are dangerous.  


Anonymous said...

this is so horrible. i can't believe that there is no coordinated effort -no task force - for dealing with this. I am disgusted and ashamed of america.

Anonymous said...

Likewise. These idiots, that's they are, not only lack the brains to think straight, but they lack the self control from acting out. One wonders, how they made it through life...not being able to determine fact from fiction...not being able to apply critical thinking skills.


Anonymous said...

The author of this article needs to be arrested and tried for treason said...

you'll be in a FEMA camp listening to reeducation podcasts long before that happens.