Wednesday, December 16, 2015

James Tracy's Termination Sought by University as Lenny releases Proof

Florida Atlantic University has apparentlytaken a stand against James Tracy's disgusting blog attacks on Newtown families, not to mention victims of nearly every other mass shooting, and is moving to terminate his employment.  Here is the FAU press release.  

Sandy Hook Facts has covered Tracy's utterly disgusting blog posts, including his blog publishing a post making accusation concerning a small Newtown girl.

Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Tracy's "right hand" mouth piece has stated made the following statement:

Veiled and weak threats aside, Sandy Hook Facts can only hope Tracy removes his blog post about the little Newtown girl; our society should not tolerate posts by (ex) Professors attacking a young children.

In another development:

Lenny Pozner has released the certified letter that Tracy sent asking Lenny to prove "Noah's" relationship to Lenny. Noah was killed in Room 8 of Sandy Hook Elementary school.  It is notable that Lenny had released Noah's Death Certificate and Birth Certificate long before Tracy's harassing letter.

Tracy's blog also accused Lenny of presenting a fake death certificate, despite the fact a duplicate certificate can be easily ordered for $20 had Tracy conducted a reasonable investigation.  Lenny had released the death certificate at the request of hoaxers asking for proof.  Tracy and his hoaxers responded by declaring it fake.

Tracy also viciously slandered Lenny in his response:

The document in it's entirety can be viewed here:


Anonymous said...

Daily Kos is reporting that he was fired. YES!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been posting comments here for some time as I have been closely watching this situation for over a year now. Briefly I started a blog "Sandy Hook Defense Group" that petitioned various online organizations to cease carrying/supporting Sandy Hook Hoax content. My only success was getting Go Fund Me to pull Wolfgang Halbig's funding campaign. I also was able to speak with an Aurora shooting victim who has been enduring similar harassment and gang stalking. I cease running the blog when it appeared that my identity (and the identity of my child in Sandy Hook) may be revealed publicly - thus endangering our safety.

I just want to extend my gratitude for the amazing work on this blog. There were quite a few other blogs online that were confronting this issue - but with time they cease being updated and now appear to be dormant. You are one of the only ones left who have gone the distance and refused to give up - and i think what you are doing is incredibly important and is immensely appreciated by those of us who have families in Sandy Hook who have been touched by this tragedy.

Please keep up the good work. You're doing a great job and important work.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

How sad...the families of victims have to remain silent or suffer possible attack for making their disgust and frustration with the people or movement who have dishonestly painted them as "traitors" or "criminals". These "hoaxers" need to be identified, outed and punished.

Some of what the "Hoaxers" have put in print, does in fact, rise to the level of Defamation...hopefully, the families can take these clowns to court and make them pay for their actions.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This sums up my reaction to Professor Tracy's dismissal. I'm baffled as to how he was able to get away with what amounted to slander for this long.

Anonymous said...

What is the best way for the average person to help deal with these people? I flag the offensive comments and videos when possible and down vote any garbage I see on reddit, but it seems like people who respond to the crazies are met with just more painful comments. These people are just not reasonable, and sometimes I feel so defensive of the victims I want to say something, but I always wonder if their families would rather the conspiracy comments be left alone than start an argument. But if you look at most comment sections after Sandy Hook related posts, it seems like there are more insane people who agree with their hoax theories than sane people who only want to offer words of support, and I'm afraid this only fuels their sickness. This blog and the others you've listed are so incredibly important and helpful. I'm sure you've kept so many misinformed and skeptical people from going to the "dark" side, and for that your work is invaluable. I just hope the families can always see through their hate, and feel the love and support from so many strangers who truly care about protecting their loved ones dignity.

Anonymous said...

Good questions. I've been following this excellent blog also and have been struggling with how I can help without risking my family's safety and without inciting and making the situation worse

It's a real conundrum. Ignoring the problem is not working. In fact - It is it's irresponsible and immoral to just ignore this and leave the victims to fend for themselves.

But - there is also a lot of truth to the "do not feed the trolls" mentality. It MAY be the reason the media has been ignoring the problem for so long. It's already gone viral and giving it TV coverage could make it much much worse.

There is a REAL safety issue here you COULD decide to go after some of the people on Facebook (who are not anonymous) and publicly shame them and contact their family and employers and let them know that they risk personal exposure for their actions. So many of them behave as if they are untouchable or somehow protected from REAL action. They treat the internet like it's a make believe world. But it's not. It COULD bleed over into their personal lives.

But - I've personally decided that this strategy is irresponsible. It's not safe. There are some seriously unbalanced and mentally ill potebtially violent unintelligent people out there. Inciting them personally has the potential of endangering the safety of the victims families and making this situation much worse.

I just wish there was some serious strategy for taking down the biggest instigators - as well as a coordinated outreach program to monitor and shutdown the main hubs of the dissemination. It is outrageous that Facebook allows these KNOWN stalkers of children to use their platform.

Luxmarie said...

Families can release photos of those poor children's bodies and the hoaxers would scream "Fake!!" "Photoshopped!!" You can't fix stupid