Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig throws tantrum as FOI Commission dismisses majority ofclaims

The Connecticut FOI Commission met today to consider the two matters of Wolfgang Halbig vs Newtown.  The hearing was going as anticipated (Halbig lost), when towards the end of the proceeding, Wolfgang Halbig raged; throwing a epic tantrum as he walked in circles. This charateristic display showed once again that Halbig is a rank amateur.  A blend of unprofessionalism with irrational, compulsive, bullying behavior that is not new; in fact his hometown Lake Count blog mentioned it years ago.

This time; however, Halbig topped it off with some very strange and threatening statements.

To add to the oddness of Halbig's outburst, one of his Hoax group followers began screaming "I have been threatened by the Italian mafia in Connecticut for challenging Sandy Hook!" as Halbig paced back and forth with exaggerated hand gestures. Quite a pathetic episode.  A Newtown insider watching Halbig's fit declared "You literally could hear the Benny Hill music playing in the background."

At the close of the hearing, Halbig crossed a new bridge of filth when he told Newtown Attorney Monte Frank "Were going to find Curtis Urbino.  I tell you what, we are going to find Mr. Urbino. And Avielle Richman.  We're going to find Avielle Richman, what do you think about that, Monte Frank? You're protecting these people.  Avielle Richman, Avielle Richman. I'm going to find her and you are protecting them." His repetitive statement regarding a six year old girl was very chilling on an otherwise comical scene.

Sandy Hook Facts has no idea why Wolfgang is hunting 'Curtis Urbino'.  We did find this article about a "Curtis Urbina"; however, it is still unclear why Wolfgang has targeted 'Curtis Urbino or if his target is the same person as in the article.

Avielle Richman, of course, is a six-year old girl that was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  It is unknown what prompted Halbig to taunt that he is hunting a deceased six year old little girl. Perhaps Halbig can explain his outbursts and delusional-type talk.  We sincerely hope he does not represent a danger to others.

As to the hearing itself, the proposed hearing officers report discussed here:
was adopted with only a few minor scrivener error corrections.

Therefore, the commission has found:

  • That the first complaint be dismissed in it's entirety.
  • That all documents were provided to Halbig.
  • That all documents were authentic.
  • That all documents in the first complaint were provided in a timely precise, methodical manner.
  • As to the second complaint only, the commission found that Newtown committed a "minor technical violation", in the words of Commissioner Streeter.  The emails of Dawn Hochsprung were untimely.  Newtown was ordered to be more timely in the future.

Halbig spent at least $20,000 of his donor's funds for this hearing and he failed to prove (or provide a shred of evidence) of all but a single minor technical misstep by Newtown.  He will receive no additional documents.

Proof of Delivery:

 Sandy Hook Facts was has received proof that Halbig's attorney, L. Kay Wilson, had been provided the hearing officers report on June 25, 2015.

If you recall, Halbig accused Sandy Hook Facts of the crime of slander because we dared publish opinion as free soeaking Americans on a matter of public record; publishing it before he had read ithe same Hearing Officers report.

Halbig stated, upon reviewing the Commissioner's Report on Sandy Hook Facts:

How is that possible since I and my Attorney Kate Wilson have not received those findings from your office or Commissioner Streeter?
If this is true that others are receiving this information before my attorney and I have a chance to review in order to prepare for the full commission hearing on July 8, 2015 which I do not even know if that is the real date.
I have purchased a $650.00 Airline ticket to be present in order to Challenge the Commissioners findings.
Please dear God tell me that your office does not operate that way.
I have been slandered as you will see without me or my attorney even having the opportunity to see it first.

That turns out to be untrue.

The Freedom of Information Commission released proof Halbig's attorney, L. Kay Wilson, received the ruling the report via email delivery confirmation:

Therefore, Halbig owes an apology to Sandy Hook Facts for accusing us of the crime of slander.


Anonymous said...

The Lumpy Failbig shit show loses again and declares victory. I'm glad he threatened Monte Frank with one of the slain child's name. Now everyone can see how completely delusional he is and to what extent he is will to go to, to have everyone honor his delusion.

Most people in CT have no idea this is going on...most people in CT know this was a actual, tragic event....I hope someone alerts them to the dangerous elements working in Failbig's camp.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't quite make out the audio but it sounded like Halbig/Wilson was pushing for "civil penalties" over the Hochsprung emails not being timely enough. Frank declared it outrageous and it didn't go anywhere, but interesting to note Halbig trying to grab cash directly from the CT taxpayers. And it sounded like he flipped out right after that request was denied